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review 2018-01-14 01:42
Audio Book Review: Beacon
Beacon: Lantern, Book 2 - Chess Desalls,... Beacon: Lantern, Book 2 - Chess Desalls,Janine Haynes,LLC Czidor Lore

*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Serah Kettel interviews with Master Machin to be an apprentice, to tend to the lanterns and let him know when one burns out. Machin asks her which new lantern bulb she likes. When she touches the one she picks, it smokes inside and she feels a shock that lands her on the ground. She's to return for her position as apprentice. When she returns, she expects to learn Machin's secrets to the lanterns. She didn't expect to live it.

Janine is a new voice for me. I thought she did well with the accents of Havenbrim and where Serah ends up. Giving each land a different feel from each other. The audio book sounded seamless as Janine narrated.

Serah is from a time when Halloween is very different than it is now, or where she ends up. Halloween scares Serah with all the creatures, blood, and body parts we have at parties. Seeing this new world and the way things are done opens Serah's eyes to what's important in life, and what she really wants with her family.

Of course we get a pleasant ending for Serah, after all. But the journey to the end is different through the globes. It's different for each person. I didn't expect the story to take the turn it did here, and I like it. The globe, the locket that's a door, and the delight to see who's where in the end. I know it sounds like I'm rambling, but it'll all make sense when you read or listen to the story.

Machin is always an interesting catalyst for stories. He creates the lanterns which lead these characters down their paths to where they need to be in their lives. I'm not sure if he finds them or if they find him, but he knows they will eventually find their happy ending.

It's a pleasant story that Young Adults can read/listen to and enjoy what the characters learn along the way about themselves.

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review 2016-12-04 15:57
Audio Book Review: Time for the Lost
Time for the Lost - Chess Desalls

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review, at my request.

Valcas doesn't know if he should go find Calla, but finds himself on the journey to find her. When he and Calla's family conclude she's lost, they try their hardest to find and save her. In doing so they learn secrets that the Time and Space Travel Agency wanted kept quiet. Things that could change everything as it's run now.

Jamie is new to me and new to the series. This book is from Valcas's POV so it brings in a male voice to tell the perspective. Then the story switches to Calla's POV in the last half, or Part 2 of the story. He does small changes for tones and feel of voices for different people; softer for female, scratch for older man, and proper for formal male speak.

It's been a while since I listened to the previous books. I think because of this the beginning feels larger than I'm ready for. It feels as though I'm getting a brood range of items all at once and not sure what is now and what has happened already. Valcas feels as though his mind is all over the place and makes it harder for me to narrow in on something.

Time is a tricky topic, and could be discussed in many angles for hours. The concept of time travel, daily reminders, slices of time, and much more are interesting concepts. They feel like topics I could debate and discuss with friends, based on the world created here. They would be deep and detailed discussions that would lead to more terms and ideas for the world. I really like them. There are moments I'm not 100% clear on details as we learn new aspects to the time traveling, like Chars. I first thought these were the Uproar, but figure out they are different. But, what are they or where from? What draws them to the travelers?

This book feels to spend time describing more rules and worries of the traveling. It also feels to be used to raise suspension of the TSTA (Time and Space Travel Agency). It feels slower in action as we learn about the lost and start to question why or how. We see Plaka and Calla do what they do best, heal. But the characters don't feel as personable to me in this story as they did in previous ones. Was it the narrator or the writing? I'm not sure. I didn't feel as drawn to them as I had before.

As I went through the book, it felt more and more as a transition to a new plot arc in the series, however it ends like it's the conclusion too. I liked the story and things we learned here, but at times I didn't see the connections of why things were connected or people were searching for things. Maybe if I had read the book, this way I could have re-read sections, it would sink in better. I don't know.

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review 2016-10-09 15:09
Audio Book Review: Glistens
Glistens - Chess Desalls,Fleur Camacho,Stephanie Parent

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review at my request.

Marian Spritz is in summer school due to poor grades, and still struggling with spells with her best friend Sal and Endrik, the handsome boy, seems to like Marian where Minx, the mean girl, is jealous of their flirting. Along with their Last Chance Project, helping a fictional ward, they will also have to help a real live being. Should something happen, they are to use their group to help them. Twelve students now have their projects, due in three weeks. The song for help sings through a Glistens veins, when the veil is lifted which their professor does. When Marian's ward asks her to keep her troubles a secret, and ward to guardian secret, it complicates Marian's school project as she's to work with Sal and Endrik to finish, and now can't.

Julie is a new voice for me. And listening to her in the first chapter, I liked her. She does different attitudes with slight voice differences for us to easily separate and get a feel for the characters. This is something that really pops with audiobooks, we don't get when reading. But I think there is a slight ting to Julie's voice, almost an echo. It's hard to tell and could be nothing, or could fit with the fairy feel. For the most part, Julie flows the words as she narrates. However there are moments where she feels as she's working to enunciate the words properly and clearly.

