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text 2016-07-30 23:49
July Reading Wrap Up
The Suffragette Scandal - Courtney Milan
Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us - Michael Moss,Scott Brick
Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology - Rebecca Paley,Leah Remini
Tea Cups and Carnage - Lynn Cahoon
Yes Please - Amy Poehler
Bossypants - Tina Fey

Courtney Milan Challenge (100% completed - 3 months ahead of schedule!)

1. The Countess Conspiracy (Brothers Sinister #3) - 3 stars

2. The Suffragette Scandal (Brothers Sinister #4) - 5 stars

3. Talk Sweetly to Me (Brothers Sinister #4.5) - 3 stars


Non-Fiction Challenge (29/50; 58% completed)

4. Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser - 3.5 stars

5. Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss - 5 stars

6. Easter 1916 by Charles Townshend - 3 stars

7. Troublemaker by Leah Remini - 4 stars

8. Bossypants by TIna Fey - 4 stars

9. Yes Please by Amy Poehler - 4.5 stars

10. 4,000 Years of Uppity Women by Vicki Leon - 2 stars


TBR Pile Down

11. Killer Run (Tourist Trap Mystery #5) by Lynn Cahoon - 3 stars

12. Murder on Wheels (Tourist Trap Mystery #6) by Lynn Cahoon - 3 stars

13. Tea Cups and Carnage (Tourist Trap Mystery #7) by Lynn Cahoon - 4.5 stars

14. At the Duke's Wedding (Anthology) by Various Authors - 3 stars

15. Killer Cupcakes (Lexy Baker Mysteries #1) by Leighann Dobbs - 1 star

16. Dying for Danish (Lexy Baker Mysteries #2) by Leighann Dobbs - 1 star

17. A Season for Love: Holiday Sparks/Mistletoe & Margaritas/Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey - .5 star for two stories, 3 stars to one story

18. Harlequin Holiday Collection by Various Authors - 4 stars to two stories, 1 star to one story, and 0 stars to one story


Reading Challenge: 108 out of 150 books (72% completed)


Events: 24in48 Readathon, COYER Challenge, DoD Library Summer Program




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review 2016-07-15 17:39
Review: Talk Sweetly to Me (Brothers Sinister #4.5) by Courtney Milan
Talk Sweetly to Me - Courtney Milan

The book starts without a cute meet, so I felt a little like I was dropped into a show where the story was already in progress. Rose and Stephen were neighbors/kind of friends when the book opens. I liked Rose, but she needed a longer book to be fully fleshed out character and to create a more believable change in her mind about falling for Stephen. Stephen first made his appearance in the previous book, so I was familiar with him. Rose is a math genius, Stephen is an expert in math puns. I really liked that this was another science-based plot, although it did have a feel of repeating Violet's and Sebastian's story from earlier in the series.


One thing about the story line that kept me from connecting to the romance was that Rose threw around her race and gender as the reasons why her life was much harder in Victorian England than Stephen's and why she had to be extra careful about the choices she made concerning marriage, children, work, and performing in society. I don't doubt that 1880s England was hard to live in when you are from a minority group, especially as a woman. Stephen realized how her race (especially) influenced every social interaction she has when he witnessed the doctor being racist to her and her sister. No mention of how Rose saw how hard living in Victorian England was for Stephen, an Irish Catholic - not exactly a welcoming environment. The Irish (especially the Irish Catholic) were not considered "white folk" until the 20th century; during the time of the story, they were very much "other". I felt that if Rose had a chance to see how life is as an Irish Catholic, like Stephen saw how living was for Rose as a black woman, there relationship would have had a deeper understanding to it.


3.5 stars.



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review 2016-07-14 21:21
Review: The Suffragette Scandal (Brothers Sinister #4) by Courtney Milan
The Suffragette Scandal - Courtney Milan

A great big beautiful bounce back in 4-5 star territory with this installment of the Brothers Sinister series. Edward Clark/Edward Delacey was a gem of a hero, a break from the "perfectly perfect in every way" heroes that are found in romances. Edward has seen some shady stuff and it has given him a particular skill set that is greatly used in this book both character wise and plot wise. Edward has no F*CKS to give the world in general or British nobility crowd he was born into specifically, but is always ready to help a friend in need.


