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text 2017-03-20 03:25
Emergency overhaul for Mount Gambier Hospital after review sparks major concerns


Country Health SA will invest $536,000 into a major overhaul of Mount Gambier Hospital's emergency department following an extensive review into the regional South Australian hospital.


The review, conducted in late 2016, was in response to concerns surrounding patient safety and inadequate emergency department staffing levels raised by hospital staff and the public.


Australia's former Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Baggoley, and Critical Care Nursing Director, Mr Andrew McGill led the review, the findings of which were released on Wednesday and communicated to staff.


The review cites reliance on locum employees, the experience level of staff and a lack of medical leadership as key issues facing the facilities emergency department.


Among the 22 recommendations were to appoint a new emergency department director, to review and restructure recruitment processes for junior registered medical officers (RMOs) and the introduction of an electronic patient tracking system in the emergency department.


Country Health SA Chief Executive Officer Maree Geraghty said Country Health SA had accepted the review's 22 recommendations and was in the process of working through the timeframes for their implementation.


"Implementing all of the recommendations will take some time, but as each one is completed it will strengthen the high quality of services we provide to the local community," Ms Geraghty said.


The review also recommended the appointment of additional staff, including a triage nurse, emergency department nurse educator, two medical registrars and a paediatric registrar.


Despite the report finding the performance of the emergency department has been declining since 2013, Ms Geraghty believes the department still meets high performance standards.


"We're really not far off at all. I think Mount Gambier continues to nearly meet all of key performance measures in terms of the delivery of care.


"I think the senior team is now working very closely together, both from a senior management team and the senior clinicians in the emergency department.


Former emergency department Director Dr Trevor Burchall, who left the role after the review, told reviewers he found it 'increasingly difficult to provide clinical leadership' and was concerned he was unable to find time to teach within the emergency department, particularly during the last year.


More patients through emergency department


Patient flow through the emergency department, which was overhauled as part of a $27 million redevelopment in 2014, also came under the microscope.


Reviewers observed no clear bed management procedure was in place to support the 24-7 flow of patients and said the absence of an electronic patient tracking system 'significantly impacts work flow and patient care'.


Also recommended was a review into admission procedures into the emergency department in relation to rising numbers presenting to the emergency department.


The number of people seeking treatment at the hospital's emergency department had increased by more than 22 per cent since 2012-13, with nearly 20,000 people presenting to the department in 2015-16.


Response to recommendations mixed


The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) called Country Health SA's response 'grossly inadequate', saying the timeline of implementation was vague and uncertain for staff.


"We are deeply concerned by the response of CHSA when they say things such as that they will give further consideration to nurse practitioner staffing in six months’ time, given that this issue has been the source of contention for several years," ANMF Director of Operations and Strategy, Rob Bonner said.


"The time for action, as acknowledged by the reviewers in their recommendations, is now."


Mr Bonner said the union had not been advised of the recommendations in advance of their release and staff at the facility were only informed of the review conclusions on Wednesday.


Nursing staff interviewed by the reviewers reported a number of issues, saying patient assessment was suffering, they could not access regular in-house education and triage nurses should be additional to base staffing levels.


Mr Bonner said the union would be seeking further assurances and specific detail on the recommended measures and would meet with members at the hospital in coming weeks.


"We need to work through how we support the staff through that change process at the hospital," Mr Bonner said.


Local MP Troy Bell welcomes funding


Member for Mount Gambier Troy Bell said he was initially concerned about the review being independent, but both reviewers had come highly recommended.


"It's really not an independent review when someone from the department does the review," he said.


"The correct term, I would say, is a departmental review."


Mr Bell said the increase in funding for staffing levels was welcome news.


"To me, it validates the raising of these concerns and that clearly, there have been issues regarding understaffing and supervision, which is what people on the front line were coming into my office and telling me."


He said it was too early to tell whether the recommendations would address all the concerns raised, and said he would like to address 'bottlenecks' at the emergency department.


"It is reported to me the amount of people who go to the emergency department because it is a free service that are better suited going to see their local GP."


"There are free services without going to the emergency department."

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review 2016-06-02 10:13
The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd - Ian Kingsley

The video is just a taster of 'THE GRAVE CONCERNS OF JENNIFER LLOYD'.


A feisty young television presenter is fighting to keep the job she loves. She figures exposing a murderer live on-camera is the way to do it and she's willing to take risks. But will her recently acquired self-defence skills be enough when the knives come out? Yet nothing is plain. Was there one murder or two? One murderer or two?


Find out more about this novel in both paperback and eBook formats at my website.


If you would like a free copy and promise to post your review here and on Amazon or Smashwords within 28 days check this offer out here!

