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text 2017-07-06 13:05
Blog Tour: The International Boundaries Series by C.R. Misty with Excerpt

Today’s stop is for C.R. Misty’s The International Boundaries Series . We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book. Make sure to check everything out.

Happy Reading :) 

Simple Affair



This is not about wandering hearts. It's not about desiring to cause trouble. This isn't about insecurity, hate or revenge on a loving partner. This isn't about a loveless marriage or a person with a screwed up moral compass. Maybe you are confident that your own relationship is strong. Maybe you are each other's world. Maybe you have what others are trying to find. Maybe you know in a heartbeat it can change... A marriage is put to the test. Jordan is revealing her secrets. They tried this past summer with going through fertility treatment only for it to fail. Her husband Josh has taken a second job to support them. The long hours are starting to put a strain on the relationship and Jordan often finds herself alone. One day she meets Devon online. He is charming, fun and is also a writer. Jordan knows that she likes him but dismisses the thought at first...This is a romance.




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Deeply Bound



Romance, success & wealth but at what cost? Deeply Bound is the second book in the International Boundaries Series which follows Jordan, a woman who is on a journey in making her dreams become a reality. Gains in her writing career and personal life are falling into place though not in the traditional manner, she has taken the bull by the horns, and this game of lies that she is playing, will it catch up to her? Can she continue down this path, the rewards are good but at what cost?





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Something Desired



Jordan has reached her career goals as an author and dreams come true with the arrival of a sweet baby girl. She realizes that goals are not everything and that gaining one thing causes other things that were good in her life to suffer. The man that at one time would do anything to make her happy now questions their relationship. Her close friend Devon is going through tough times and Jordan is to blame. The attention that her writing career has gained for her attracts unwanted media attention that looms over her, her family and friends. Everything is unraveling...  


Releases June 20th, 2017!!



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Chapter 3

Sharing July 2014 was the most nerve racking month of my life. Finally my fertility treatment which is referred to as IUI, it stands for Intrauterine Insemination and it was going to be done that month. Josh and I could not conceive and I had to resort to using donor sperm. Everything was paid for, the donor was picked and our family and close friends were told. I was over the top excited, happy and ready to start the next chapter. Both Josh and I went to the doctor’s office on a warm July morning and the procedure was done. It's a simple procedure, you lie on a table and the nurse comes in with the vial full of donor sperm, she puts it into some sort of elongated syringe, but instead of a needle it's a long thin tube that goes into your uterus so that the sperm can be placed as close to the egg as possible. Sounds yummy right? The procedure takes no more than fifteen minutes and most of the time is spent just lying on the table. To be completely honest with you, it is an awkward procedure, you take something as intimate as love making and it is turned into an uncomfortable encounter at the doctor’s office. My nerves were all over the place, happy, shy and scared all at once. We waited two weeks for the result and I was to go back into the doctor’s office to find out if I was pregnant. The thing is I started my period just days before the appointment and I lost my cool and completely broke down, and with it I also lost that strength and spark that I had. The morning that I knew that It didn't work, I crept out of bed, clueless to what I was about to discover. In that moment, I felt good, happy and I had to pee so I headed to the washroom. As I wiped, that's when I knew. No, this can't be happening, I sat on the toilet in shock at my unsuspecting discovery, minutes go by and it sinks in. How could you be so stupid Jordan, I got myself excited for nothing, nothing. A tear runs down my cheek and I can't handle it, I wasn't prepared to be disappointed. Minutes go by and I urge myself, okay I can't just sit here, I need to get up. I wash up and head to my room, I can't face Josh; I can't. I crawl into my king size bed and start to sob uncontrollably, god I wanted this so bad, what do I tell him, what do I tell my parents and his? Josh is an early riser and had been up and doing stuff around the house. He must have heard that I was up and comes into the bedroom moments later, "Hey I was waiting for you downstairs what’s..." He sees my face. "What's wrong?" "It didn't work." I look up from the pillow. “What do you mean; are you sure?" "Josh it's too heavy to mistake it for something else, it didn't work." Saying it over again doesn’t help my state and I breakdown again and curl up into a ball. Josh does what any man with a heart does; he stays and holds me. "Jordan it will happen. At least you know now and at least it never was; it would be harder I think if you had actually lost a child." His blue eyes show concern as they look into mine and he gently rubs my back. "I know" is all I can say but his speech doesn't stop the tears rolling down my face. He stays with me for a while but it's of no use. After some time Josh with caution in his voice eventually says. "Jordan I need to head into work, you can either stay here, and be upset over something that never happened or you can get dressed and make something of your day. It will happen." He stops rubbing my shoulder and gets off the bed to get ready. In between sobs I say, "I know, I just need to get this out of my system and I’ll be fine." It was hard in the beginning, telling my family and close friends that it hadn't worked. I got the encouraging speeches; the, it will work next time speeches etc. Hours turned to days, which turned into a couple of weeks and I got passed it by focusing back on promoting myself as an author and getting myself in a state to try again in a month or two. At some point before the weekend Mom and Dad invite me up to camp and I accept their invitation. I could use a break and besides Josh will be working and would rather not stay home alone. I look forward to seeing my mom and dad and spending the weekend up at the river.




