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text 2020-02-27 09:45
How do I score more in "Reorder Paragraphs" in PTE-A?

Reorder Paragraph is a sub-task of the Reading module. In this task, you will get a few paragraphs that are randomly ordered. You will have to rearrange them to form a logical order. This task tests your reading and understand skills. Your score is evaluated on how correctly you arrange the sentences of the paragraph. If you manage to arrange all of them in the correct order then you will get full points but if you arrange them in the wrong order then you will lose points. You do get partial points for arranging some of them correctly. PTE mock test will help you get acquainted with this sub-task.

We have put tips that will help you to score more on the Reorder Paragraph task.


Understand the main idea

Before you dive into arranging the paragraphs in the right order, you should first read all the sentences. Try to understand the context and overall idea of the paragraph. To arrange them in the right and meaningful order, you will need to understand the purpose of each of the paragraphs. So read them thoroughly before starting to arrange them. 


Find the topic sentence or the first paragraph


The first sentence is the topic sentence. So start looking for the topic sentence from the given paragraphs. Read all the sentences to find out which one gives an overall idea of the passage. There are a few points that you should consider while looking for the topic sentence. It is a stand-alone sentence and does not depend on any other sentence. The first paragraph has some distinctive characteristics and gives the overall idea of the whole text. It does not begin with a pronoun or give a reference to a person or something. If you come across sentences that begin with connectives then they are not topic sentences. You can eliminate them. Use these tips for finding the topic sentence while solving this task on the PTE mock test. 


Find the logical order


You need to figure out the right order of the sentences. Look for some link between sentences that will help you to understand the order. Try to find the time sequences in the sentences. They give an indication of the past, present or future. This will help you to quickly find the right order. Another trick is to look for acronyms. They are short forms of names and terms. If they are present in the paragraphs then both the full form and short form will be there. The sentence that contains the full form will come before the sentence that contains the short form. The second paragraph will describe more about the things mentioned in the first paragraph. Make sure it is connected to the first paragraph in some way.


Use Grammar to find the right order


Grammar will also help you to arrange them in a meaningful order. Look for articles like 'a' and 'an' because they are mostly used to introduce a topic. Whereas, 'The' is used for a person or something that has already been introduced before in the paragraph. You should then look for adverbs, pronouns and words like 'but', 'forever', etc.

Search if there are any demonstrative pronouns. They are used to refer to nouns or noun phrases. When they are used in a sentence then it means that the previous sentence contains the relating noun or noun phrase. If you find a sentence containing a personal pronoun without any mention of a person, place or object then it means that it has already been mentioned in the sentence that comes before it. Use this tip on the PTE mock test to link sentences in the right order.

There are other tricks like looking for transitional words amongst the sentences. They help to give a smooth shift from one idea to another so you can logically link two sentences.  Try to use these tips on the practice tests or PTE mock test and see how your score improves.


Use the trial and error technique


The trial and error method helps you to eliminate the wrong choices. Begin with a topic sentence and move ahead to look for sentences that link with it. After arranging them you should read the whole paragraph together to check if it sounds perfect. In case, something sounds off then change the order. Follow this tip during PTE mock test. Sometimes when we arrange them, we do not realize that two sentences are not linked properly. But when we speak them then we find that they do not sound like they are going with each other. If you are confused between two paragraphs then you should keep each of them in that position and read it out. Try to analyze how it affects the sequence of the other paragraphs and what meaning is conveyed. 


Do enough practice


You should put all the above tips and strategies in use while attempting the Reorder Paragraphs task on the PTE mock test and evaluate your performance. See if your score has improved after making use of all the above tricks. You should also try to practice this task on practice tests. Once you have practiced this task thoroughly then it will be easy to tackle it in the PTE exam. You can also solve exercises and sample questions that are available on the internet in order to improve your score. Make sure you work on your grammar skills as they help in finding the right order. 

Source: www.ptemocktest.com
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url 2020-02-24 16:19
IAS Coaching in Bangalore | UPSC Coaching In Bangalore | civils coaching Bangalore

Are you looking for Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore

Are you looking out for the best IAS coaching in Bangalore with Delhi coaching experience? You will need a trustworthy IAS coaching institute that provides an excellent support system for cracking UPSC Exams. Generally, students are in confusion while choosing the best coaching for IAS exam preparation.

