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review 2022-08-28 04:18
Ein wundervolles Buch!
Sea Change - Craig Foster Craig Foster kennt man womöglich bereits aus der Oscar-prämierten Netflix-Doku „Mein Lehrer, der Krake“. Mit „Sea Change“ legt er gemeinsam mit Ross Frylinck nun ein umfangreiches und wunderbares Begleit-Buch mit vielfältigen Fotos ihrer zahlreichen Tauchgänge in den Tangwäldern der südafrikanischen Küstengewässer vor. Und eben dieses Buch mit all seinen eindrucksvollen Bildern und Geschichten ist wie schon der Dokumentar-Film schlichtweg überwältigend! Craig Foster als Autor und Filmemacher hat viele kuriose und wunderschöne Momentaufnahmen mit seiner Kamera festgehalten und schafft es hier immer wieder mit einzigartigen Fotomotiven der Szenerie Leben einzuhauchen. Er macht die Fragilität und Einzigartigkeit dieses speziellen Ökosystems deutlich und zeigt dem Leser den wundervollen Charakter bzw. die überwältigende Atmosphäre einer kaum bekannten Unterwasserwelt auf. Allein die Dimensionen der Tangwälder, in denen er als Mensch beinahe verschwindend klein und wirkt sind gigantisch. Umso erstaunlicher ist es, dass die Autoren ohne Hilfsmittel abtauchen und so noch einmal viel näher an die unterschiedlichsten Bewohner dieser Tangwälder herankommen. Die Bilder, die dort entstanden, kann man nur bestaunen. Ich fand allerdings neben den großartigen Fotos eben auch die Geschichten, die Craig Foster erzählt sehr berührend und hochspannend. Wie gesagt Foster schafft hier ein einzigartiges Zeitdokument und bringt uns Lesern eine Welt nahe, die wir so niemals erleben dürften. Ein Buch, das sich absolut lohnt zu kaufen und zu lesen! Von mir gibt es dafür eine 150%ige Empfehlung und volle 5 Sterne!
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review 2022-04-20 02:14
The Uninhabitable Earth - David Wallace-Wells

There is so much in here to be scared about on climate change.  I listened to this book but had to get the e-book because he was going over so many facts and statistics that I was having a hard time understanding it and keeping up.  I liked that he broke the crisis into smaller pieces.  I liked that he spoke of who would be most affected by the changes as well as how they would be affected.  We all will be affected eventually but those in poorer countries and those who are poor will be affected earlier and more than those who are wealthy.  I did find it interesting that as he was talking about wildfires, he explained that those who are wealthy, and living in those areas, are being affected as much as those who are poor.  The increase of weather changes, floods, and fires was amazing, and it all happened within the last 50 years.  He did not give solutions but shared who was doing what when it came to that.  He lays out a convincing argument for climate change and what will happen to the planet and humans and how we have contributed to it in the past and today.  Worth the read.

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review 2021-07-24 21:13
The List of Things That Will Not Change
The List of Things That Will Not Change - Rebecca Stead

As I’ve grown older, I realize how my perspective has changed, especially when I read different genres and consider which character I am relating to the most. When I read Middle Grade fiction, there is still a tiny part of me that unabashedly relates to the main character, despite what my appearance would lead you to believe. In Rebecca Stead’s newest book, I am acutely aware of being a parent, and in awe of the kindness, empathy, and generosity she has given to her characters. The “list” provides a brilliant device for Bea to work through the lows and highs of divorce and new beginnings. Stead, with her sharp, moving and compelling writing, shows all of us how to approach a complicated life with grace and humor.

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review 2020-11-07 04:13
The War of Mankind - read it for entertainment, save if for future reference


As the subtitle suggests, The War of Mankind is A Dystopian Survival Thriller with copious amounts of well researched information on everything from food security to personal security. All this information is jammed into a story told by a young man as he experiences the apocalypse brought on by climate change, the results of which reactivates a recessive gene in human beings – a deadly one.




A crops fail and food becomes scarce, starvation is a reality, and not only in third world countries. Amongst all that junk DNA, there’s a sleeping gene that allowed us to consume raw meat, and it’s awakening.


The first indication that something dark and disturbing is going is the mutilation of the bodies of homeless people and others who die in parks. Their corpses appear to have been partially eaten. But as famine increases, soon it’s not only dead bodies that are being cannibalized, but also the vulnerable among the livin

g; children and the elderly.


The protagonist begins to realize there are a growing number of the population who prefer a diet of human flesh over anything else and they are on the increase. He can identify them by the subtle genetic modifications they undergo and, with the help of his father, takes steps to defend himself and escape to where pe

ople have more conventional dietary habits, at least for now.


But he has a problem. The beautiful, young woman he’s fallen in love with shows all the signs of being a cannibal, including her preference for the uncooked varieties of dog food.


Author Clark Wilkins uses a creative blend of actual media reports, pseudo-science and imagination to weave a convincing story about a gruesome end to the world as we know it. The plot unfolds realistically, and the response of the protagonist is just as pragmatic.


Characterization is minimal, and at times the plot is brought to a standstill with survival information such as how to operate a stove, home lights, and a hot water tank without electricity and details of other actual survival techniques including weapons.


However, considering the state of civilization, this information overload may turn out to be an asset to the reader rather than a liability.


Read "The War of Mankind: A Dystopian Survival Thriller" as entertainment, then save it for future reference.


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review 2020-08-25 02:34
Is it Possible to Change Domain Name of my website?

Source: www.beingoptimist.com/step-by-step-guide-how-to-change-domain-name
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