This is a short story at just over 2 hours audio. It feels like a lovely little story for young adults, in middle school and up, to read/listen to. It brings to the front that promises are made and you honor them, but it's also good to talk to others. That others can help. Sometimes, working as a group is better than alone. And, sometimes, helping those that are not so nice means a great deal to them.

I like Marian. She worries and feels bad, but she's also not perfect. Her attention strays when in class, causing her to miss information from class and such. But this feels like a normal person. But when she learns she's got a ward, she does worry about that person, even if it's someone she never expected.

Enrik is the possible boy distraction, love interest, in this story. He sounds sweet. He's also concerned for Marian when he sees her during her moments that she feels the song. Marian is determined to not let him be a distraction, I like this take on her relationship with Enrik.

Sal is so worried. She comes across as whiny at times, but that's her personality. She's so stressed over the great chance of failing this summer course and never becoming a Glisten. She's so worried that she doesn't want Enrik and Marian to become romantically involved as it would be a distraction from their projects, and they'll fail. And much on her mind with her father's disappearance.

One thing I find cool, it's near my home town! They are in Pennsylvania and near the Allegheny River. Pittsburgh is even mentioned. Cool beans!

It was a cute short story.

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review 2016-06-26 00:00
A Friend in Need
A Friend in Need - Les Lynam,Tim Hemlin,... A Friend in Need - Les Lynam,Tim Hemlin,Chess Desalls This short story is a great introduction to the books written by the 3 authors that collaborated on it.
LX and Jane characters is Les Lynam’s books are travelling through time and space when there is a malfunction, sending them to the Wasteland the setting of Tim Hemlin’s book, here me characters from his book, Bear and Si-Ting. Knowing that they want to get back to their own time Si-Ling takes them to meet Calla and Valcas, two other time travellers who are also stuck in the Wasteland who have a very strange way of time travelling thanks to a pair of glasses. This part of the story was written by Chess Desalls.
This is the first time I have read a book where 3 authors have used their own characters in a story, and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I am definitely going to read all three author’s books just so I can get to know the characters more. Although I did think that LX reminded me of a certain Dr that liked to time travel and there was a comedy element in the way he communicated.
If you have a spare 20 minutes then read this book. I am now off to read the rest of the books written by these authors

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review 2016-06-05 15:39
Audio Book Review: Wrapped in the Past
Wrapped in the Past - Chess Desalls,Paper and Sage Design,Pam Elise Harris

*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author or narrator.

Three magi follow the Star of Bethlehem, carrying gifts to welcome the newborn child.

Shirlyn's father is an inventor, and obsessed with time travel. His gift to Shirlyn and her mother is to travel back to the first Christmas, and observe the three magi. Shirlyn finds she grows attached to those of the past, but there are laws against leaving reminders. But can she leave without leaving a piece of her?

Janine's narration is done with a clear voice and flow. The accent voiced for Shirlyn feels to fit her, as it's what I thought she'd sound like. Janine has an accent I can't place when she speaks as the three magi. Janine expresses the feelings Shirlyn is feeling in voice as Shirlyn thinks and tells the story. The background is clear and seamlessly flows through the chapters.

This is a Christmas story at the heart. When Shirlyn sees the Christmas star she's taken by the sight. Her description is beautiful. Her and her family follow the star, her father hoping to cross paths with the three magi to study them. We experience the travels of the three magi following the Star of Bethlehem to welcome the child. We learn of the three magi's and what gifts they bare. But when Shirlyn sees the young Balthazar, she is attracted to him and he is her age. Balthazar is a special person as well. What he can do, and it's a touch of magic, is beautiful.

This feels like this is Shirlyn's first experience with time travel. We get to experience the effects of traveling, goggles/visors to protect eyes from the blanching effect, the change of traveling vehicle, and the affect of their arrival. Shirlyn's father, Edgar, also tells her of the rules of time travel.

Shirlyn is a young girl and we get a feel of so from her. Shirlyn is young and influential. She finds kind and sweet young men in her travels. Shirlyn falls for them each too. Shirlyn feels she's been impacted by meeting those of the past and she wants them to remember her as much as she'll remember them. Shirlyn is so young in her thinking and it shows, naive in a sense. Then we see Shirlyn meet Romaso for the first time too.

This story is set in the world of "The Call to Search Everywhen". You do NOT need to read the series first to read this one. This is a story of a secondary character's adventure to the past. We do get a few drops of the time travel agency and ways here. There are rules and consequences, but Shirlyn is just learning as she's new to traveling with her family. She hasn't seen any negative affects yet. Maybe you'll become curious of the world at a larger view after this story.

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