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review 2017-05-21 22:26
The Earl Next Door - Charis Michaels

Was there a love triangle involving a staircase in this? 'Cause it felt like there was a love triangle involving a staircase. 



The story felt chaotic with all the characters, nosy neighbors, a bachelor earl who simply dramatically can't quit kissing the heroine, cartoon-y villainous mother and five step-brothers, bad guy Greek, and more. 


The hero had no depth while the heroine sort of did but the unevenness of her having the courage to travel to England to buy a house on her own but couldn't possibly stand up to her family had me head tilting. Also, what is up with the whole paper thin catalyst of the heroine moving to England? Head tilt. Don't even ask me about the inheritance issue and how mom and bros wanted to get control of the money. I also can't really comment on the pseudo-Greek mafia dude who showed up at the end because my eyes were a glazing by that time.


This was a new to me author and she had some moments that felt encouraging but the story was too chaotic, the hero severely lacked depth, and I need more in my relationships than "I can't help but kiss you!" a few minutes later and a dramatic turn away "I can never marry you! Stay away!" repeated for 80% of the story. Seriously, this is what composed the majority of their relationship. I would also recommend not reading this if in an actual historical mood, 'cause yeah, head tilt. The upgrade to 2 stars is for the glimpse of cute moments between the hero and heroine.

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review 2016-12-14 00:00
One for the Rogue
One for the Rogue - Charis Michaels Beau is a man with a plan. Outrun his responsibilities and live the way he sees fit. Emma is a woman with little choices. Her mission should she choose to accept it lies in convinces this rebel adventurer to live up to his full potential. She just has to convince him that a little spit and polish can be the best thing that ever happened to him. One for the Rogue got me thinking of My Fair Lady in reverse. Beau needs help becoming the man he was meant to be and Emma is his tutor extraordinaire. Amidst the drama, scandal and betrayal that Emma and Beau face in their lives, lies a better understanding of what each is capable of, individually. What they have to teach each other is more the focus of the story than anything else. Charis Michaels is excellent at creating characters that are more than surface flash, you just have to dig deep to expose the layers, and along the way discover the enchanting side of the journey.

Copyright of Night Owl Reviews

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review 2016-06-20 00:00
The Viscount and the Virgin: The Bachelor Lords of London
The Virgin and the Viscount - Charis Michaels LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Charis Michaels uses an act of bravery and kindness to tell the story of A union written in the stars. The Virgin and The Viscount is the first story that I have read by Ms. Michaels. It tells the story of Lady Elisabeth. As a child Elisabeth was kidnapped, sold and surprisingly rescued in an act that has haunted and shaped her into a furious warrior. She uses her station to protect the innocent from experiences like her own. Her ministrations bring her to the attention of Bryson Courtland, a Viscount searching for a woman who will make him the perfect wife. Bryson and Elisabeth have a connection that neither understand and an attraction that grows stronger with each passing day. Is that love strong enough to survive a surprising secret? I received an ARC of The Virgin and the Viscount in exchange for an honest review. The main reason I fell so hard for this novel is because for all the hardship each endured alone, as a couple they came full circle and ended up right where they were meant to be. SHE HAD ME AT HELLO!
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review 2016-05-25 00:00
The Earl Next Door
The Earl Next Door - Charis Michaels I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The characters were well written and related well. They aren't terribly unusual for characters in this type of book. I mean we've all run into independent minded heiresses. Penniless Earls. Busibody neighbors. Put upon lady's companions. And sons trying to live down their father's reputation and rebuild the family coffers.

Well, this book had them all. But this time, the former nanny is a former slave. The independent heiress is an American and her mother and 5 step brothers want the family fortune for themselves. The penniless Earl used to run the business for a Greek slum lord, and the Greeks show up at the wedding!

Between rotting architecture and blackmail, Piety and her Earl seem to find time to fall in love and cause lots of mayhem, but it's a rough road. Read it and find out for yourself just why I enjoyed this book so much.
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