I had already taking a liking to Free (Fredericka) from the prior books, and this book solidifies that liking. She gives as good as she gets and is a BOSS without having to demean/demand things of her colleagues or family. She gets stuff done. The scenes between Free and Robert were really great to read.


Amanda (Violet's niece from the previous book) also gets her romantic storyline, and it involves one of the Johnson sisters from Jane's book. I love how Courtney Milan introduces new characters as side characters in books, then continues their smaller story lines throughout the series rather than just ignoring them after the one book appearances.


The angst level in this installment was lower than in previous books; with the addition of a second romantic storyline, the book had a lighter feel to it and made it a quick read. I needed the break from all the angst. 5 stars.

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review 2016-07-12 19:15
Review: The Countess Conspiracy (Brothers Sinister #3) by Courtney Milan
The Countess Conspiracy - Courtney Milan

Trigger Warning: miscarriages, fertility issues


The plot line was great; Sebastian decides to stop being the face of/public lightning rod for the scientific work of Violet, Countess of Cambury. These are two characters we barely met in the first novella, then got to know through their conversations and actions in the preceding books; mostly, they work to move those books' story lines along. So I was really excited to read their story, for both the plot line and the romance. The plot line worked....the romance didn't; this ended up being the weakest book in the series so far.


Violet was easy to know and love in the earlier books, but in this book she was cold, brittle, and a bit cruel. She was and is an incredibly smart character, but there wasn't anything else to add to her personality. Lily (Violet's sister) was such a carbon copy of the typical titled rich bitch you would find in historical romances. Sebastian was a little too Mr. Perfect in this book and his begging for his brother's approval and Violet's love got old. This book could have benefited from cutting down on each of the characters' inner monologues and wallowing in their respective gloom and doom. Sebastian's brother was a drag to read about/read their conversations - another area for editing for a tighter story line. Robert/Minnie and Oliver/Jane were mere cardboard cut outs of their former selves.


The science-centered plot line was great, especially when Violet was in the courtroom, defending herself and gladly taking the credit for her work. And I really enjoyed the second conversation Violet had with her mother (Dowager Rotherham). Finally, I really enjoyed Alice Bollingall's aid in helping Violet with the biggest scientific discovery; the Bollingall's relationship, both personal and professional, was a great mirror for Sebastian and Violet's relationship.


Bottom line: there was too much angsty characters/situations, too much repetitive dialogue and inner monologues that brought down a decent story. 3 stars.

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text 2016-07-01 20:25
July 2016 Reading List
Hearts of Gold - Phoebe Conn
The American Bride - Karla Darcy
Emily's Vow (A More Perfect Union Series, Book 1) - Betty Bolte
The American Heiress - Daisy Goodwin
Sisters in Law: How Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World - Linda R. Hirshman
Bourbon: A History of the American Spirit - Dane Huckelbridge
Tortilla Flat - John Steinbeck
The Countess Conspiracy - Courtney Milan
Killer Run (A Tourist Trap Mystery Book 5) - Lynn Cahoon
Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal - Eric Schlosser

July is here and I am ready to hit up a new month of reads.


Courtney Milan Challenge

1. The Countess Conspiracy (Brothers Sinister #3)


Regency Box Set

2. His Jilted Bride (Banks Brothers Brides #3) by Rose Gordon (left over from June)

3. Next book


Classics Challenge/John Steinbeck Reader

4. Tortilla Flat


Non-Fiction Challenge

4. Sisters in Law by Linda Hirschman

5. Bourbon: An American Spirit by Dane Huckelbridge

6. Tomorrow-Land by Joseph Tirella

7. Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss

8. Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser


TBR Pile Down

9. Killer Run (Tourist Trap Mystery #5) by Lynn Cahoon

10. Hearts of Gold by Phoebe Conn

11. The American Bride by Karla Darcy

12. Emily's Vow (A More Perfect Union #1) by Betty Bolte

13. The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

14. Gold Rush Brides: Beginnings by Cassie Hayes

15. Easter 1916 by Charles Townsend (Finish)

16. At the Duke's Wedding (Anthology) (Finish)


Happy Reading.



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