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review 2018-03-07 18:08
What Happened To The Strong Willed Girl ?
Attraction: Elements of Chemistry (Hypothesis) (Volume 1) - Penny Reid

2.5 stars This book wasn't fun or sexy for me as book 1. It changed, and muddled the characters too much for me and went places I didn't like. I'm going negative here There was a bad taste with some family drama that seemed very Maffia like that was just way out there. It read like a bad TV drama in the middle of a NA love story. Excessive cheesy lines and comic style villains just ruined the moment that the books had been leading to. That wasn't all the MC is a virgin, with self imposed rules about how she wants to lose that status. The character has been preaching her vows since the first kiss, but just gives in. The "deflowering" was really uncomfortable to read, it didn't come across as completely consensual. The next few encounters were even more uncomfortable with her sudden lack of self respect. She turned into a doormat sexually, allowing him to do as he wished even when it hurt. This was not the girl I got to know. The reality of this guy, who he is turning out to be is disturbing. I see a controlling man who walks a dangerous line boarding on abuse. I just want her to run from him and that is not a great lead on to the next book.

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review 2015-11-05 13:00
Control Freak by Christa Faust
Control Freak - Christa Faust

GR Cleanup Read May 2011


I bought this book when it was first published way back in the early 90’s, back when I was reading a lot of Poppy Z. Brite and Caitlin Kiernan, when I was young and free, with money to burn and too damn busy with other stuff to read what I was buying apparently. At the time, the three author’s had a website together (possibly called Pandora-something? It’s gone now) which is how I learned of this book whose premise begged me to read it. For some reason, it got pushed to the back of my now triple stacked bookshelf (yeah, I’ve got issues, I know) and there it stayed until my dog wiped out most of my bottom shelf. Unearthed after all these years, I saw it glaring at me all shiny and new, still in its protective cover. Shameful, really, but I’m sure someone here will understand. So what did I do? Stuck it back on the shelf where it still sits. I’m listening to it now because I stumbled across the unabridged audiobook release.

A young woman named Eva is found murdered and sexually mutilated. Caitlin McCullough is a beautiful young mystery writer who is intrigued by the case when she learns the details from her police officer boyfriend Mike Kiernan. Caitlin plans to write a book about the case. After doing a bit of sleuthing she discovers Eva was well known to the (then) underground world of hacker’s and SM clubs (remember this was written in the 90’s). After interviewing a few of the dead girls’ friends she’s led to the SM club Eva frequented and delves head first into a world of pain, control and sex that awakens her to a whole new world of sensation.

Caitlin is immediately drawn to the darkness of the SM scenes in the dungeon and her snooping leads to her becoming part of the lifestyle (more like a superstar). She’s clearly cut out to be a dominatrix and takes to it with a natural confidence that surprises her. The feelings of power, admiration and lust are intoxicating. She is surrounded by beautiful, young submissive waifs begging to get their asses reddened while horny men are more than willing to pay her good money for the pleasure of simply watching her get her boots licked cleaned. But the bigger draw comes in the form of a beautiful man who may or may not be mad and who remains the biggest suspect in the murder investigation.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not good at the “guessing the murderer” game and I was left guessing for quite a while though the reveal isn’t any huge surprise. This book is more of a look into the life of a “normal” young woman who finds and willingly embraces the darker edges of her nature and once awakened she just can’t turn back. As Caitlin is drawn deeper and deeper into the SM world, her old life and relationship inevitably fall to the wayside.

The characters were interesting and well-drawn but be warned this book doesn’t flinch from the darkness within its characters and they often act in ways that don’t exactly make them likable. This is a book mostly about obsession, power and giving in to desire at a rather huge cost. The narrator does a fine job with most of the characters and I could clearly distinguish one from the other. The only notable exception was the portrayal of one of Caitlin’s hacker friends whose voice was like bloodied nails on a chalkboard and completely cringe inducing (and damn if I can remember his name), fortunately (for me) he wasn’t a large part of the novel so that’s a minor nit in an overall decent performance.

Control Freak is dark, dreary and seedy and I couldn’t put it down. I'm glad I finally got around to reading it ;)

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review 2013-11-16 21:06
Alpha He Man Controls Doormat- this is entertainment ?
Jagged - Kristen Ashley

I have to start by saying that this is the first book I've read in this series. I have no back ground knowledge of these characters.


I had serious issues with Ham. He was too bossy, controlling, possessive, "Ugg me Man you woman", for me. I just cringed every time he was thrilled by her passive, easy personality. He doesn't get it but it really rubbed me wrong the whole concept.
Zara, She was the doormat for this guy to wipe his shoes on and come and go as he pleased. She was not important enough to herself to change this. I know, she was a victim of abuse and had serious issues. I don't like to read about people who are down and accept it, even for a while. She does get up and stand but it was too late for my comfort as a reader.


I love this author's Rock Chick series and I do love her writing. This book's characters and story just did not work for me in anyway. I will continue to follow her work but not this series.

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review 2013-08-22 00:00
Brandon's Story (Control Freak, #1) - Reena Jacobs This is a quick read about a bratty wife needs a good spanking. I felt badly for the husband. He's a sweet vanilla guy who just needs a little loving. She's a sexual blackmail...or basically like the wives I hear about. She holds out on sex until she gets her husband to do what she wants. I say he follows up with a good caning to her ass after he reams it with his cock.
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review 2012-06-03 00:00
Confessions of a Control Freak: And Hope for Those Who Know One - Priscilla Knox Morrison Confessions of a Control Freak starts by giving us seven signs of a control freak:• nagging others• trying to orchestrate outcomes • butting into others’ affairs • worrying about things beyond your control • feeling anxiety about the future • never feeling peaceful • needing everything to be in perfect orderWhile I recognise that I may have a tendency to display any or all of these signs, I don’t think I let these tendencies control me (although I could just be deluding myself).However, the author shows that control isn't all bad. There are times (especially as a parent or when in any leadership role at work or at church) that it is valid to be in control. Self-control and self-discipline are important. But there are times when our tendencies to control are signs of deeper issues that do need sorting, and the author does through her seven ‘confessions’, which relate to common issues such as pride and worry.Some 'confessions' will be more applicable than others. They apply to the mildly managing as well as to the full-blown control freak, and can apply equally to men and women (although I suspect the tone will appeal more to the female reader). These are not quick fix answers - they are lessons the author has learnt over her lifetime as a pastor's wife and mother of six. The advice given comes from a strong Christian foundation, with a clear gospel message, and the answers are based in reading the Bible, and prayer.“Live intentionally. Rely on God’s wisdom, not your own. Rely on His power to change what should be changed and to help you relinquish what you need to give up.”In summary, whether we the control freak or we live with one, Priscilla Knox Morrison reminds us that God is in control. There is freedom in that truth. Recommended for anyone who has an issue with control.Thanks to Harvest House and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.
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