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review 2019-10-21 16:00
THE HALF-FREAKS by Nicole Cushing
The Half-Freaks - Nicole Cushing

Harry keeps coming to visit Nicole so often, she had to write a book about him, and here it is. A twisted tale like NO other!


THE HALF-FREAKS defies neat genre labels; part character study, part weird tale, part awkwardly funny, it's hard to describe. Despite Harry vehemently stating often that he's no psycho like Norman Bates, (Nah! Nah!) he is still living with his mother, but he isn't a murderer. Or is he?


When his mother dies, Harry is forced to take part in the world, dealing with the hospital morgue and a less than savory funeral director. It's all way over his head..but not far enough so that he's going to let himself be ripped off.


Despite many disgusting traits, (this book delves deeply into them), there was something about Harry I found compelling. Even during his most repulsive actions, my eyes were glued to the page to see how it would all end up. I've been a fan of Nicole's work for a while now, and if this was any other author, I might have put this book down during an especially revolting moment Harry was having...with himself. But I trusted the author to bring it all home, which she did, just not in the way I expected.


Overall, THE HALF-FREAKS is guaranteed to be like nothing you've ever read before. Take that as a dare, if you will. I did!


Highly recommended!



Find out more and pre-order a copy here: THE HALF-FREAKS


*Thanks to Grimscribe Press for the paperback ARC of this novella in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

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review 2019-01-21 19:01
Bark George
Bark, George - Jules Feiffer

Bark, George is a story of a dog whose mother is concerned because he making different animal noises instead of barking. His mother takes him to the vet who finds animals inside of him. Students could practice sequencing by placing the animals in the correct order of how they happened in the book or could do a character study on George the dog. This book is a level 14 on the DRA leveling system.

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review 2019-01-21 18:29
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web - E.B. White,Garth Williams,Rosemary Wells

Charlotte's Web is a classic story that has many activities that can go along with it. One activity could be a character study of each character in the book or you could have students choose one character to do a character study on. This book is a level 4.4 on the accelerated reading leveling system.

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review 2019-01-21 17:59
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace - Mary Hoffman,Caroline Binch

Amazing Grace is a story about a girl that learns that she can be anything she wants to be, despite what other people may think. An activity that goes along with this book is for teachers to assign roles to their students and allow them to act out the story. Students could also create a character study about each character in the book. This book is a level 680L on the lexile leveling system.

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text 2018-07-03 23:47
Reading progress update: I've listened 39 out of 4260 minutes.
Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection - Arthur Conan Doyle,Stephen Fry

The landlady had become so accustomed to my late habits that my place had not been laid nor my coffee prepared. With the unreasonable petulance of mankind I rang the bell and gave a curt intimation that I was ready.


This is amazing. Not only does Watson poke at himself in this very honest, and very aware, way, but there is so much that went right over my teen self. Like the fact that he was spending without care, being very lazy, slept a lot, and "suffered from nerves". He was PTSD'd to all hell. And without right out saying it, future him knows that he wasn't OK, and maybe also that the way Holmes induced his curiosity might have given him the jolt to snap out of the spiral-down.

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