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review 2016-07-28 05:03
Because KNOTTING that's why!
Werewolves of Chernobyl - K.A. Merikan,L.A. Witt

3.75 HEARTS--

"Did I...did I just get fucked by a werewolf?


Yes I did.

Technically I'm still being fucked by a werewolf.

Because this hasn't been the weirdest leg of my journey."

Me when KNOTTING is mentioned:



All right, who are we kidding? This is me:



After reading who knows how many KNOTTING fics/stories, I can happily say KNOTTING is one of my favorite things about shifter stories. There's a (unicorn) scientific list of...requisites that makes for good KNOTTING.


This definitely covered the list.


A sample of KNOTTING winners:


Fat KNOTS forced inside tight holes

Biting (back of the neck is #1) while pumping semen into said hole

Tears and/or exclamations of the KNOT "not fitting"


"Werewolves of Chernobyl" isn't all about KNOTTING, but KNOT enthusiasts would appreciate the details.


Urban explorer and blogger Quinn is in the Ukraine on a Chernobyl tour. He lives for danger and adventure, sneaks off onto forbidden territory and gets the fright of his life. A living breathing werewolf. After a cute exchange (minus an injury), he think it'll be a lifetime experience. Wrong! Quinn leaves a bigger impression on the werewolf (bodark), Dima.


Dima is crippled due to a birth deformity, an arm doesn't fully function but it doesn't stop his determination to have that human be his "bitch". He recruits one of the strongest bodarks who also happens to be his childhood friend and lover, Nazar. Dima is small to Nazar's hulking bodark frame. But Nazar, has a little secret:


He's not happy with his assigned sexual role.

That feeling deep inside, making his cock hot and rigid as if he were about to come without even his dick being touched, made him realize in a half second that this was exactly what he wanted to be. Mounted, and serving another man with his body, and the pleasure originating inside him was proof of that.


Neither is another certain isolated bodark, pair that with their newly acquired human who comes from the outside world and the cultural differences are explosive.


I really love the idea of this novel. There are a lot of things going on, I mean just look at the blurb. The hierarchy, kidnapping, sexual roles, isolation, disability...it oddly worked for where the story went. Each guy brought something different to the table and for the most part, they had some depth to carry these emotions and issues out.


I like my triangles as equal as possible. And with these three, I think their dynamics are as equal as they could be. Each man has a role and they represent it - top, bottom, or switch to the best of their ability.


Though, if I could keep 2 out of the 3 together, I'd love it. Nazar and Dima wormed their way into my pocket.


Dima - the outcast due to his birth deformity, size and underdeveloped bodark skills (namely not being able to speak while in bodark form). He's the underdog and you can't help but root for him. He's hotheaded, rash and has a loyal heart. He's a true friend to Nazar, even when he got what he wanted, Nazar was never far from his heart nor brain - though bodarks have no time for feelings.


Nazar - the big guy who is supposed be alpha, used for his fighting skills and owns a gentle heart. He always put Dima first. That devotion is everlasting, you can see it when Dima would go off on a wild tangent. Nazar hovered in the background and let his Dima, his "bitch" test his claws, so to speak.


These friends had emotions to add to their sexy times. And the sex was rocking with those two and with Quinn.




Quinn - I tried to like him but I was ambivalent toward the end. He was obnoxious in a way. He didn't follow orders, even when he was told more than one time to follow the bodark custom with collars and he still didn't get it. He didn't listen to authorities...anyone really. He was too headstrong for my liking. Do I think he deserves Nazar and Dima? Not really. but he's the one for them (though I might be the only hoping that in the future they find someone who isn't as wishy washy) Quinn is a nice guy, he means well but sometimes he read disingenuous and the bodarks are all heart and truth.


There was some action and violence also added. But the ending was rushed. There were loose ends and major plot threads left unanswered or forgotten: such as who the Directorate was? What with the sudden change of heart from the alleged villain/top dog? What are these missions that Nazar went on? How did the escape exactly happen?


There were personality transplants here and there, which didn't make for consistent read. The last chapter or so was rushed, the epilogue wasn't any better. The sentiments are nice. There is an implied HEA/ strong HFN ending but there was room for more and areas that needed tightening up. The plot could have been stellar if the suspense angle was stronger and more defined. It was like reading 10th draft mixed in with 2nd drafts in spots. There were a couple of typos but it didn't detract from the story.


Overall, good story. Pretty good. I thought it was going to be sex-a-palooza and it wasn't the plot ideas with cultural differences were the biggest draw for me. (Yes, even over the KNOTTING). I was fascinated by the bodark culture. I wanted to know all the ins and outs, the hierarchy, maybe deeper knowledge of the main players.


I like these authors playing together in the sandbox. I think they played to each others strengths, for the most part.


I would definitely read another story based in this world, this trio of authors created. Isolated bodarks make for interesting stories.









Lots more KNOTTING please?


*This message has been approved by the KNOTTING Fans Association.


A copy provided for an honest review.

