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review 2019-08-28 17:40
We'll Always Have Parrots
We'll Always Have Parrots - Donna Andrews

#5 Meg Langslow


That Which is Fashionable Looks Costumey (is that a word?)     I recalled looking in my high school yearbook recently, and noticing, to my surprise, that from a distance of nearly two decades, the cool people didn't look nearly as cool anymore. The fashionable clothes and trendy hairstyles hadn't worn well. And all of the rest of us, the little people who'd despaired of ever being that cool--we looked rather normal. Time, the great leveler. Pg 213 "We'll Always Have Parrots" by Donna Andrews.
That quote is so appropriate. I went to an all-girl private school and we wore uniforms. But shoes (penny loafers) and hair (big puffy styles) were all the rage. Hairspray anyone. 
Meg and Michael are attending a convention for followers of the tv show that Michael performs in and has to attend conventions. QB demands that as many cast members attend the events as possible and made it part of the contract. While they are there, parrots and monkeys are brought into the hotel and someone released them and they are running all over the hotel. QB has decided to stay drunk through most of the Convention and difficult. She has to be coaxed out of the room. When she finally deems it time to come out of the room, she terrifies Meg's nephew and when Meg finds out, she goes and demands that QB signs her nephew's program and learn how to behave. 
Later, Meg has to break into QB's room and finds her murdered and hears the last words ever said, repeated by an African Gray Parrot. Michael, Walker and a few others are looked as suspects and Meg make it her goal to find who really killed the QB and keep Michael and Walker from being taken to jail. 
Along the way, she meets a whole cast of crazy characters who are like her family in some ways, but her family (mother, father, and nephew) are at the convention, too. 
It is a good read, but not as many laugh out loud moments as when she has more of her family. 
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review 2019-05-23 04:01
Crouching Buzzard Leaping Loons
Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon - Donna Andrews

Book 4 of the Meg Langslow Series


I found this book first and had read it before. My husband has heard a few of the other from the series, not in order, and so I started working to get him caught up in the story. We had listened to books 1 - 3 and when I tried to find this book in the library, they didn't have it available. So I bought it through Audible (worth every penny). While driving home from South Carolina, we listened to this story (12-hour drive, 8-hour book). He did enjoy the story and he loved the name of the Buzzard - George. He laughed at many of the things that happened in the story. Meg injured herself in a too small studio and while recuperating helps her brother figure out what is happening in his business and helps to organize them. Ted is a programmer who is causing issues with all the others in the building and when he is found dead, she feels she has to find out who murdered him since her brother is thought to be the number one suspect. 


The story is so much fun and my family enjoys the story and will often ask to hear more. 

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review 2019-04-21 14:33
Murder With Puffins
Murder With Puffins - Donna Andrews

Michael and Meg are trying to find some time alone to get to know each other and get closer. When they go to Aunt Phoebe's summer place on Monhegan Island in Maine, they have a rough crossing and then get to the cabin and find the whole family, including Spike. During a hurricane, searching for her father, they find the hated artist who has built a monstrosity and shoots at anyone who travels on the public path. While trying to figure out who did the deed they get closer and learn much about the people on the island. 


This book had the family chuckling as we sat in traffic in the Washington, DC area, trying to get to Kings Dominion. It was a good book to listen to. 



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review 2017-08-24 22:55
Too Much Stuff, Yard Sales and Crazy Relatives
Owls Well That Ends Well - Donna Andrews

Meg and Michael have purchased their home together and it is from the cantankerous Sprocket family. They won't clean it up, fix the major issues and want money from the sale of all the stuff in the house, without doing any work. 


So for months, Meg has been organizing, selling and preparing for a huge yard sale, to get rid of the items found in the house and getting her family to come in and help at the sale, allowing her large extended family to also set up tables to sell off things as well. True to form, people who want to go to a yard sale, want to start earlier than anyone else and have started ringing the door bell on her house at very early hours, while she and all the house guests are sleeping in sleeping bags on the hard floor because she and Michael cannot have any of their own items in the house, because the Sprockets will accuse them of stealing from the estate. 


One of the Sprockets (Barrymore) has shown up and said he is there at the wishes of the family to get their fair share of the sale. 


While all this is going on, Gordon (you-thief) has also shown up early and been doused with water for trying to gain an early entry. Gordon has many enemies due to poor business practices, a poor marriage, and just generally being a poor person. When he is found murdered in a trunk, found in the barn, locked, the first person suspected is a friend of Michael's is suspected. Meg feels that she needs to prove that he didn't do the deed. 


She finds that many of the people that were interviewed by the Police Chief, lied and she finds the truth and keeps going further along to find the truth. 


Another fun story, showing that having a yard sale can be very difficult and frustrating. People showing up before people are ready and people asking for lower prices on items because they are out to get a good deal. People parking wherever to get to the sale. 



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review 2017-08-07 02:42
Conspiracy Theory or Stop and Think
The Overton Window - Glenn Beck

This book did make me think about some of the things that have happened over the years. We have given up a few of our liberties on the basis of wanting to be safe. When you look at other times where liberties were surrendered in the name of safety, worse things happened. This book was hard to get into and then the middle was a good read and then the ending was hard to finish. 

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