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review 2018-06-23 13:34
Claws And Fangs - Laurann Dohner
Okay, so it's been a minute since I've actually had the time to write a review on a book I actually liked. So here goes...

I was right. #3 in this book totally blew stories 1&2 out of the park. Though 1&3 are actually my faves.
My rating for all 3 stories here separately, are as follows.
#1- 4 and half ****s
#2- 3***s
#3- 5*****s

Story number two was okay. I just was not feeling their overall coupling and how they came to be. But certain aspects of their plight as individuals was still interesting for me.

If you are fans of Mrs. L.D. (New Species Author), you will definitely appreciate the insta-love she has rocking here with these characters of hers in a traditional Vamp/Werewolf setting.
I really like just the overall ambience and layers that come with this mini trilogy.

So if you liked New Species and are curious, I would recommend this read.

#HappyReading :)


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review 2018-05-01 16:33
Good Characters and story
Forest of Thorns and Claws - J.T. Hall

Donavi=on was British but spent a lot of his life in Sumatra, Indonesia, Donovan was a veterinarian. He is involved in in conservation of tigers habitat and tiger rescue. He runs  a research and conservation center. And fights to save the rainforest. Donovan’s speciality is tiger conservation. He also fights for land that is supposed to be federally protected land where rare and endangered species of flora and fauna are. But also unknown to humans including Donovan a tiger shifter clan or were tigers live. Donovan had been rescuing a tiger who had been injured by poachers and was bitten. The timing was not good as a company was looking to but some jungle land for agriculture. Donovan isn’t feeling very good since he was bitten. Kersen is from the tiger shifter clan and had lived his whole life in the jungle and didn’t know anything different.  But he must get his sister back from the tiger rescue then he finds Donovan was bitten by her and is starting to change into a were tiger and he will need help getting through that. The sooner Kersen gets Donovan away from humans the better. Kersen has to find a way to tell Donovan what is happening to him and help him survive the change. Kersen also realizes Donovan will help the fight against deforestation. Donovan and Kersen are attracted to each other. But Donovan may not be accepted by the people of Kersen’s village. Donovan is still an outsider with a very different background, education, and status then Kersen. Kersen’s people have hid themselves from humans for several centuries

I did really enjoy this book. I did love how the author portrays the problems of the rain forest and things about its people. I liked the story a lot for the most part but I didn’t realize Kersen was a male as I don’t read M/M or F/F romances. Although this story did pull me in and I just skimmed over or ignored the romantic/sexual parts. I did feel this was insta/lust/love but also know from reading that can be the way with shifters. I loved Donovan’s commitment to conservation and preservation of the rain forest as well as tigers. But things moved a little too fast for me for the most part.  I really liked how the author showed how human greed destroys animal habitats as well as the animals themselves especially endangered species. I recommend this book as long as it is realize it is M/M love interests.

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review 2018-03-09 00:00
Claws of the Golden Dragon
Claws of the Golden Dragon - Barbara Dor... Claws of the Golden Dragon - Barbara Doran,Gary Kato Good pulp novel, set in an unspecified time, featuring hard bitten detectives, femmes fatales and mobs of mooks.
Also throw in smoke monsters, mad scientists, magic, and then introduce Dragon and Tiger, whose intentions depend on which side of the law they're on.

This was a good selection of characters and an engaging story that blurs the line between good and bad. The fantasy elements fit in with the background and don't take over the story.
Will be looking at others in this series to hopefully find out more of the main characters backgrounds.
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review 2018-02-21 03:41
Escape Claws - Linda Reilly

Linda Reilly is one of my very favorite authors. And her newest book, the first installment of her Cat Lady Mysteries, ESCAPE CLAWS, was one of my most anticipated books of 2017. On. My. Goodness. It completely lived up to my expectations! Purrfection! ESCAPE CLAWS opens with an introduction to the Cast of Feline Characters. With a dozen cats in the story, this list is a wonderful and welcomed addition to the book. And Kudos to author Reilly for managing to give each cat its own distinct personality. From page one, I knew this was a tale I wanted to read. Not just the mystery, but the story of protagonist, Lara Caphart, coming back to her hometown of Whisker Jog (love it) to help her Aunt Fran not only with her eleven cats, but with herself. With bad knees, Fran Clarkson is moving slow, and not able to do as much for herself and her kitty kids. There is tension at the very beginning when Lara doesn’t get greeted very fondly by her aunt. However, both characters grow immensely from the first page to the last, and I can’t wait to see them grow even more throughout the series. The murder mystery in ESCAPE CLAWS is expertly handled by the author. Ms. Reilly truly knows how to keep her readers on their paws. From the discovery of the body, to the surprising reveal, I didn’t come close to guessing the killer. There is also a second mystery mixed into the story. Between the two of them, I was so entranced, reading for a couple of hours turned into “I’m not getting out of this chair until I’m finished”. Starting a new series is both thrilling and exciting. You go into it with high hopes. Well, worry not with the Cat Lady Mysteries. Once you start reading ESCAPE CLAWS, you’ll know you’ve found a series you’ll want to follow for many years to come!

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review 2018-02-21 03:09
Claws for Concern (Cat in the Stacks Mystery) - Miranda James

Murder in a cozy mystery doesn’t always happen on page four. Author Miranda James offers readers a cold case twenty years old. This made for an even more thrilling case to try and solve for series lead, Charlie Harris, and for readers!


With CLAWS FOR CONCERN, there’s not much I can say other than what I say each time I read a book in the Cat in the Stacks mysteries. Author James has created an excellent plot that draws the reader swiftly into the story. With the same consistent style, the author’s writing held me spell bound as I joined Charlie and Diesel in their investigation of the decades old case.


A fun addition to the series for readers is the presence of Charlie’s new grandson, and his and Diesel’s interaction with the baby. Charlie is such a proud Grandfather, I could feel the love oozing of the pages. And Diesel’s fascination with the baby brought a smile to my face.


A great addition to this series, CLAWS FOR CONCERN is written proof of why readers continuously return to the Cat in the Stacks Mysteries.

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