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review 2017-09-13 12:08
This will certainly not be the last of J.D. Carabella's works I'll read!
Nocturnal Voyeur - The Complete Series: A Tale of Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal - JD Carabella

I am not sure why this would ever be broken into five shorter stories and sold seperately. This works so well as one larger work, I really can't imagine only being drip fed the story. If nothing else, it would have stopped the nice flow the story has, and made it more difficult for the reader to rejoin the characters on their journey.

Speaking of the characters, they were quite enjoyable, even though Mack does fall into a few of the trope pitfalls. I really enjoyed Fiona's character with all her stubborness and foibles. I would have liked a little more development for Fiona, and Mack needed more room to grow as well (no pun intended). Fiona really makes the story, but she's given so little time to develop in between all the action (both in the bedroom and out of it) that it did feel like we were racing after her in the story so didn't have time to learn what we needed about her.

The mix of Native American Indian mythology, magic and the paranormal regulars (were-animals/shifters), provided a delightful paranormal flavour to this romp through the 1930's timeline and gave the story a uniqueness that has been missing from some of the paranormal romance/erotica stories I've been reading. I'd have loved some more time to explore the history, mythology and explanations of the magic system, but we're only really given but a tiny glimpse of it.

The story left me with some unanswered questions; ones I hope can be answered with another story following Fiona and Mack. Or, perhaps some of the answers are explored in J.D's other series in the same world - Arrested by Passion. I'll have to check them out to see :)

While the writing wasn't perfect, the overall feel of this piece was quite polished and the story provided a quick, entertaining read for those who like a bit of bite with their erotic reading. Unfortunately, the insta-love aspect niggled a bit. It wasn't a total mess, but it wasn't flawless either. I think a little more character building and development would help with the feeling of it all being a bit rushed and make the insta-love seem less clunky and more 'destined lovers'.

The sexy scenes were provided in large quantities and quite varied in sexual preference, tastes and kinks. This was nicely done, though at times I did wonder if they were all really needed, or if it was a particular penchant of J.D. to enjoy writing smut, so she came up with a plot that allowed for a lot of the short snippets to be present and still fit nicely in with the story. That's not a complaint, merely an observation. 

In terms of hotness, not all of them floated my boat, but given the quantity and varied content, I'm sure almost all erotic readers will find a scene or fantasy to please their tastes within the covers of this book. 

One word of warning: this book does contain what some would call dub-con or non-con elements, along with some pretty brutal tentacle rape scenes, is littered with foul language and some intriguing, yet extremely depraved scenes. 

This will certainly not be the last of J.D. Carabella's works I'll read! 

A few things I noticed:

7% - a few erotica faux pas (everyone being sex Gods and Goddesses and rolling continuous orgasms) - admitedly pretty common in paranormal romance/erotic stories, but weirdly I still expected more from J.D.
9% - ...I know Theo was fond of you, (delete space)"
10% - ...and lie(lay/laid) awake for a few hours...
12% - Mack still stood still (awkward wording consider revising) 
32% - ...shortness of her shirt(skirt), which ended above the knees...
49% - they had been Cheekbones and Silence previously, not Smiler 
94% - Mack was large in ever(y) sense of the...

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**

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review 2017-09-10 17:37
26 Books Complete Series Mega Boxset, Katie Wyatt
26 Book Mega Box Set Complete Series (Me... 26 Book Mega Box Set Complete Series (Mega Box Set Series) - Katie Wyatt,Kat Carson

I finally finished this 26 Book Mega Boxset of Mail order Brides Series. Because it was so big, I tried to read other things in between. Most of the books, I reviewed seperately. I voluntarily chose to review this. I did enjoy the whole set of clean Mail Order Bride series. I gave the whole set a 4.7* rating. Lots of good reading in this set.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-08-22 00:00
Dying to Live: The Shifter City Complete Series
Dying to Live: The Shifter City Complete... Dying to Live: The Shifter City Complete Series - Liam Kingsley [b:Burning Transgressions|35617639|Burning Transgressions (Shifter City Book 1)|Liam Kingsley|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1499443435s/35617639.jpg|57060960], Book 1 in the series focuses on Logan and the small pack he is part of. The leader of the pack is homophobic and he finds out Logan and another male pack member want to engage in sexual acts together it'll be trouble. Mariella is the only female in the pack and the leaders lover. Both Ade smart and know how to handle the pack leader. Unbeknownst to them is that once a male accepts the semen of another it causes them to undergo reproductive change. When Logan collapses after a night of passion, his one night stand/packmate puts him in bed and hopes he'll be better when daylight comes. Things get a little finicky in the light of day and the pack leader kicks an unconscious Logan out of the pack. Mariella takes a stand and also chooses to leave and stay with Logan to get them to people who maybe able to help.

