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review 2019-01-19 19:19
The Precipice by Paul Doiron
The Precipice: A Novel (Mike Bowditch Mysteries) - Paul Doiron

I seem to bounce around on my feelings about the books Paul Doiron writes for his Mike Bowditch series. His last book, The Bone Orchard was not as good as some previous books, but The Precipice is his best book yet, in my opinion. Paul did a really good job in all the areas of this book and kept my interest peaked the entire book.


Fact.  The Appalachian Trail goes through Maine, and include a stretch called the Hundred Mile Wilderness.

There is a sign at the southern entrance to the Hundred Mile Wilderness. It is made out of rust brown wood and painted with white letters, and it sends a stern and unmistakable warning to all who enter:

Caution. There are no places to obtain supplies or help until Abol Bridge 100 miles north. Do not attempt this section unless you have a minimum of 10 days’ supplies and are fully equipped. This is the longest wilderness section of the entire Appalachian Trail and its difficulty should not be underestimated.


Now for the review.  Two young women fresh out of college send a picture of themselves at the beginning of the trail and send it to their parents.  They say they should be through this leg of the journey in 10 days and they would contact their parents again when they have completed the Hundred Mile Wilderness trail.  After thirteen days the well to do and well-connected parents contact powerful people in high Maine government offices and the search begins.  Insert Warden Mike Bowditch.


As always Mike Bowditch thinks outside the box and with the help of his new girlfriend he gets started in the search and rescue.  Without giving away spoilers more deaths happen to make matters more urgent, both professionally and personally, Mike Bowditch gets the job done. As with all the books with one exception Mike Bowditch always gets his man or woman person. 


Sit back and read or listen to a very good story.  I've read some people suggest that The Precipice can be read as a stand-alone book but I really suggest that you start the series from the beginning.  I may be critical of a couple of books and have an issue with how he had described his sex scenes in the past books but this still is a good series.


The Precipice by Paul Doiron

Mike Bowditch series, book 6

My blog.

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review 2019-01-19 03:39
The Bone Orchard by Paul Doiron
The Bone Orchard - Paul Doiron

The Bone Orchard is the 5th book in the Mike Bowditch series.


I need to give a word or warning in case anybody actually reads my blogs.  This book, along with the first book, The Poacher's Son, is written with sex scenes.  While I'm not a prude and a series I really like is Ann Charles' Deadwood series that seems to have more romance in them as the series continues, I think  Paul Doiron goes a little too far.  He gets into the "insert part A into part B" with his descriptive romance scenes.  If that's your thing fine. I think that's a lot of what my wife reads.  I just want to warn people about this so they don't recommend it to anyone they wouldn't want to read scenes like this.  They are only a couple of pages if that much, but I think it would a little too much for some younger readers that think they are reading about game wardens.  I'm not judging and I'm still reading the series. I'm already in the 6th book, "The Precipice" and while he's implied sex he definitely did not get as descriptive as he has before.


Now for the review.  The book starts out with two wardens answering to a 911 call about a veteran that returned from serving as an MP and losing most of his face when an IEP went off near him.  The wounded warrior had been taking his meds and drinking, locking himself in a barn and basically forced in what is called a police assisted suicide.   One of the officers was Mike's former sergeant and friend.  Within a couple of days, she is shot in an ambush at her home and is near death, with Bowditch showing up to save her life.


"The Bone Orchard' follows former warden and now civilian Mike Bowditch as he tries to find the attacker of one of his best friend and mentor in Bowditch's usual style, that is going against the grain of authority.  For me, while I enjoyed the book but it was not his best book he's written.  My opinion is Doiron's main character ramble through much of the middle of the book making it not quite as exciting as I hoped it would have been.  If you're reading the series I would definitely read the book.


The Bone Orchard by Paul Doiron

Book 5 in the Mike Bowditch series

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text 2019-01-15 03:36
Massacre Pond by Paul Doiron
Massacre Pond - Paul Doiron

If anybody looks at my shelf, you'll see I read series and start new series and usually, I'll read all the available books in that series. Now I'm on the Mike Bowditch series by Paul Doiron.  Paul Doiron is a writer from Maine that I think does mostly magazines, but I could be wrong about that.  I do know the 1st book in the Mike Bowditch series is his first book, and there was a lot of room for improvement.   He really did a good job on his second book and now I've made it to book 5 in the series, which I'll tell you about when I finish it.  I just started and haven't got through chapter 1 yet.  Mike Bowditch is a Main Game Warden and in Maine, they have the same power as a State Trooper.  Mike Bowditch also stays in hot water with his superiors because he gets his job done and makes his superiors look bad.  I like Mike because he is as human as all of us.  Doiron does a good job bringing his many faults up in the books.  All this and I haven't started my review.

Massacre Pond is based loosely on a real-life story.  A rich hippie woman buys up thousands of acres and cuts off any hunting or lumber farming on her land and now she gets death threats by the dozen.  Somebody breaks onto her land and kills 6 moose and leaves their bodies.  Not poached just murdered for the lack of a better term.  Her term to be correct.  Mike Bowditch answers the call and that's how the book begins.  Bowditch, the whipping boy for his LT starts his work on the case, doing what is asked which is basically stay away from it but keeps getting pulled in more and more.  By the end of the book, Doiron has written a great book.  I am hooked on this series like I am with Craig Johnson's Longmire, C. J. Box's Joe Pickett, and others.  After I catch up I will be reading his new releases as they come out.  For me 3 & 1/2 stars and means its a great book.

Massacre Pond by Paul Doiron
Mike Bowditch series book 4

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text 2019-01-13 18:17
Reading progress update: I've read 400 out of 547 pages.
The Death Chamber - Sarah Rayne

this book is stunningly good. a new author discovery for me, for sure.

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review 2019-01-13 08:52
Bad Little Falls by Paul Doiron
Bad Little Falls - Paul Doiron

Let me get you up to speed where I am at with this series.  This is the 1st book of the series that I've read since joining BookLikes but it is the 3rd in the Mike Bowditch series.  The reason I chose this series is that I really like the Joe Pickett series by C. J. Box and I wanted to read another series similar to it.  When you chose books to read for this reason you normally get disappointed, and I was.  I take partial blame because when you want a particular writing style and setting you normally won't get it.  The other I blame Doiron because his 1st book in this series is the first book he writes.  His 2nd was better and "Bad Little Falls" is really good.


Maine game warden Mike Bowditch stays in trouble and has just been transferred to Maine's equivalent to Siberia, as he calls it "the hinterland of Washington County".   Even though Washington County is the first place you can see the sunrise in the USA it's poverty-stricken which bring the problems of poverty, one of them being drug abuse.  Because of the poverty people turn to crime to pay for the drugs and sometimes that crime is murder.


Warden Mike Bowditch is again involved in a murder investigation, which is not in his job description and he is constantly reminded of this by his superiors and other law enforcement agencies. Doiron does a great job setting up Mike's troubles, both personal and professional and gives us a great story.


Bad Little Falls by Paul Doiron (2012)

Mike Bowditch series, book 3

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