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review 2017-09-01 01:44
great story and characters
Too Damn Nice (Choc Lit): A wonderful romance. The perfect summer read! - Kathryn Freeman

Lizzie’s parents had died and her brother Robert had been in the car and now laid in a coma it was still the early days but the doctors weren’t very hopeful that Robert would ever lead a normal life again. Lizzie’s parents had been coming to see her. Nick was at the funeral and at Lizzie’s side. Lizzie flinched but Nick kept his arm around her to offer the comfort he knew she needed. . Nick had lost his own parents when he was young through a faulty gas  fire in the master bedroom during his first school summer holiday. Lizzie’s parents were like a second set of parents to Nick. When the cop had asked Lizzie if there was anyone they could call her mind went right to Nick and of course he had come to her. Even though there was the memory of his rejection between them. Then Lizzie decided to go back to the states shortly after the funeral Nick told her it was too soon but she went anyway to leave Nick to tie things up for her.  Nick drove Lizzie to the airport. Lizzie couldn’t think or function. Her mind was numb. Lizzie begins to live a different kind of life and soon it is spinning out of control as Lizzie was consumed with depression on losing her parents Two years ago Lizzie left NYC where her parents had died and moved to LA. Charles had been Lizzie’s trainer and ends up her boyfriend but creates a sexual scandal with pictures released of Lizzie and him and a third man. Lizzie remembered having a couple of drinks with  Charles then another man appeared a friend of Charles, Lizzie had drank  only two glasses of wine but she started to feel funny. Charles got her a room in the hotel and Lizzie doesn’t remember anything else. Nick has tried to move on with his life and has a girlfriend named Sally. But Nick had never gotten over Lizzie when she wouldn’t answer her phone or texts Nick flew out to be with Lizzie. Lizzie hears someone at her door and it is Nick. Nick brings Lizzie back to the UK with him and she is also staying with him. What is going to happen with Lizzie staying with Nick?

I really loved this story and felt it was well written. I loved the plot and pace. I wish Lizzie and Nick had told each other how they felt about each other before Lizzie ever went to the states. Instead of Lizzie asking Nick to help her get rid of her virginity and him rejecting her. But I so loved how Nick was always there for Lizzie. Even if she tried to turn him away and he was the one she always thought of to turn to. Even when Nick had tried to go on with his life he ran to Lizzie’s side when she was in trouble and took her home. I was so happy when Nick showed up at Lizzie’s apartment even though she hadn’t contacted him or let him contact her. This was just a great read, a great romance and I loved it. I loved the character sand ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

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review 2017-01-22 12:51
Review: A Stranger's House (London& Cambridge Mysteries #2) by Clare Chase
A Stranger's House - Clare Chase

Published by:  Choc Lit (7 February 2017 - paperback)


ISBN: 978-1781893470


Source: NetGalley


Rating: 5*



When Ruby finds out that her partner has done the unforgivable, she has no option but to move out of their home. With nowhere else to go, a job house-sitting in Cambridge seems like the perfect solution.

But it's soon clear the absent owner hurts everyone he gets close to, and Ruby's faced with the fallout. As violent repercussions unfold, her instinct is to investigate: it's a matter of self-preservation. And besides, she's curious...

But Ruby's new boss, Nate Bastable, has his eye on her and seems determined to put a stop to her sleuthing. Is he simply worried for the welfare of a member of staff, or is there something altogether more complicated and potentially dangerous at play?



Clare Chase really impressed me with her first London & Cambridge Mystery, You Think You Know Me, and the author's skill at weaving together intricate levels of intrigue and romance are displayed brilliantly again here. With a solid plot and marvellous characters, A Stranger's House is a fantastic read that is hard to put down!

Ruby is the perfect mix of feisty and vulnerable, and a great amateur sleuth to boot! She's so well written, as are all the other characters, they spring to life from the pages. Village life is described in idyllic detail too, I could just imagine myself sitting in the pub garden facing the river.

Thanks to Clare Chase, Choc Lit and NetGalley for providing an ARC in return for my honest review. The third book in the series, One Dark Lie, is out now. I, for one, will be grabbing a copy!

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review 2016-11-07 22:59
Good Story and Characters
A Second Christmas Wish (Choc Lit): For Santa's eyes only, but what could it be? - Kathryn Freeman


