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review 2016-08-03 02:41
Little Green: Growing Up During the Chinese Cultural Revolution - Chun Yu

A simple book that is a fairly quick read, this book contains memories and stories from a girl growing up during the Great Cultural Revolution in China.

This is a good book for young readers, because it simplifies a serious subject in a way that is easy to understand. I liked the narration style, because it is very straight forward, which I think it beneficial for a young audience.

At times the narration itself is a little confusing, especially when Little Green herself isn't sure what's going on, but it paints a great picture of what it was like growing up in such a time. It is interesting to see the Cultural Revolution from a child's point of view.

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review 2016-01-20 13:28
A Little Love - C. C. Medina

Here is an absolutely beautiful, poignant, compelling, and well-crafted love story set in Miami and revolving around 4 Latina women who are the best of friends: Isabel, Julia, Mercy, and Lucinda. The reader is given full access to the lives of these women. Four remarkable women who have striven to be successful in their careers, but have been unlucky in their quest for lasting love and happiness.

Once I was a few pages in reading "A LITTLE LOVE," I became thoroughly absorbed in it. So much so that I was that proverbial fly on the wall or certainly 'the fly buzzing about hither and thither', experiencing vicariously the highs and lows of these 4 women. I laughed, cried, and rejoiced watching the drama unfold. This is a novel that I could easily read again and again. It touched me in a thousand places and spoke powerfully to the romantic within me. Novels like these serve a useful purpose in reminding each of us that, though we are unique, nevertheless, we need and desire to love and be loved in return by that special someone who tickles our fancy, stimulates our minds, and thrills our hearts. People need people. Read "A LITTLE LOVE" today and lose yourself in it. You'll be glad that you did.

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review 2015-09-07 14:56
Tinisima - Elena Poniatowska

Before reading this novel, what I knew of Tina Modotti came from a single Edward Weston photograph. A beautiful woman with penetrating eyes.


Once I began to read "TINISIMA", I became utterly captivated with the life of Tina Modotti. Elena Poniatowska has a way of making the narrative read as if Tina Modotti herself were relating various happenings from her life to the reader, while the author adds her own commentaries as a supplement.


The more I read of this novel, the more I found myself curious about this woman and her life. It got to the point that I could hardly tear myself away from finishing this novel, though it pained me to see how Miss Modotti was manipulated and abused both by some of her friends/compatriots and the Stalinist system she once served so faithfully. I believe it was a mistaken faith, but I respect Miss Modotti for the courage of her convictions. She had good intentions, a big heart, but was prone to blind herself to the evils of Stalinism. Therein lies the ultimate tragedy of her life.


Tina Modotti could have gone on to become one of the greatest photographers of the last century had she not threw herself wholly into Marxist/Stalinist politics. Perhaps it is for that reason that she is not widely known today.


I wish I could have known Tina Modotti. I would have loved to have had lots of conversations with her in some café or small restaurant. While I'm sure we would not agree on a number of issues, I like to think we would have become close friends.


Thank you, Elena Poniatowska, for a beautiful book.

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url 2015-08-31 21:31
IL MANUALE DELLA PROSTITUTA (consigli amenità e facezie sopra l'esercizio del meretricio e dei lupanari)



Essendo l’uomo composto corporalmente di un’immoterata carnis petulantia et essendo io medesimo nondimeno da sempre vintonelle mie azioni dal dulce venenum della lussuria, oggi –24 del mese di luglio dell’anno 2001- mi accingo in confessio fidei e testamentum a lasciare le mie memorie et i miei consigli di libertino ai lettori e alle lettrici che, come me inclini al vitio a alla concupiscentia, vogliano prendere dilectatione di una donna o di un uomo

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