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review 2018-01-04 16:12
Done With This Series
How the Light Gets In - Louise Penny

Well that was a bust. This entire book from beginning to end just felt lazy. I rather Penny had written a one off with Gamache trying to take down the evil doers and we could then get a full fledged mystery next time.


Instead we had Gamache and company half assing a murder investigation while Gamache and others (Yvette Nichol, Jerome Brunel, Therese Brunel) go to take down the evil empire.



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Seriously. I needed some Star Wars music for half of this book since the evil doers (Sylvain Francoeur and others) were over the top evil doers. I just have no words for the IQ points I lost while reading this book. To top it off, we get a resolution to the murder mystery via a letter that Gamache gives to Myrna. So even Penny didn't really give a damn about the murder.


In "How the Light Gets In" Louise Penny's ninth Chief Inspector Armand Gamache book, we have Gamache at a crossroads in his career. Still reeling from freaking Jean Guy deserting him after the events of the last book (see "The Beautiful Mystery"), Gamache is also dealing with Francoeur breaking up Gamache's homicide unit by sending Gamache's people away to other departments. Gamache appears to be a broken man and is doing what he can to root out the evil conspiracy that is still affecting the Suerte.


When Myrna calls Gamache because a friend of her's does not turn up to celebrate Christmas like she said she would, Gamache realizes that Three Pines would be the perfect place (it's not) to hide some friends of his for the final reckoning between him and Francouer.


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Sorry, I am just rolling my eyes here as I type. 

When Gamache starts looking into Myrna's missing friend, she turns up dead (murdered actually) and it leads Gamache into investigating a set of famous Quints. I realized after the fact when someone told me, that Penny used the real life Dionne quintuplets and their lives as inspiration. I would have loved to read that I initially thought we were getting with Gamache and the rest of Three Pines looking at these women who were famous just because they were born as quintuplets and what harm was done by forcing them to be popular. What harm was done with them being away from their parents. I started to feel resentful every time the book went back into the conspiracy that Gamache was investigating.

So take all of that and let's look at the characters. I don't even recognize anyone anymore. I swear that Gamache and Jean Guy would have been better off as two lovers instead of a supervisor and subordinate. Jean Guy is still going on about Gamache leaving him during the raid (that we have heard about since book freaking 6) and blaming Gamache for betraying him though Jean Guy would have done anything for him. He's an overly dramatic ass in all of his scenes since book #7 (Jean Guy). At one point Jean Guy pulls a damn gun on Gamache and Gamache is still worried about him. Best believe if you pull a weapon on me that I am not going to be all my poor wounded bird and be okay with you after that. Ugh this book drives me insane.


Gamache still treats Agent Nichol condescending as hell. I don't know what it is, but he's entire way of interacting with her is rude and vaguely misogynistic. I doubt Penny realized she wrote Gamache that way, but she did. Gamache is all over the place in this one. I didn't get the same feeling from him I had in other books. This Gamache was practically Dirty Harry deciding he would do whatever it took to bring down the bad guys in this one. He even gets into fights with Therese Brunel a bunch of times. Only satisfying part was Therese knocking him down a peg or two.


I still want to know where Gamache's wife was? She was missing in action for a good 90 percent of the book. I guess out of harm's way, but if that was the case, why was Annie just driving around still mooning over Jean Guy?

Oh you finally get to know who leaked the video of the raid. I was not surprised since I guessed who did it in book #6 and just rolled my eyes about it. 

The writing was repetitive. I hope you like reading about Ruth's terrible ass poem in reference to one of the Quints, you will read it a lot. I hope you like Jean Guy just whining for most of the book, cause that happened a lot too. You also get a lot of Jerome being 'scared' and the name 'Arnot' is said about a billion times. 


The flow was awful. We don't spend nearly enough time on the murder mystery and we just get a total BS ending regarding that anyway. When the timeline jumps ahead several months it's not even mentioned. There were so many plot holes with the murder mystery I don't even want to get into it here since this review is long enough. Same issue I had with the damn conspiracy. 