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review 2016-03-10 17:16
A TV Reporter Reinvents Her Life and Faces a Murderer
The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd - Ian Kingsley

As most fiction writers know, characters don't typically spring from an author's pen to page as full-blown concepts: they evolve, like a sculpture from a piece of clay, as the story moves on. This wasn't the case, however, for author Ian Kingsley as he wrote The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd. His protagonist, Jen, 'built herself' and poured from his pen already developed as a strong and humorous lead character with whom the reader can readily empathize: one filled with zest and always ready to confront new situations. Kingsley's other characters are equally interesting and well-drawn, and the English country estate where the mystery is set sounds gorgeous. There is even a romantic angle.

From its first paragraph, The Grave Concerns draws readers in with a flash and a bang: "I plan to start with a murder. That should get me noticed. I'm after headlines and television news. Or, to put it more bluntly: fame."


Jen's job in freelance television involves creating lead stories, conducting interviews, and cultivating a nose for trouble. It's the latter that drives Jen into a dangerous situation, even though her job largely consists of developing wildlife and documentary pieces and educational works.

All this is about to change as she confronts something far more sinister. Her troubled past comes back to haunt her and she discovers that her talents and instincts may be no match for her adversaries.


As Jen's secrets and lack of credentials are exposed, threatening everything she's built, she finds herself recreating a new life through alternate avenues that bring her into contact with different experiences and individuals.


Can a TV reporter who has invented her career path solve murders that have baffled the police? What happens when she truly has to face down a murderer and confront her own ethics by possibly destroying a man's carefully-built facade of a life that he, too, has reinvented in a creative manner?

Murder mystery and thriller readers will relish The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd. The feisty and conflicted world of Jen and how she chooses to navigate her obstacles makes for a powerful, compelling read that's hard to put down.


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text 2015-01-08 10:28
Elliott and Associates Renewable Energy Review - Cloud year in review 2014 at Price wars, renewable energy, legal concerns, outages

In 2014, the landscape of cloud computing has changed significantly with the ongoing price wars between the three major vendors: Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. New technology in cloud has led to more user convenience, as well as deploying systems with a smaller environmental footprint than traditional mainstream data centers. However, cloud providers face a stormy future amid litigation threatening the security of data stored by cloud users, as well as the liability cloud vendors face.


Price wars in enterprise cloud lead to savings for businesses


Undeniably, the big story of the year is the massive extent to which cloud prices have fallen. On March 25, 2014, Google slashed the prices of all of its cloud offerings, with Compute Engine prices cut 32%, data storage cut 68%, and BigQuery cut 85%. Further discounts can be had with sustained use discounts, cutting the reduced prices by a further 30%. Microsoft followed suit on September 25, 2014, announcing more modest price cuts to Azure cloud services.


Over the last six weeks, more creative price reductions have been introduced, with Amazon introducing upfront billing for cloud services, with savings up to 75% off the on-demand prices for three-year agreements. Amazon also has lowered the price of outbound data transfer for US and Europe centers by 25%, Australia by 26%, and Tokyo by 30%.


A renewed focus on renewable energy


Advancements have also been made in cloud computing becoming more ecologically friendly. In November 2014, Amazon announced it will embark on a "long-term commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy usage for our global infrastructure footprint." Additionally, the German company Cloud&Heat introduced a specially-designed cabinet to heat the homes of customers by placing cloud servers into private residences and harvesting the heat generated to warm the air and water.


Legal concerns from US cloud vendors


The big names in cloud vendors are all companies headquartered in the US, but have extensive facilities around the world. An ongoing case against Microsoft for refusing to turn over emails stored on a data center in Ireland has wide implications for the cloud industry. Following disclosures indicating Microsoft's cooperation in transmitting private data of American and international users to federal authorities, competitors Apple and Cisco, as well as telecoms Verizon and AT&T filed briefs in support of Microsoft's position in the case.


Eroding trust in cloud vendors has had a negative impact on US businesses. According to the nonpartisan New America Foundation, "a number of American companies have reported declining sales in overseas markets, loss of customers, and increased competition from non-U.S. services marketing themselves as 'secure' alternatives to popular American products." The precarious position cloud vendors find themselves in has been an issue that has stifled adoption throughout the year.


Outages leave cloud users in a hazy situation


While cost-effective, the enterprise cloud is not bulletproof, as evidenced by an avalanche of service outages this year. Issues apparently related to Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) led to a mass of service outages across various websites in September 2014. Major cloud vendors saw unplanned, protracted downtime as well, with Microsoft Azure services stopping worldwide and coming back up far later in Australia and Asia than the rest of the world. Users of Rackspace and Amazon faced downtime from a reboot needed to patch a bug in the Xen hypervisor, leading to user complaints.

Source: www.techrepublic.com/article/cloud-year-in-review-2014-price-wars-renewable-energy-legal-concerns-outages
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text 2014-08-13 06:33
Hass & Associates Online Reviews: Til tross for bekymringer for personvernet, Er det pa tide a drepe passordet

Jeg vet det er lett å være skeptisk til regjeringen tiltak, men en voksende føderale initiativ for å hjelpe oss bedre administrere våre online identiteter fortjener vår oppmerksomhet- og tillit.


