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review 2015-03-08 16:35
Vikings, Norse Gods, Animal Rescue, Justice, Humor, Second Chances, Sexy .....Great Start for a New Series
The Unleashing - Shelly Laurenston

4.6 big shiny smiley Viking stars. Norse mythology mixed with humor and near bionic powers.

Kera is a second chance person with a second chance dog. Her second chance came when a voice asked her a question and she answered yes, with one condition. She wouldn't step into a new life without her dog. She woke in a strange bed, with uncomfortable memories in a house filled with huge beings. She did not hide, she fought beside her sweet little dog Brodie Hawaii. What she didn't know was that she had just kicked supernatural ancient arse and taken weapons of mystery. The weirdest part was who set her on this path.

She is now a member of The Crows, one known as the thieves.  There are many clans that protect and serve Odin. the Ravens are a second. The Ravens are a clan filled with huge Viking men, One of them Vig., is all that big bad Viking stuff of nightmares and more. The bigger they are the harder they fall. 

There is a romance brewing of course. It is slow, this baby had to be worked at. Both parties had issues and then there was the heckling. Yep, the big bad bachelor got snarked by his friends. Vig is THE GUY, well I was sold. Perfect timing for this reader, I love a great chase.

Her initiation into this band of semi heroes comes with lessons, fights, nudity, emotional outbursts, unfiltered words, dog tricks and laugh your self to tears moments.

These characters had me glued to the pages never a dull moment. What a fabulous way to start a new series. It was a just right read for my taste, I was left chuckling and wanting so much more. Now where is book 2 ?


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text 2014-09-14 21:02
Urban Fantasy all the way. Good Start For a New Series
Memory Zero - Keri Arthur

An urban fantasy, action packed, a spritz of a possible romance with one smart, take no prisoners female main character and a stubborn emotionally scarred man. Shifters, changers, vampires , clones and others fill in the gaps between the humans and things are going to get bloody. I really liked this one.

Sam is a mystery to everyone including herself, who is she, what is she and where did she come from is the question many want to know. Her evil nemesis uses her, tempts her with bits of the big secret. it seems somebody may know her history but getting it might be more difficult and costly them she is willing to pay. Her whole career might be thrown in the toilet There is no doubt she is more than a simple human, she is a changing. Everyone wants her to sit back and be a good victim, but that is not her style.

Gabriel, Spook Squad lone ranger and “stay away from me” man is going never going to be the same after this case. It all starts when he watches as a young female cop outruns something she should have never seen in the first place and makes her his project. Oh his mission leads him all the places he doesn’t want to go, like working with somebody, and watching those he cares about in danger.<br/>The world is filled with cool laser guns, cloning, special technologies, and super secret agencies, mysteries, back stabbing, power struggles and so much more. i thought it had the perfect amount to keep me interested on every page and have me pick up book two seconds after finishing this one.

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review 2014-08-24 21:34
Another Great Start
Bound by Night - Larissa Ione

I was thrilled when I saw this author had written a new series. She did not disappoint me. What a new fresh twist between this lovely cover. Vampires are the slaves of humans. They are dehumanized, brutalized, raped and thought to be basically animals that live in dirt caves. They don't love, have true feelings, or care about others do they ? They just lust for blood right ? Well, that may not be the truth. Many things known to the public may not be the truth. Vampires may not be anything like the propaganda.Nicole was raised to feel loved by a vampire nanny. She did not understand that her loving nanny was a slave, kept against her will. She was eight when everything in her life changed. Her family, her nanny, her whole center of existence was dead. What she saw that night grew into a great darkness within her. Her and her brother survived with a strong sense of hatred for the killers and the keys to a corporation that could destroy/control them all once and for all.Riker, a turned vampire has been lost and alone for over twenty years. His mate dead, his child unborn, he morns still. He has not been able to put the past behind him. He dwells in his hatred for the humans that took his mate from him and devastated so many lives. he has not had any interest in any female, not lust, no desire till his enemy defiantly steps into his path. Now he has feelings that just don't fit in his life.When their lives cross to save two women the sparks fly. Two enemies forced to find a way to save lives, to recover the truth and to seek a new future. Twists, lust, lies, truths, mistrusts, want, backstabbing and hate all stand in the way.This is a great start for a series. I loved the side characters and look forward to hearing their stories. Hunter the leader with his mysterious background and secrets. Myne, there is going to be a lot to uncover there and Bastian I can't wait to see his future. I am already connected to these fictional beings and can't wait to continue with the series. It was fast, dangerous, well paced and exciting.

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review 2014-08-15 23:03
#BookadayUK #15 August- Best long read
Cold Days - Jim Butcher

It was not long enough

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review 2014-08-10 17:53
BookadayUK #10 August- Best written Best seller
Red Rising - Pierce Brown
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