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review 2019-07-21 08:24
Quick Series Review: Circle of Evil
Chasing Evil - Kylie Brant
Touching Evil (Circle of Evil #2) - Kylie Brant
Facing Evil (Circle of Evil #3) - Kylie Brant

Circle of Evil

by Kylie Brant
Book 1: Chasing Evil | Rating:  3.5 Stars
Book 2: Touching Evil | Rating: 3.5 Stars
Book 3: Facing Evil | Rating: 3.5 Stars

Average Series Rating:  3.5 Stars

Circle of Evil was a pretty riveting crime thriller that follows the same two main characters throughout the whole trilogy.  The second and third books also throw in two other possible romantic pairings, but they aren't elaborated on much.

While I loved the banter and partnership between Cam and Sophia, the two of them DID take a little warming up to.  In the end, you're just glad that all the angst and all the avoidance and the non-communication going on between them were dealt with in the first book.  It took me a second, but I slowly realized that each chapter of the first book was set up to show a flash back of Sophia and Cam's initial relationship before the main investigation in the book starts.  At first I was a little thrown, and wasn't sure that I liked it, but I think by the end of the book, I found that those scenes were handled pretty well, and even added to my understanding of what was going on between Cam and Sophia.

It sort of gave their love story more depth than if they'd just met in that first book and fell in love immediately.  Meanwhile, some trigger warnings for this book, and the rest going forward, as there is a lot of mention of rape and violence, then pedophilia and necrophilia in the next books, even if not detailed.

I think I could have done without being in our serial killers' or rapist's head so much, to be honest.

The second and third books focused on the serial murderers and the investigation, which Kylie Brant has always excelled at writing.

Side characters were all wonderfully incorporated as part of the investigative team rather than just being background props to showcase our main couple.  This is what I like about Kylie Brant's romantic suspense crime thrillers.  The action also never seems to quit, and you're hooked wondering how everything will play out.

The one thing I DID feel I didn't care for was how over-powered the killer is in the last book.  Facing Evil just felt like a never-ending chase, and it was frustrating to watch as Cam and his team always seemed to be one step behind the killer the entire way through, and how their investigation just kept falling apart with each move forward.

Otherwise, I quite enjoyed this trilogy, even if it doesn't really live up to my love for Brant's Mindhunters series.




There’s nothing strange about bodies buried in cemeteries—unless they don’t belong there. And when six murdered women are discovered in other people’s graves, the hunt for a sadistic serial killer begins before he can claim a seventh victim.

Agent Cam Prescott of Iowa’s Division of Criminal Investigation is leading the search alongside forensic psychologist Sophia Channing, who knows the minds of psychopaths inside and out. And after a brief but passionate affair, she knows Cam almost as well. What she doesn’t know is that her high-profile involvement in the case has caught the twisted predator’s eye—and sparked his fury.

When Sophia suddenly vanishes, Cam and his team shift into overdrive to keep horrific history from repeating itself. But for Sophia, being trapped in the same isolated lair where so much innocent blood has been spilled may get her inside her vicious captor’s head—and may offer her the only chance she has to escape an agonizing and lethal fate.


Booklikes-opoly 2019

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Pages:  324
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Forensic psychologist Sophia Channing nearly lost her life to a serial killer. Fortunately, her own quick thinking—and Division of Criminal Investigation agent Cam Prescott’s efforts—rescued her from a horrifying fate. Together, Sophia and Cam jailed the sadistic predator and closed the case on his reign of terror.

But when teenagers make a gruesome discovery in the Iowa woods, Sophia and Cam realize they’ve only scratched the surface of an evil that runs even deeper and deadlier than one madman’s twisted desires. And they don’t come more twisted than the killer known as the Zombie Lover: Vance’s mystery accomplice, who’s still at large and stacking up bodies. With the law snapping at his heels and private demons screaming in his head, the Zombie Lover is hell-bent on carrying out a desperate, double-edged mission. He’s determined to terminate Sophia, then target medical examiner Lucy Benally, who he’s vowed to make his own…dead or alive.


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Pages:  288
Cash:  $3






A serial attacker is locked up, and his murderous accomplice has been gunned down. But the true mastermind behind their lethal reign of terror still hasn’t been taken in or taken down, so the harrowing case of the Cornbelt Killers isn’t closed—and one murderous woman is determined to keep it that way. The only thing more important to her than evading capture is hunting down her hit list of enemies, topped by Iowa’s Division of Criminal Investigation agent Cam Prescott and forensic psychologist Sophia Channing.