Regis Thyme is a facility all wild shifters know to stay away from. Rumor has it that those who have gone there have never been seen again. More or less its practically prison and a death sentence.

Marielle takes an unconscious Logan (and the rest of the pack decided to leave) to Regis Thyme to get help for Logan and soon find out there's more to the rumor than they thought.

A good start to the series. I liked learning about these shifters, the difference between the outsider/wild shifters and those living in Regis Thyme, and the different phases of mutation. Logan was a hard character to get use to but I did and I liked that Hail, his love interest and a medic of Regis Thyme, managed to ground the wild and destructive Logan.

That being said the books did get a bit disjointed, making it somewhat confusing at times. Things were happening off page and readers didn't get to see the discussions and plans resulting in said scenarios making it confusing. A good example of this is the part were Logan loyalty was tested. Readers knew that Mariella was planning to figure out who was leaking info to George (their old pack leader) but not how and when. So when it happened it was kind of a "what the hell is happening?" and it was hard understanding the reasoning behind the action even though it was foreshadowed that Mariella had a plan to weed out the traitor. I still have questions in concerns to the traitors reasoning for leaking info and how he did it.

Dying to Live, Book 2 takes place a year after the first book and focuses on two new characters, Killian and Pan. Killian and Pan both have a crush on each other and it's been a long standing one. This series must be read in order so if you haven't read book 1 I recommend that you do. Neither realizes the other has feelings for the other and are too afraid to act on it. Killian is like the head teacher and organizer of the only school in Regis Thyme. Pan is pretty much everyone's favorite hair dresser.

During a fiasco at school Killian gets injured by one of his adolescent students. Instead of seeking aid for the horrible wound he decided to handle the the issue with the student and their parent. He only seeks help when his health takes a turn for the worse. But he's a little too late and ends up collapsing on Pan who ends up dragging him off to the hospital.

I'll just skip to the point. It turns out Killian has a new mutagen introduced into his system and it's causing his DNA to mutate again. He'll be a new type of wolf shifter entering the third phase (something no one in Regis Thyme has experienced as of yet). Although Killian has his own theories about it and how it correlates with the news coverage he's been keeping up on about the outside world. Pan also ends up getting the virus that pushes him into the third phase. Killian doesn't help either by accidentally causing him to go through the second phase consecutively.

Things go a bit to hell when Pan in pain manages to escape the facility and Killian gives chase to bring him back. The two discover a new enemy.

An intriguing development with the shifter mutation. Killian was a likable character but Pan was harder to like for me. He was quite childish and his rash behavior irritated me. I felt like the author created a faux pas when Hail was taken from Logan. Up to that point in the story I was more or less liking the story when Hail died that was pretty much the turning point. I just didn't want to read the book anymore. I mean it had been a year since Hail and Logan got together and Logan got pregnant. Hail was taken before the babies were born. I felt like the author hated Logan and Hail and didn't want Logan to have a HEA story. I'm going to say it now that the series would become a really tough read with the direction it took and I don't know if there was to be more I would even bother giving it a read.

Killian's dreams also didn't help in making the decision. I just thought it was strange and could be confusing if I hadn't been as attentive as I was when reading.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.
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review 2017-07-26 00:00
The Maxfield Brothers: The Complete Series
The Maxfield Brothers: The Complete Series - Leslie North The Maxfield Brothers are dominating, charming and opinionated. Angie, Carolina and Daisy are fiesty, rebellious and tempting. Ms. North puts overpowering energy and that hint of charming sex appeal on full display. Magic in motion. The sass was killer, the heat was intense and the drama was always on display. Love at first sight became love at first listen.
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review 2017-05-18 22:03
Personal The Complete Series Box Set by KC Wells