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text 2016-07-11 21:32
Voices Of Chernobyl
[(Voces de Chernóbil / Voices from Chernobyl: Crónica Del Futuro / Chronicle of the Future)] [Author: Svetlana Alexievitch] published on (January, 2015) - Svetlana Alexievich

This has to be one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. 


And it's not written; it's all stories from the people themselves. 

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review 2016-05-06 16:10
Book #829 - 333,854 Pages Read
The Truth About Chernobyl - Grigori Medvedev;Andrei Sakharov

On April 26, 1986, at 1:23 in the morning, shift supervisor of the #4 reactor Aleksandr Akimov pressed the AZ-5 emergency shutdown button on the central control panel to lower the control rods in hopes of shutting down the reactor. What followed at the Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, more commonly known as Chernobyl, was a runaway power surge that produced an almost incomprehensible steam/gas explosion that literally blew the bio shield off the top of the reactor and exposed the interior of the reactor (UO2 fuel and graphite) to the atmosphere.

The author of this book, Grigori Medvedev, was a Soviet nuclear engineer who had spent time at Chernobyl during the construction and start-up phase of several of the reactors. While not working at the plant during the catastrophe, he eventually made his way back to the area (plant, Pripyat, Chernobyl, and other areas) days after to help in investigations and mobilizations for shutting down the exposed, burning reactor permanently. Some years after, he wrote this outstanding, frightening, and enlightening account of the events before, during, and after this tragedy.

The reader will learn that the Soviets had a very laid-back and almost hands off policy towards safety in the years during their nuclear plant buildup all over the USSR. Also noted is the inexperience of the operators at this particular plant and the inherent design flaws that existed in the type of reactor at Chernobyl. The Soviets also exhibited a policy of denial, cover-up, and just general incompetence in the aftermath of a destroyed, exposed reactor. However, not to be lost in this mass of errors, is the absolute bravery and courage exhibited by the plant operators and firefighters after the explosion. Their efforts have been documented as quite possibly preventing another reactor from suffering the same fate. Most of them died within 2 months from direct, lethal exposure to intense beta and gamma radiation, all of them not aware of the dangers they were immersed in.

Many feel the disaster at Chernobyl contributed to the downfall of the USSR. It also changed the world's view of nuclear power generation forever. Thankfully, the reactors operating around the world today are of advanced designs that prevent these events from being able to occur (Fukushima notwithstanding, a different kind of accident that will be addressed in the future as well).

I recommend this book to all science and history lovers, as it very well may be one of the most important books I have ever read. Medvedev deserves high praise for his efforts to expose the truth in hopes of saving lives in the future.

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text 2016-05-05 14:26
Reading progress update: I've read 228 out of 267 pages.
The Truth About Chernobyl - Grigori Medvedev;Andrei Sakharov

two words for now:  Total Incompetence

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review 2016-05-05 09:45
Hot and Exciting
Werewolves of Chernobyl - K.A. Merikan,L.A. Witt

--- Being kidnapped by two werewolves is an adventure after all, right? Right?! ---


Adventure is one thing to call it, I guess. Of course you could also say it is unimaginable or even that it is a life changing event. For snarky, independent and disobeyer-of-rules Quinn it turns out to be all three. Having said that, being captured by two werewolves turns out to be far less scary or horrific than Quinn or the reader might have imagined. Dima and Nazar, the two werewolves who kidnap Quinn, are anything but monsters. They are definitely a different species from Quinn, and completely out of touch with the world, but after the initial shock wears off, they turn out to be anything but fearsome. They are in fact, loving and caring creatures in need of someone to help them recognise and embrace their most inner and secret desires, and it turns out that Quinn is exactly the right person to not only strengthen the life-long bond between these two werewolves, but also the third they need to make their union—or should I say pack?—complete.


This was a fun, action and sex packed, thrilling read. The story races forward so fast that there were one or two moments when I wouldn’t have minded a bit more detail or explanation. On the other hand, I was incredibly curious about how it would all work out for our trio and couldn’t read fast enough in order to find out.


Quinn, Dima and Nazar all touched my heart, be it all for different reasons and all three of them turned out to be a lot more than they appeared to be at first glance. Quinn’s ‘devil may care’ attitude was rather attractive and created a wonderful contrast with the rather strict rules under which the two werewolves lived in their pack. Dima and Nazar were both adorable. My heart hurt for them when it became clear how pack rules forced both of them to pretend to be what they really weren’t and their journey to becoming who they were meant to be was wonderful to behold.


The sex in this book is off the charts hot. Whether it is the three of them together, or any combination of two of them, they set the (e)reader on fire. And yet, no matter how rough it might get, there was always this tender and caring undertone.


I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting romp and treasured every minute of the journey from insta-lust to happy ever after. Yes, there were one or two moments when I raised my eyebrows and wondered whether or not what I read made sense in the context of the story, but I can’t say those spoiled the fun for me. Any reader who enjoys a thrilling, sexy and touching paranormal adventure could do a lot worse than read Werewolves of Chernobyl.

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