Faced with an opponent both quick-witted and cold-blooded, Cam and Sophia must scramble to keep up with this horrifying new threat. Little do they realize that in this game of cat and mouse, they’re lambs being led to the slaughter.


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Pages:  314
Cash:  $3



Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2019/07/quick-series-review-circle-of-evil.html
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review 2016-02-10 02:54
Great Book
Chasing Evil - Kylie Brant

Sophie is a forensic profiler and ends up working with Cam, A serial killer is hunting and killing women and putting them in old graves. Cam and Sophie had been briefly involved before and still had an attraction for each other Sophie is kidnapped by the killer and must be found before she also becomes a victim.

Excellent story and plot. I found Cam and Sophie to be excellent characters. All the twists and turns of this story just kept you glued to the book. But at times found it a little distressing but that often happens in serial killer stories. It’s as it should be. I highly recommend.

**I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.

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review 2014-04-29 00:32
Brief Thoughts: Edge of Midnight
Edge of Midnight - Leslie Tentler

The last in the Chasing Evil trilogy and quite a lot more enjoyable than I had expected. After reading the two before, I had surmised that maybe I should space out my romantic suspense appetites between several other books (unless I'm looking for an extended romantic suspense fix, which is probably exactly what's happening right now).


Leslie Tentler's formulaic story progression became rather predictable by the second book, so I knew what to expect for Edge of Midnight.  It's not a monotonous feel, but it's still kind of bursts your excitement bubble when you already have an idea what's going down in this crime thriller.  And also, is it still okay to call it a mystery when the serial murderer is presented to us six chapters into the book?

Despite that, however, I found that I liked this last book a lot more than I had liked the first two.  For whatever reason, I was actually caught at the edge of my seat, feeling more suspense for the characters and more excitement for the developments than I had for the first two books. Strange, no? Well, it's not like I'm complaining much since I love a good romantic suspense any day.

Despite the solid writing, it doesn't escape my notice how "damsel-in-distress" oriented these books tended to be. Not that it's a completely bad thing, I guess. The women in these books aren't exactly weak or TSTL and they can take care of themselves just fine, but it still feels like a lot of times they just keep running into life-threatening danger and need to be saved. That, or they seem to be sitting bait for the culprit to pluck them out of safety just to land in a torture chamber (again, needing to be saved by an FBI Knight in a Nice Suit who usually has a death wish for some reason).


Which makes me wonder about this:  Whenever women do stupid things and walk into danger knowing that they could get themselves killed, they are deemed TSTL.  When men do the same thing in these books (walking right into a situation they that they know will end up killing them), they are considered heroes.


What's up with that?  Shouldn't TSTL be applicable to both genders?


Correct me if I'm wrong.  I haven't read nearly enough romantic suspense books to be a good judge of this, but it kind of stands out.

I guess it's all part of the excitement?


But anyway...  Apparently these issues aren't enough for me to keep away anyway.


The Chasing Evil Trilogy will be part of my 2014 Series Challenge.

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review 2014-04-24 10:48
Another Crime Thriller, Another Brief Thought: Midnight Fear
Midnight Fear - Leslie Tentler

This one had more of a twist and a little more excitement than Midnight Caller did; though I liked the first book in the series more than this one. Reasons that aren't important really.


Still, it's a nice, enjoyable, rainy-day (despite it not really being rainy right now) read with formulaic suspense, thrill, and mystery. Just another romantic-suspense, crime thriller to distract me from everything else I'm reading. It's not like I need the distraction, but I always enjoy a good crime thriller.


Can't say for sure how I feel about the twist at the end though, but I don't hate it.

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review 2014-04-17 00:31
Very Brief Thought: Midnight Caller
Midnight Caller - Leslie Tentler

Nothing like a nice little romantic suspense, crime thriller mystery to side-track you from your already packed reading list. I'm always up to reading a good crime mystery book when one sneaks up on me... and this one certainly did.

Typical crime mystery formula with the usual romance and character types. Enjoyable and intriguing enough that it caught my interest from the beginning despite being knee-deep in books right now.


A good book for a rainy day.

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