For the first time, all the men of the Personal series, together!
Making it Personal 
Blake Davis, the closeted CEO of Trinity Publishing, hires an escort to celebrate his thirtieth birthday. Enter Alec,and what follows is an unforgettable night.
So imagine Blake's surprise when the candidate for the position of Blake's PA the next day turns out to be... Alec, real name Will Parkinson.
And then things get really complicated…
Personal Changes
Rick has had enough of one night stands and quickies in club bathrooms. What he really wants is someone to love him. The trouble is, he's looking in all the wrong places. Angelo Tarallo is captivated by Rick, and when he saves him from danger, it soon becomes clear to both men that this could be special. What they hadn't counted on was Angelo's traditional Sicilian family.
More than Personal
Will and Blake are approaching their sixth wedding anniversary, and life is good. Their surrogate, Donna, is due to deliver their baby in three weeks’ time, and the two men can’t wait to become fathers.
Today is Will’s birthday, and Blake has plans to make it a very sexy and memorable one. Little do both men realize, the day will be memorable for an entirely different reason.
Personal Secrets
Brash, Cockney bear Ed Fellows celebrates the birth of his boss's daughter with a few drinks, shared with fellow rugby team-mate Colin. What follows rocks Ed's world. Okay, so it wasn’t the first blow-job Ed’s ever gotten from a guy—or given, for that matter—but that was a long time ago, right? And why does Ed now want more?
Strictly Personal
Colin has a romantic, long Valentine’s Day weekend planned for Ed. A visit to Manchester’s Canal Street, a really nice hotel, complete with four poster bed, and an intimate meal in a restaurant.
Unfortunately, things don’t go quite according to plan...
I have to start off by saying that we haven't read a lot of books in this gene but so far out of the authors I have read Ms Wells is one of my favorites.This author creates amazing characters that you just can't help but fall in love with.
Blake and Will definitely a favorite couple in this series.I loved both of them.Blake and Will at first seem to be a odd couple at first glance.What does a owner of a publishing company have in common with an escort other than chemistry and great sex?Blake is just what he seems confident man in work and business who is well liked and even loved by his team members at work.Yet that being said he has always kept his personal life and secret from his family and friends and about him being gay.Will on the other hand is out of the closet as they say and has had a very hard life up to this point.Non accepting parents through him out when he was a teen and he was forced to be what they call a rent boy just to survive.One of the things I loved about Will is he never tried to hide his past or the things he was forced to do but owned up to it all and just turned the negative in to the positive that just made him a stronger individual.
Will and Blake's night together is a one off when they meet .Its just and evening of Blake paying for a evening of sexual pleasure and Will is actually Alex at this point but turns up the next day as Will office applying for a job as a personal assistant .Can you say awkward?
A rocky start in this couples relationship turned into so much more.Wow! the chemistry this couple had was super hot.They had several heated sexual encounters as well as a little bdsm thrown into the mix. Making their love  making moments super hot and fun and playful and Alex makes an appearance every now and then just to spice things up a bit.This is the one time that ones past makes for a more of and interesting sex life for this couple as Will aka Alex has done it all.Grins...Just a really cute couple that balanced out one another.
Found Blake to be confident kind,passionate,love-able,sexy and on hand we saw sadness,loneliness and unhappiness at constantly hiding who and what he truly is that makes him happy.
Will on the other hand I loved him right off strong and confident emotional and very sensitive who had an amazing personality.He seemed to be at ease in his own skin and take the bull by the horn type and takes what he wants when he wants it.Will is that type who is definitely the dominate in his relationship with Blake.
An amazing love story that had many ups and downs along with many surprises thrown in the mix.I loved both Will and Blake they were a really cute couple that we saw blossom  throughout the pages just by being together.This couple brought happiness into each other lives at a point when both this couple need change at this point in their lives.An emotional tale that tugged at your heart strings who had you from the onset rooting for a happily ever after for an amazing couple who truly belongs together.
Loved it!
Rick and Angelo's Tale
This story had a lot of emotional ups and down for the characters as well as it reader.My heart broke for this couple at the heart ache and the decisions Angelo's parents were forcing him to make .Either Colin or them.
Rick works for Blake at Trinity publishing and loves his job and friends but, his love life is seriously lacking.
Omg !The hottest and intense memorable moment in the story took place when Ben and Ollie a couple in love and who are partners love to play.Their game tonight is Rick!Rick will forever remember his night with Ollie and Ben forever as it brought the hottest sexual gratification he has ever received in his long list of lovers. Omg! fanning yourself ladies and gents..
Rick at this point in his life is tired of the one night stands and is looking for something more meaningful and serious.Rick was definitely a guy unlucky at love and also had an awful taste in men until he meets Angelo from a situation that almost lead him to becoming a rape victim.
I liked Angelo he was outgoing kind gentle supportive and artist who was an all around great guy who seemed to be happy with his life.His attraction is Rick is overwhelming  and someone who he can't seem to forget.From the onset of seeing Rick from across the room he became protective of  him and vowed to watch over him even before meeting him.Did Angelo know right then in there that Rick was his Soul mate?And if so why is he willing to give up the love of his life to remain part of a family who are non accepting of who and what he is?