Hvite hus cybersecurity czar Michael Daniel sa i juni at han er på et oppdrag å "kill passordet død." Det er en prisverdig mål. Problemet med passord er den falsk følelsen av sikkerhet de gir. Faktisk, de er lett å knekke, og få enklere hver dag.


Et typisk åtte tegn passord har 6.1 quadrillion mulige kombinasjoner. I 2011, ville det ha tatt et år for en rask datamaskin å sprekk en åtte tegn passord. I dag, takket være nye publikum-hacking teknologi tar det gjennomsnittlig 5,5 timer.


Eller mindre. Noen hacker med en anstendig smarttelefon kan ta plass ved siden av deg på kaffebaren og bruke sin telefonkameraet registrere tastetrykkene når du skriver unna på laptop, fange alle følsom brukernavn og passord.


Det er derfor vi trenger å kvitte seg med passord. Og det er derfor det hvite hus gjennomfører en ambisiøs plan kalt National Strategy for klarerte identiteter i Cyberspace (NSTIC), som lover å utrydde svindel på Regjeringsnettsteder ved å gi brukere en bedre måte å bevise de er som de sier de er. Initiativet er fokusert på å flytte alle offentlige områder og potensielt alle offentlige områder også fra brukernavn og passord og mot sterkere identitetsbehandling.


Som et første skritt, vil NSTIC koble forskjellige offentlige organer med legitimasjon for tredjeparts leverandører som vil bekrefte visse personlige opplysninger om deres online-brukere og problemet sikker legitimasjon for dem å bruke transaksjoner på offentlige steder.


Systemet kan for eksempel tillate samme person å bruke en enkelt credential å søke om førerkort, fylle ut en student bistand form og fil skatter, uten noensinne passordet. Tanken er at dette sikker ID-hva noen ringer personlig førerkort for Internett-slutt kan brukes på andre nettsteder på Internett ikke er relatert til regjeringen. Fordi hvis folk har en enkel, sikker måte å bevise hvem de er online, uten å bruke passord, blir det enklere og tryggere for alle å gjøre forretninger på Internett.


Jeg tror forbrukerne tar dette forslaget, som tilbyr sikker tilgang til viktige personlige nettsteder som bank områder. Passord er bare ikke god nok. Folk trenger sterkere bevis på identitet, som uttenkt av NSTIC, bedre tillit godkjenning- og stoler bedre Internett.


Uunngåelig, noen personvern talsmenn gråter foul over NSTIC. De frykter at hvis den amerikanske regjeringen har din ID, vil det ende opp gruvedrift informasjonen for sin egen nefarious formål. I kjølvannet av NSA overvåking åpenbaringer er kritikere bekymret for at en push mot en enkelt-ID-systemet gjør regjeringen å nærmere spor borgere online.


Ikke at muligheten kan utelukkes, antar jeg. Men folk bør innse at langt mer umiddelbar trussel mot personlig informasjon er stilt av hackere som sprekk passord- og NSTIC lover å stoppe dem. Det er utformet til å beskytte Internett-brukere ved å tilby godkjenning langt sterkere enn kan oppnås ved passord alene.


Faktisk, er de som er mest bekymret for personvernet de som bør omfavne NSTIC identiteter, som, som førerkort, kommer med en pålitelig vetting prosessen. Hva mer, vil de være basert på en kryptografisk signatur generert av en klarert sertifiseringsinstans, som for det meste være tredjeparts sertifiseringsinstanser.


NSTICS mål er ikke ondt. Det bare skal opprette en "identitet økosystem," bygget og vedlikeholdt av privat sektor, i hvilke regjeringen organer kan godta påloggingslegitimasjonen utstedt av nongovernment tredjepartsleverandører. Og som medlemmer av økosystemet kan bevise sin identitet til andre som også er i økosystemet. På denne måten NSTIC godkjenning avsløre ikke identiteten din, hjelper beskytte den. Og du kan fortsatt velge når og hvor du skal bruke kontoen for sterkere NSTIC – eller ikke.


Videre under NSTIC retningslinjene, må tjenesten bevare anonymity rundt offentlige dataene den samler. For eksempel kan ikke personlige identifikatorer som alder, kjønn og adresse kobles tilbake til sine eiere. Retningslinjene fastsetter også at aktivitet på regjeringen nettsteder ikke kan kobles til tredjeparts identitetsleverandører og omvendt.


Selv Electronic Frontier Foundation, en ledende digitale rettigheter gruppe, er optimistisk om fremtiden for NSTIC. NSTIC systemet er frivillig, drevet av private selskaper i stedet for regjeringen seg og, viktigst, det er desentralisert, slik at personer skal kunne velge mellom ulike leverandører,"sier Lee Tien seniorer advokat på Electronic Frontier Foundation, i et intervju.


Hvis vi ønsker å oppnå en høyere grad av sikkerhet for Internett-brukere, finnes det ingen bedre plass start enn eliminering av passord. NSTIC er et viktig skritt i riktig retning.

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