The setting of Three Pines was a miss for me in this one. We are missing so many people who have been in other books. What happened to the couple running that hotel? They were not even mentioned in this one. We have Clara, Ruth (God I hated Ruth in this one), Ruth's duck (don't ask), Myrna, Olivier, Gabriel, and just a few other Three Pines residence. I just didn't even get why Gamache thought it was a great idea to put the entire village in harm's way. 


The ending was a joke and a half. We get a wedding of a couple I was actively rooting against. And I can't with the BS redemption of Jean Guy. Someone explain how in the world he would not have (rightfully) been pushed out of the police force. 

The only good thing I can say about this book is that women in the end, ended up taking over the Suerte which made me happy. I would have loved a book that followed them after this and this could have been the last Gamache book. 

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text 2018-01-03 20:58
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
How the Light Gets In - Louise Penny

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text 2018-01-03 14:38
Reading progress update: I've read 66%.
How the Light Gets In - Louise Penny

Cannot wait to be done with this book. It's just boring.

Jean Guy has just pulled a weapon on Armand and I am sick of him. He's still whining that the Chief Inspector left him for dead. I mean is he fucking stupid or what? They were being fired upon. He went to take people out. He got shot and almost died too. I am just over this nonsense. One of my friends said they are like two squabbling lovers and she's right. I am sick of this. I will finish this and I can say peace out on the rest of this series. 

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text 2018-01-03 13:18
Reading progress update: I've read 59%.
How the Light Gets In - Louise Penny

Wow. I am so bored reading this. We have Armand in disgrace with losing most of his men/women cause of the machinations of Superintendent Francouer. I still don't get why no one would step in and stop this. I also don't want to hear about the Arnot case anymore. Everyone whispering about it is driving me nuts. 

The main murder mystery is being pretty much ignored (who killed the last surviving Quint that was famous) for Armand and friends go investigating. Agent Nichol is back and I still don't like her so there's that. Jean Guy is being set up to be killed but he's so strung out I don't think he gets it. He is still blaming Armand and whining about Annie. God I am starting to dislike this series. 

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review 2017-12-03 16:41
Subpar Gamache
The Beautiful Mystery - Louise Penny

This Gamache doesn't hang together very well. When Gamache and two of his team are called to a monastery to investigate a murder, things once again come to a head with Jean- Guy and Gamache's supervisor who is intent on making him pay for not being corruptible. I also didn't get much of the discussion about the chants/singing that was discussed throughout the book. 


I think it's been about three months since the events in the last book. Jean-Guy is now dating Annie (Gamache's only daughter) and just oozes love now. The way they are together now gave me whiplash. Especially since I didn't read a hint of this in the prior book. It honestly doesn't feel earned. Jean-Guy acts like a fool worrying how Gamache will take it when he finds it. But also daydreams about being related to him. 


Gamache is focused on the case and finds himself in awe of visiting the monastery that has come into public focus now that the monks singing Georgian chants has become the new thing. He realizes quickly after Francoeur shows up, that the man is planning something. Again. It's just repetitive at this point. We hear about the video tape again. Jean-Guy watches it again and gets bitter again about Gamache leaving him to die.


Honestly I ended up skimming most of the book after a while. I just didn't care anymore. Either tell readers who released the tape, of the raid or don't. Either have Jean-Guy get over it or not. I hope Annie dumps his butt but that's probably doubtful.


The writing was so-so. I just found it boring to read about the chants and what they meant. Everyone has a look of bliss/Joy when discussing singing. I found it pretty repetitive after a while. Penny shows Gamache and Jean-Guy at several points writing to their respective wife and girlfriend. I assume I'm supposed to imagine how perfect Jean-Guy is since he is acting similar to Gamache? I just went meh.


The setting of the monastery should have been intriguing, but falls flat when Francoeur shows up and throws his weight around. 


The ending leaves Gamache alone. I'm still going to read the next book, hope it bounces back from this. 

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