C.R. Misty has been writing novels since 2013 and The International Boundaries Series is her first collection of romance novels. “Something Desired” will be the third book to the series. She’s kind of nerdy but that’s okay cause she owns it and admits that she loves reading, writing and watching a good story. She also writes in sci-fi. Other hobbies are painting, gardening and exploring a new hiking trail. She lives with her ruggedly handsome husband and cute Maltese fur baby in Ottawa, Canada which is a really cold place. (she should move somewhere warmer)



Follow the tour HERE!

Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/blog-tour-international-boundaries-series-c-r-misty-excerpt
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review 2017-06-10 17:56
Coloring Outside the Lines
Coloring Outside the Lines: Business Thoughts on Creativity, Marketing, and Sales - Made for Success,Jeff Tobe

I listened to the audio book and it was read by the author and Tobe should have hired someone to read this book for him.


The book sounds like it was written and read in the early 1990's though Tobe does have his own domain e-mail.


The book does have a few funny stories though I cannot recommend this book.

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text 2017-05-01 12:32
My April 2017
Tote Augen: Thriller - Karin Slaughter
The Lying Planet - Carol Riggs
We Should All Be Feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Jungle Book: Manga Classics - cr Crystal S. Chan,Rudyard Kipling,julien choy
Der Augensammler - Sebastian Fitzek
True North - L.E. Sterling
Tote Augen - 4 stars
The Lying Planet - 5 stars
We Should All Be Feminists - 5 stars
The Jungle Book: Manga Classics - 5 stars
Der Augensammler - 5 stars
True North - 2 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month: We Should All Be Feminists, The Lying Planet, Der Augensammler


Books started this month but haven't finished yet: Immortal Writers, The Castaways


6 books, I'm actually really happy with that result. I'm still far ahead of my reading challenge, so that's also very very good. I read lots of really good books this month, three of them that really impacted me in some way and that I still think about lots.

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review 2017-04-19 13:11
Manga Classics: The Jungle Book!!!
The Jungle Book: Manga Classics - cr Crystal S. Chan,Rudyard Kipling,julien choy

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


I read the original book two years ago and absolutely loved it, so when I saw on NetGalley that they turned it into a Manga Classic, I just had to have it. I love these Manga Classics, seriously, I read all of them and they are just such a fun and easy way to read those classics.


I love that the song parts were included in the manga, cause they were such a fun part in the actual book. Also once again, the story with the white seal was on the top of my favorite stories, even though I truly love all these stories.


The artwork was amazing as expected.


I can't recommend these Manga Classics highly enough.


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