Melissa had been modeling Lawrence’s new designs. She had been swept off her feet when she met Lawrence he was a designer at the top - wealthy, powerful, and charismatic. Lawrence was twice Melissa’s seventeen years mature and experienced.Her Parents had been cold and distant not receiving or giving love. Lawrence helped Melissa with her career, and took her to foreign lands. As his wife she felt cherished at first but then she started to see his cruel side. When Melissa became pregnant with William Lawrence wanted her to have an abortion but Melissa refused and had her son. Just shy of William’s fifth birthday Melissa let Lawrence know she was taking William and leaving him. Lawrence didn’t fight her. Lawrence had only seen William once since she left on Williams's sixth birthday and William was very scared of him. Then Lawrence came to her door  the following year saying he wanted to take William for Christmas , Melissa said no unless she named the place and was also there. Melissa had a good friend Alice who’s brother had been a professional tennis player until he got hurt.- Daniel. Alice asked Daniel if he could fit William in a class as Simon - her son and William were friends and William was very shy. Alice also told Daniel not to hit on Melissa as she  had a bad marriage behind her. Melissa had a fan crush on Daniel when she was younger and watched him play. William had a couple private lessons with Daniel to catch up now he was excited to come to play tennis with the other kids. Daniel was very attracted to Melissa but trying to be her friend. Melissa had become a designer - she would never be an internationally known designer as she didn’t have the consuming drive and passion. But Melissa loved fashion and loved what she did. Melissa had been nominated for Best New Designer, The award is given at the Fashion Council’s Christmas Party. Daniel offered to go with Melissa and she accepted. Melissa also won the award.

I liked this story a lot. It was so very sweet. I really liked Daniel as a character, a very nice man. Daniel bonded well with William and that made you feel good that William had a positive male role model. I felt bad Melissa had no memory of a happy family Christmas- yes almost like they are real but what can I say. But at least now she had William even if she was a little overprotective of her self and William and even the tiniest bit put out when William talks to Daniel about things and not her first. She can’t give William a happy family Christmas if she doesn’t take a chance on love again. Anyway I liked the plot a lot and the characters also the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

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review 2016-08-21 23:16
Search For The Truth (Choc Lit) - Kathryn Freeman

Tess’s mother died from heart failure while on a new treatment for cancer she had only had the  medicine once before she died. Tess, her father, and brother Mark wasn’t taking it very well. Tess is a journalist and works for the Daily News. Tess was going undercover and would go back to her real job after she found out about the medicine Zuplex her mom and other people have taken and more in the future. A young woman named Avail had come to Tess’s mom’s wake her mom had passed away from a heart attack and had taken the same medicine Tess’s mom had and Tess’s mom and Avail’s mom So this was Mark’s and Tess’s best shot to finding anything out. So Tess’s new job was at the company that made the new medicine her mom and Avail’s mom had taken. It had taken Tess eighteen months to get this chance. The company she is starting to work for is Helix Pharmaceuticals.  Jim was Tess’s boss he had just returned to the company a couple months ago after leaving for a couple  years. But there is an attraction between Tess and Jim even though he has stated no romance between him and his co-workers. He had been there done that and it did not turn out good.

I had some problems with this story but did finish it and for the most part liked it. First the story dragged in some parts had to keep interest and the story was very predictable and it takes the WOW from the story. That doesn’t make for a great read. I did like Tess;s determination to find the truth although her feelings were getting messed up in her investigation. I did like the ins and outs of this story. But it wasn’t a favorite read of mine.

I received a ARC of this story for a honest review.

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review 2016-07-08 20:55
Great Story and Characters
The Wild One (Choc Lit) (Coorah Creek Book 2) - Janet Gover

Dan was ordered to shoot the stallion who was the leader of the brumbies. But Dan just couldn’t do it. Brumbies are feral wild horses that were being very destructive in the small park Dan worked for. Dan is the park ranger for Tyangi Crossing National Park. Dan was a trained sniper and was former military with PTSD from his time in Iraq. Dan didn’t feel like he fit anywhere once released from the military for his PTSD. The he applied and got the job as park ranger and had been at the park for three years now. Quinn was a professional photographer who was trying to bury her memories of a bad time. Quinn drives a former military hummer and it is her home as well as her way of transportation. Quinn never left behind her laptop or her camera as they were her whole life. Quinn mainly shots scenic shots. However Quinn likes doing the ordinary and make it look extra ordinary. Also Quinn liked finding beauty in places that were plain or ugly. Quinn found her way to Dan’s park and as Dan aimed for the stallion she started the horses and they ran away. Quinn decides to take up the brumbies cause so they will not be killed. Quinn gets Dan on her side as he didn’t want to kill them either but didn’t want to lose his job. Quinn recruits Carrie for help. Carrie had loved horses and was an up and coming jockey with some wins already under her belt. But then there was a terrible fall and Carrie has recovered physically just not mentally as she in now afraid of horses the one thing she once loved. Carrie lacks in confidence and believes people are laughing at her. Carrie was in her own world of pain. Justin owns a horse farm and was determined to bring it back to the greatness it once had. There had been a fire when his father ran the farm and they had lost alot of horses. Justin needs an amazing horse to stud. These four diverse people come together to find a different answer for the brumbies.

I really loved this story. The town coming together with the other four people to find an acceptable answer. Also you had two romances going on yet neither suffered and they were both made to work which is unusual. The plot was great and the writing was very good also. I liked the ups and downs of this story! I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.

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