To make your work easy, we have come up with the best tips to help you select the right coaching institute. Be prepared to ask the maximum possible questions. Keeping this in mind, judge the perfect IAS Coaching in Bangalore to begin your career.

Why do you need to choose Best IAS Coaching?

UPSC has proved to be a strong source of employment in today’s job market. Due to the high level of competition, you need the support of Best IAS Coaching institute to crack the exam successfully. As per the recent statistics, the numbers prove the same.

It portrays that 11 lakhs candidates take up prelims and 5 lakh students appear in the mains exam. There are hundreds of thousands of students planning for joining the Best Coaching Insitute for IAS exam preparation.

Due to the presence of such high demand, the number of IAS Coaching in Bangalore is increasing day by day. There are many institutes in Bangalore. This results in major confusion for students. Understanding the requirement, here is the list of tips that guides you through the selection process. Extract the maximum information about the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore city from all the possible perspectives.

Tips to choose the right IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore

1. Check for feedback from Students

As always history speaks the truth. You can reach out to the students who are already getting Coaching in that IAS institute. Ask their experience with coaching quality, faculties, facilities and Study material. It gives you a brief idea about the institute atmosphere.

Talk to the senior candidates who already belong to the Best IAS Coaching Institutes in the previous batch. If you cannot find any, you can go to the existing batch and discuss personally at IAS Coaching Centres. When you engaged with 3-4 students separately, you will get to know the truth behind the scene.   

2. Educate yourself about Batch timings

By understanding how the Best IAS coaching in Bangalore monitors the attendance system, you can foresee the discipline maintained. Make sure that your IAS exam preparation is not affected even if you miss any of the classes. Learn about their batch timings and how you can compensate for the missed classes. Will the rescheduled class be your choice or the institution’s decision or if any videos are shared? If you are pursuing any regular college degree, then take care of timings clash. Join the best coaching for IAS exam preparation, stay positive and work hard. If you’re undergraduate check if they provide long term coaching which will help to crack in the first attempt.

3.    Duration of the Coaching

Learning about the duration of a program by the Coaching Institute is extremely important. Why? You need it to build a systematic time plan and qualitative study approach. Beware that without a proper plan all your study efforts will go in vain.

What is meant by the process of coaching? It includes the provision of resource materials, mock tests, and tips to crack the interview. Is Your Selected IAS Coaching Institute follow any unique teaching methods? If yes, discover about how they intend to help you in training beyond the UPSC syllabus.

Time management is not the only point of focus. You will also know when to reach the faculty to clear the doubts. Once you discuss the duration take immediate measure to plan your IAS Exam

4. Get to know about the process of Coaching

Interaction with the faculty members provides you with a better perspective to choose the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore. Educating yourself about the teaching pattern will foster your decision-making process.

The Best IAS Coaching Institute of Bangalore demands undivided dedication to finding success in the exam. Your dream of becoming an IAS officer will become true only when your institute provides consistent support. Measure this in terms of mock exams and open discussions they intend to organize for students.

Overall, UPSC Coaching in Bangalore plans to keep you engaged and take measures to avoid distractions. With the help of such interactive sessions, you can get all the issues clarified easily. Make use of such a platform to stay result-oriented and determined.

5. Explore the background of Faculty members

Make a note that every IAS Coaching will have a unique set of faculty members. How to decide which institute has an experienced training faculty? It depends on how you take up the responsibility of extracting the right information. The faculty owned by the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore influences your success on a large scale. How supportive are they to the candidates aspiring to take up IAS Exam Preparation? Learn from the existing batch that whether the trainers are available in the leisure time too.

Your IAS Exam Preparation majorly depends upon the knowledge base and experience owned by faculty. The more the number of students in a single batch, the lesser is the efficiency. You can avoid falling into the crowded IAS Coaching in Bangalore by learning the student-teacher ratio in prior.

Every batch with a limited number of students can enjoy the benefits of personal guidance. You need not worry about picking up the IAS Coaching institute in Bangalore! This is because you already know about the faculty.

6. Observe the Infrastructure provided

Before focusing on the infrastructure offered at the IAS Coaching in Bangalore, get to know the number of branches they own. If there are multiple branches, it shows their proficiency in training.

