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review 2015-10-27 19:36
Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford
Black Dog Blues (The Kai Gracen Series Book 1) - Rhys Ford

I have very mixed feelings about this book, so I am going to stick to my golden rule: When in doubt, go by the tags :D



No romance of any kind, m/m or m/f

Girl cooties (sucking face and pawing)

Boy cooties (sucking face and pawing)



Grammar: - 2 stars



Misplaced modifiers. Yep. Those pesky things.


They might not bother some readers, and I want to say "It's OK" and skip it, but on the second thought - NO. Butchered grammar is never OK. "Screaming like a banshee, my foot kicked out..." (don't remember exact wording, sorry) is not OK. Talking, swearing, grabbing for weapons/air pissed off body parts or inanimate objects are NOT OK, unless they are from Toy Story.

Similes. I can take a few, but not in every paragraph, sorry. Just write a separate book about that classic by now chihuahua pooping in the snow or a butt cheek, whining like a dog in heat, and get over it.


To be fair: English is not my native and I know my grammar suffers. However, I do not publish books and charge readers 7 bucks for an unfinished product.


Adventure: - 3.5 stars

I loved the story, I loved the bad-assness of it, I loved that Kai didn't talk his head off at the most critical moments, just shot, knifed, drove through the person that posed a threat.
On the downside, no matter when, no matter where, while most desperate, Kai always had and unexpected help, always. O.o


M/M, M/F, Romance: - I don't care one way or another, but - 3.5 stars

There is no romance in this book whatsoever. I can't even tag it m/m or m/f. Kai wanted girls and boys alike and it didn't bother me a bit. Girl cooties alert, tho ;) Wouldn't have minded an attempt at romance, since I picked this book hoping for M/M, hence the rating.


Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic: - 4.5 stars

Post-Apocalyptic - check. Some time ago, looks like in the beginning of 21st century, human and magical worlds collided, resulting in The Merge. There are some cataclysmic consequences, but in the long run I think humans and Earth benefited from it. Turns out, Elves are very environmentally savvy ;) Unfortunately, there is not enough background on the actual events.
Sci-Fi - check. Technologically advanced elves. Yep :)

Elves - check. The honest to God tall and beautiful pointy eared magical creatures shooting arrows and coexisting with humans in a futuristic setting.



Final rating  - 3.5 stars


PS I really dislike this new cover. The guy on the red Mustang looked much better.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-10-16 05:28
Darker Space by Lisa Henry
Darker Space - Lisa Henry

Mind blowing ecstasy, that's what this book is!



If you love reading about darkness and despair,






violence and military prison abuse








MC's feeling helpless and angry, unable to change a single thing, their and their loved one's well being depending on a bunch of heartless military jerks who know no mercy or compassion,







if you love reading about Darth Vader turning Cinderella's Fairy Godmother on a white horse (or pink unicorn) and all the heroes riding into the sunrise on their beautiful stallions ..em ...spaceshuttles, then this story IS. FOR. YOU!




PS I am still playing with that half star. Not sure if predictability of Kai-ren being the Darth Vader of Brady universe is a good thing. And NO, it's NOT where Brady is his son:p

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review 2015-06-05 02:59
Turbulence (Turbulence #1) by Lyn Gala
Turbulence - Lyn Gala

It did drag a little in the middle. 

Love Jacqs :)


(See under the cut)


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