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review 2014-05-19 14:14
A Mackenzie Christmas by Liliana Hart review
A MacKenzie Christmas - Liliana Hart

In this one we meet Grant Mackenzie. He is a cousin to Cooper, Dane, Riley and Thomas. He is the one really ready to settle down. His siblings are far from it, but Grant is. For a long time Grant has been in love with his little sisters college best friend Annabeth. What he doesn't realize is Annabeth has been in love with him for just as long. We see fate work it's magic and them come together. It is another steamy and sweet read that I really enjoyed. The characters were good for a novella and it was an enjoyable read. A little quick for me, but hey it happens.

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review 2014-05-19 14:09
Dane: A Christmas Wish by Liliana Hart Review
A Christmas Wish: Dane (MacKenzie Family) - Liliana Hart

There's not much of a review for this one because I've already reviewed the characters. This was a short little continuation of Dane and it was really sweet. We revisited characters and found out how they wrapped things up. It was short and sweet, steamy and romantic and a cute read. 

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review 2014-05-14 14:28
Riley by Liliana Hart Review
Riley (The MacKenzie Brothers #3) - Liliana Hart

I liked Riley! So far he is my favorite. Riley is the second youngest Mackenzie and I loved him! He is an expert of Egyptian Artifacts and a professor. He meets his heroine, Maggie, because she ends up with a priceless artifact that has put her life in danger. Maggie seeks Riley out after being told to after not hearing from who sent her this artifact after 3 days. Riley realizing the gravity of the situation goes into protection mode and takes Maggie to Surrender. They share a couple steamy days together and deal with a crazy situation. 

Even though in my eyes the situation is very unlikely, it was still good. I really liked reading Riley. Riley has to be my favorite Mackenzie honestly, but I also haven't read Cooper's yet. So great read!

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review 2014-05-14 14:22
Thomas by Liliana Hart Review
Thomas (The MacKenzie Brothers, #2) - Liliana Hart

I didn't like Thomas as much as I liked Dane. Still a great story, but not as good as Dane. As I read the series I'm still confused on the order of the Mackenzie guys. I believe Thomas is the youngest. Thomas is the doctor of the family. He took over the local practice of Surrender. He also is the one that resides in the family home. While working on the family home there's an accident and this marks Cat's crashing into Thomas's life. I didn't like Cat as much either. She was just too far fetched for me. I get that her career choice occurs every day, but still. They also just jump in so fast that it's kind of unbelievable. They just go for it. There's not really any preamble or anything... just jump for it. That kind of bugged me. At least their way did. Although they were still definitely hot!

Again, it was a good book. A short, steamy read if that's what your looking for. It was also still a fun one to read. Check it out!

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review 2014-05-12 14:29
Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst (ARC Review)
Searching for Someday - Jennifer Probst

***ARC Provided by Publisher in exchange for honest review***


Kate and her friends have opened a match making company called connections together. They are using the science of relationships and psychology, but also a little extra help from a gift of Kate's. She can sense when a couple has a true connection.After taking on a client, they end up with a stipulation they don't expect... the clients divorce attorney older brother Slade. Slade's hot and a major pain in the butt. He challenges Kate and she becomes determined to prove him wrong while continuously reminding herself that he's all wrong for her. But is he really?

I wanted to love this book, I liked it, but didn't love it. I really liked the story line. I thought it was cute and how it was written was great. Probst always has great flow and humor in the books of hers I have read.She also creates great characters. I loved Gen, Kennedy and Arilyn. They were awesome characters and I'm really interested in reading their stories.

Kate was an okay character. She honestly got really annoying at times and just all around ticked me off. She was way to back and forth about things, more so than Slade even, and at times I really felt bad for Slade rather than her. I mean Slade had his fair share of back and forth, but Kate really took the cake. I did love her big heart and her overall view on love. I loved Robert. All I'm saying on that. But Kate was knowledgeable about what she did, as were all the girls, and was so sweet to her clients. I did like that aspect of her. I just didn't like how she tended to treat Slade at times. I also didn't like the whole "first-time" scenario. I didn't like how she played that off at all. Slade was awesome I really liked him. He was funny, smart and could really be sweet at times. His inner commitment turmoil wasn't annoying or over done. He had good reason for things. Together though they did make a great couple. They were written with great chemistry and their sex scenes were pretty hot. I also loved Kennedy and the character she was made to be. I'm interested to read her story because of her past. The background we got in Searching for Someday really intrigued me and it feels like it could be a pretty unique story for her. Arilyn too. 

Overall, it was a pretty good book and series I will follow. Probably not as closely as a few others, but I'd still read the books in the series. Probst created some really creative characters and what I think will be some really unique stories for them. 

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