A good infrastructure always brings positive vibes and responsible for building a better learning environment. Make a note that the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore will have a peaceful infrastructure. 

7. Research about the IAS Coaching Fees structure

It is evident that the first thought pops up whenever you meet the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore with fees structure. You will observe that the fees claimed will be almost same in all the Best IAS Coaching Centers. Differentiate them based on the discount offers, extra resource materials, extended support system, and less fees with good infrastructure facilities provided etc. Just check who promises genuine offers and then make your decision.

Do not forget to check for the availability of installment payment options if needed in any case.

8. Focus On Individual Students

What steps are taken by any IAS Coaching in India to help students at a personal level ? The skills and learning ability varies from one student to another. Will they consider this issue as the major point? The institute must help the candidates with customized support based on his / her study requirements and plans.

Not all the UPSC Coaching in Bangalore will offer this element and up to the standards of providing best guidance and facilities. Get to know whether they will allow the students to access extra information if not understood in the regular classes. The presence of an exclusive student teacher session will allow the space for expressing your difficulties. Only the Top IAS Coaching in Bangalore will allow such provisions to students and genuinely care about your success. This shows that an institution has taken the next step to uplift the student-teacher communication. 

9. Examine Their Dedication

Do not blindly believe the false promises made by the institutes. Everybody can say that they will help you achieve the goal. On the other hand, only the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore will prove the fact to the students. Make sure that you do not fall into the trap of money-oriented IAS Exam Preparation centers. Get all the details known before you pay the fees, visit branch, speak to Mentors, query them and get known all the information.

After paying the coaching fee, there is a possibility that the center fails to fulfill all the promises they had made. Dig the right institution that considers your dream to be yours. Trusted coaching center will remain with you as a backbone support system.


All the best for your bright future Journey !! Vignan IAS Academy – (VIATrusted Top Notch IAS Coaching centre in Bangalore.

Source: www.vignanias.com
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photo 2020-02-22 06:32
Professional Agile Transformation Coaching in Bangalore

Searching for the best Agile Transformation Coaching in Bangalore? Look no further than Leadership-Tribe. It is an accredited agency that offers continuous Agile Transformation services such as strategy formulation, project management, and software development in a distributed surrounding.

Source: leadership-tribe.com/in/agile-training-in-bangalore
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text 2020-02-19 12:33
Rbi Assistant Cutoff 2017

RBI Assistant Notification is out! Check out the RBI Assistant 2016 Cut off for Preliminary and Mains Examination in this post. Also, you can check the RBI Assistant 2017 Cut off for the Preliminary Examination. We have shared the state-wise and category-wise RBI Assistant 2016 Cut off for both Preliminary and Mains examination 




For complete information about the RBI Assistant 2019 Exam check out the Vacancy DetailsEligibility Criteria, and Job Profile as well! The selection process of RBI Assistant comprises a Prelims, Mains & Language Proficiency Test. No interviews are being conducted in the recruitment procedure of the RBI Assistant examination.

Source: www.anujjindal.in/rbi-assistant-cut-off
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text 2020-02-19 06:58
Best Parenting Skills In Ogden Utah | AParents Counsel


I love sports and as I have said in the header of this section, I love a good underdog story. Well, you see my second son’s name is Stockton, named after the great John Stockton. John Stockton was one of those people that many thought he wouldn’t make it in the NBA or at best would be a bench player. 



John Stockton was one of those people that many thought he wouldn’t make it in the NBA or at best would be a bench player. John Stockton was picked #16 overall in the 1984 Draft, drafter higher than some even thought he should have gone.  Even John himself said the first year I was in the NBA, I bought a bed and a chair and didn’t spend any more money as I didn’t know if I was going to play another season.



There Is Some Of Our Provided Services:




To some John was short, slow and couldn’t create his own shooting opportunities. But John had a great vision on and off the court. He put himself in a position to be named as one of the greatest point guards of all time. He was resilient an iron man and if you ask me, he was the greatest of all time.  Playing 18 years and hardly missing a game, his assists and steals record will never be a broker. They go in the history books with Wilt Chamberlains 100-point game. Records that just can’t be reached.


Contact Us:

AParents Counsel


(+1) 80178 16880

Source: aparentscounsel.com/its-our-choice
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