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review 2017-09-18 17:22
he Supreme Might of Love by Christa Tomlinson
The Supreme Might of Love - Christa Tomlinson

In all fairness, gladiators are not my slice of salami. 

I read this book for a challenge because of the Mars character. He disappointed me a quite a bit, since his true nature never got a chance to shine. As for the mortals, as entertaining their relationship was in the beginning, it all turned to lust and then love all too quickly, at the same time failing to produce any hint of chemistry between them. 

The book is short, and of course, it limits the opportunities for the characters and relationships to develop fully. The plot was a bit of a cliche, the chemistry, like I said, was non-existent, the sex was meh. 

Prompt pic:


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review 2017-03-19 21:31
Electric Singularity by Debrah Deumont
Electric Singularity - Debrah Deumont

This didn't work for me. Theo, the master and the ship owner, was too dull, too slow for a successful smuggler and unnecessary brutal. And horny. Like all the time. Leon did all the work getting Theo out of trouble, and turned from I hate you to can't live without you in a span of an hour (tho based on what, I am not sure. Maybe his brain got fried too much.) I am that one spoilsport, sorry, but I can't give the story more than 1.5 stars. I am not sure yet if I want to round it up or down. Gonna sleep on it.

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review 2017-01-09 03:17
The Royal Inquisitor by Megan Derr
The Royal Inquisitor - Megan Derr

why is there never an edited book from Megan? WHY????



Could have easily been 4.5 stars rounded up, but - no. I had to claw myself out of a ditch, where nothing makes sense and you have to double/triple check to verify you're not legally insane. I am sorry, Megan. I really am. I loved the story but re-reading and re-confirming got on my nerves this time so much, that I, in good conscious, cannot do better than 3 stars.

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review 2016-03-29 21:49
Off-World by Jonah Bergan
Off-World - Jonah Bergan

There is no actual romance in this book, just m/m sex, seeing how a few of the characters are gay.
The first chapter, the prologue, is a true sci-fi/pirates/space battle.
The rest is a cross country trip from point A to point D, with a couple of detours via B and C and some backtracking. Taine, a devil-looking alien, is travelling with an apprentice and a slave. They have sex along the way, encounter mean locals, lose stuff and unravel an evil plot. The world is populated by humans and the planet itself is very Earth-like.
All in all it wasn't exactly bad, in parts it was good, but I had hard time with "divine providence". The book would have been better without it, even with Taine failing to keep track of his property.

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review 2015-09-13 02:40
Captive Wolf (Love Slaves of the Alphas #5) by Shannon West
Captive Wolf - Shannon West
DNF-ing at 50%.
Bored out of my wits. 
Despite all of the exciting tags I chose, this book is a fraud.

"Honeys", "sweethears", "babies" and other tooth-aching sugary nicknames applied to a mansel-in-distress-alpha-male are, indeed, revolting.

Characters are weak and, frankly, stupid. Conversations are stilted. Neither Taz, a tiger, nor Kyle, a lycan, are listening to each other, just carrying on with their own meaningless egotistic blubber. The writing is immature, editing is non-existent and the plot is almost non-existent. The whole book, quite honestly, can be squeezed into a dozen pages or less, considering that the majority of it is useless boring infodump anyway. Do I care about some random bar tender's background and family history? Really? REALLY? @.@ Taz comes off too grand-motherly (cookies and spankings anyone? =)) and Kyle, a lycan alpha, - a whiny spoiled 5-year old brat in need of hugs and kisses and butt plugs.


*air quotes*The PLOT*air quotes*:

Kyle and his buddy (relative? I don't give a rat's ass) decide to kidnap a Big Bad powerful Tyger shifter from a bar that he owns. They come up with a stupidest plan... wait... what am I saying? They HAVE NO PLAN! Kid you not, true story!

Anyway, they come up with some stupid excuse. Kyle goes in and never comes out. The Big Bad Tyger kidnaps Kyle instead, puts him in a dog cage and delivers him to his brother Taz, who hates the hell out of Lycans (make no mistake, Lycans loath Tygerians right frigging back), but Taz needs a lover and a nanny!!!!! for his children. Perfect. Those two are all set. Happy end!


I really REALLy want my money back! The whole $0.99 of it!!!
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