An emotional tale of a couple who are meant to be together and who make one another happy and fulfilled yet choses you lead a life of unhappiness over love.My heart broke for this couple and the unhappiness and pain that brought Angelo to make the decisions  he was forced to make even if they were the wrong ones because of his family.
Rick was my favorite character in this story.I truly felt his pain and suffering an unhappiness he was experiencing as nothing seemed ever to work out for his benefit.So unlucky in love and his doomed relationship brings him to the point where he would rather be alone then to ever experience the pain he is currently feeling over his breakup with Angelo.
Ricks saviors are Blake ,Will and Ed who are there for him not matter what and he could not but help but love them for it even more than he already did.He is truly blessed to have them as friends and he knows with their help he might survived the heartbreak he is currently experiencing .
A page turner that was filled with so much emotion,love ,friendship and sexual gratification and one overcoming life hurtles that were placed in ones path.The story had a great cast of characters with so many different personalities making it intriguing fun that brought you many laughs as well as many tears.
Ed and Colin's Tale
Loved this couple and their very intense love affair.
Ed has been with us from the start of this series and remains a constant favorite of mine.I loved him from the onset.Sexy,brash,love-able,funny ,protective of those he loves and type who speaks his mind and doesn't give a crap about what others think.Ed up until this point has been the loyal friend to all and a great guy to work with and for.He always seemed happy yet perhaps a bit lonely without even realizing it.Ed's love life has been lacking of late and seeing all of those around him finding love and happiness has him thinking about his own life.Does he want to find what his Boss and Co workers have found or is happy with how his life is at this moment? For Ed he has never had a problem with his friends and boss being gay as he has been with both men and women.It matters not he loves and cares for them as well as being protective over them and enjoys seeing them happy .How they chose to live their life is their business and not his place to judge them.
Ed and Colin have been best buds for over a year and yet one night with much drink under their belts changes things between them and their friendship.A night of a hot sexual gratification between them changes things and has Ed questioning his own sexual preferences.Was this encounter just about sexual release or is he truly attracted to Colin?
Colin on the other hand has had a thing for Ed for sometime but knows he is straight and has never made a move on him yet this encounter has him thinking could he have more than friendship with Ed?
Colin is comfortable in his own skin and has no problem letting people he knows he is gay.Ed on they other hand has to find his way to decide if he is straight,bi sexual or gay.
I loved this couple as Ed was so different from Colin he was had a hard edge to him yet friendly and kind but the kind of man who scared others to death.Colin was the sensitive and kind and funny type who was comfortable in his own skin and enjoyed life to the fullest.This couple had amazing chemistry super hot sexual encounters who were truly made for one another.Each of them different yet had much in common with each other yet the perfect mate for one another.
And emotional tale of a couple who struggle to find balance in their relationship when one who hasn't come to terms with his own sexuality and what other people think of him of being in a relationship with another man  yet the other one could not care the least what people thought of them.We saw a lot of ups and downs for this couple but we also saw a couple who truly loved one another who just need to find a way to be a couple. 
Of all the couples throughout the stories this couple had to deal with more hate and bigotry from others and those who were small minded.Perhaps being Rugby players had something to do with that.As with any relationship you have those who accept and hate you for who and what you are and who you chose to love.
I loved the story from cover to cover.I loved Ed from the beginning and I so wanted him to find his own happiness so I was thrilled to be along the ride with him as he found the love of his life.I loved how every time you though you had Ed figured out he did something that surprised you  had you admitting you didn't know him as well as you think you did.
Another awesome tale that carried its characters from one book to the next that had you laughing one moment and crying the next.
A recommend series to all.We loved the entire series and its characters and will definitely be re-reading about them at a later date.Another series for the keeper shelf and looking so forward to this authors latest releases.
5 stars for us
My overall thoughts
One of the things that I love about this author writing and characters is that she makes you fall in love with her characters from the onset.When I read her stories I love seeing her couples fall in love and overcoming things in their relationships that all couples face.Yes her books happen to be about two same  sexual males but she focuses on them as a couple and them finding their way with one another and not such much at just being a gay male.Yes they have more hurtles to overcome then most couples but is it any different from what and interracial couple has to go through...
K.C. Wells started writing in 2012, although the idea of writing a novel had been in her head since she was a child. But after reading that first gay romance in 2009, she was hooked.
She now writes full time, and the line of men in her head, clamouring to tell their story, is getting longer and longer. If the frequent visits by plot bunnies are anything to go by, that’s not about to change anytime soon.



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