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review 2017-12-29 01:58
All I Want for Christmas by Clare Lydon - My Thoughts
All I Want For Christmas - Clare Lydon

Just not for me.  I liked the premise, woman wants a girlfriend for Christmas and goes about seeking one out, with commentary from her best friend and roommate.  She has misadventures, says clever things, does a lot of moaning and groaning about her lot in romantic life and can't see what's in front of her face.

It reads too much like chick lit for me to enjoy, really.  New Adult chick lit.  *sigh*

Now, don't get me wrong, the author does a wonderful job in her chosen genre/voice.  I just didn't like it much. 

I like my romances to have obstacles and hurdles for the couple to overcome, on their own and together.  I haven't found many f/f romances that manage to do that.  They all seem either tortured or bland. I shall continue to hunt, but I am getting a bit discouraged. 

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review 2017-11-27 18:31
Nothing to Lose by Clare Lydon - My Thoughts
Nothing to Lose - Clare Lydon

The blurb sounded so good!  Both MCs are on the cusp of turning 40, there are no deep, dark tragedies in either of their pasts, no one is suffering from any kind of mental illness or disease, neither is fresh from a break-up.  And, well, there you go. 

The premise was good.  Sudden flooding, one gal finds refuge at the other gal's, the mayor's, home.  Their paths have crossed previously and there's a bit of a disagreement about the local football club - soccer football, as this is set in England.  The problem was... things were set up so that there could be some conflict between the characters but it never came to fruition, it was all explained away.   As a result, the plotline was rather bland.  Not only did we have a case of insta-love, which, you know, I can buy from time to time, but it never felt that the new couple had any real hurdles to get over. 

The style of writing, the author's voice, I guess, didn't really appeal to me.  I kept thinking that it, too, was rather bland.  It never really came alive for me.  I felt constantly just a little off-centre the whole time I was reading.  I will say that the sexy-times scenes were quite well done.  A little flowery at times, maybe, but nothing to the point of where I was constantly rolling my eyes. 

The story was also billed as being humorous at times.  Well... I missed the funny.  I could see the chances for it, but it was something that the author never seemed to really deliver on. 

So, while this was an f/f romance that comes closer to what I'm looking for, it still missed the mark for me. 

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review 2016-01-07 00:00
This London Love
This London Love - Clare Lydon This London Love - Clare Lydon I am alone on this one with my low rating, so maybe it's me. I enjoyed the beginning of this book, with our two main characters, Kate & Meg, being developed, the minor characters and the London setting. The moments before and shortly after the character's romance began read well.

The author does something here I have not seen (or have forgotten) before in romantic fiction. She broadcasts the future pivotal "I don't know who you are anymore" deal breaker and other tensions early on in the story, so the question one always has is "when is it going to drop?". When were 'they' going to drop actually as this work has more than one large problem to sort out.

We meet the characters, their mothers and friends and its nice for a good while. There is the obligatory fantastic, mind-blowing sex, which of course means they belong together. That's fine, the book is clearly a romance novel, but once they both reached the 'I love you moment" the development of character and quality of dialogue suffers. Not mentioning the, "Oh, by the way, I live with my ex-girlfriend in a house we both still own" earlier in the relationship seems very sketchy.

'Oh, come on! mini dramas' drove me away, the whole thing became so silly I couldn't finish the book. No, I had no desire to finish it and I am glad I also previously dropped "London Calling" by the same author, when I did, as I am clearly not feeling it from this author.
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review 2015-07-26 00:00
This London Love
This London Love - Clare Lydon This London Love - Clare Lydon The key to fully enjoying this spin-off book to [b:London Calling|20939138|London Calling|Clare Lydon|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1393661778s/20939138.jpg|40309860] is to not read it straight after London Calling. Put a few books in between, or better yet, wait a few months :)

The book features a pair of movie-star-pretty London lesbians. Fortunately, the first person POV used in the first book is eschewed in favor of alternating 3rd person viewpoints from the two ladies. This makes for a more even characterization. Both ladies are equally well-delineated. The dialogue also feels more organic and realistic. But the cliched predictability of the first book is taken to new heights as the plot progression virtually duplicates the formula of the first book. At multiple points in the book, I had to remind myself this wasn't London Calling anymore. But the parallels were too glaring to ignore. From the bad setups, to the needless break-ups (caused by pesky exes), to the sweet make-ups (after lengthy pep talks from relatives and hospital visits)---the pattern was just too similar. The plot device used to drive our ladies apart for a little bit of angst felt too contrived to be believable. There was an unexpected last-minute twist but it wasn't nearly enough to lift my overall negative impression of the book, which is a shame really because it is actually better than the first book.

Rating: 4

Tip: Pick this up if its been a while since you've read London Calling, and you want more of the same. Or better yet, skip the first book and read this instead.
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review 2015-07-22 00:00
London Calling
London Calling - Clare Lydon British rom-coms have always exuded a certain kind of charm for me and that's why I jumped on this book. Verdict: Its got all the ingredients that make for a charming read but unfortunately, it also includes all the attendant cliches typical of this genre.

Betrayed in dramatic fashion by her Aussie love, Jess escapes back home to London to nurse a broken heart and pick up the pieces of her life. Her friends waste no time in getting her back onto the dating scene. Some missteps, a one-night stand, and lots of beer and wine later, she thinks she's found true love...but persistent exes and other assorted kinks are there to make sure things don't go too smoothly.

The book is written in the first person (from Jess' point of view) so everything really hinges on how we like or dislike her. Other than the bold move back home, she doesn't seem to have much drive or direction in life--a rather wishy-washy personality. This eventually resulted in totally avoidable complications that could have been easily nipped in the bud by a more assertive or logical-thinking person. That's pretty much what I didn't like about the book. Everything else was typical rom-com: beautiful leads, smart dialogue (thought at times it felt too scripted), sexy love scenes, and cliched plot that was predictable to the end.

Hmmm... I think I'm over-analyzing. Something one doesn't need to do with rom-coms. They're supposed to be mindless entertainment for lazy Sunday afternoons and this book pretty much served its purpose.

Rating: 3.8 stars

P.S. If Brit rom-coms are your cup of tea, don't miss the fabulous [b:That Certain Something|22068687|That Certain Something|Clare Ashton|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1399838239s/22068687.jpg|41401684]

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