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review 2019-05-17 00:46
Lost Wolf
Lost Wolf (Curse of the Moon Book 1) - Stacy Claflin

So why did I keep reading this? I blame Romanceopoly. I needed a new adult set in college and this one was that AND it was paranormal (with amnesia!). My track record with most NA sucking (IMO) continues.....
This was so ridiculous. Victoria is a freshman at college with no memory of anything about her past. I thought she treated her amnesia (at least at first) in a "no deal big, I'll make new memories!" kind of way. She was shallow. It made more of a difference when her credit cards didn't work/assets frozen. She drives a Jaguar. She meets a guy named Carter Jag whose family owns a hot club named "The Jag." There's kidnapping and numerous different paranormals added to the mix. 
This just didn't work for me. I didn't like Victoria and I was ambivalent about Toby and Carter.

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text 2017-02-21 07:03
Giveaway Blitz - YA Lit Giveaway Event

YALit Giveaway Event!


A bunch of authors who got together to bring you a YOUNG ADULT Big Box of Paperbacks Giveaway! One lucky winner is going to win FIFTY (50) Young Adult Paperback Books! How’s that for an epic Book-Lover’s Prize?!


THIS BOX OF BOOKS IS VALUED AT OVER $500! And this giveaway is open worldwide! Our first giveaway went to a winner in ROMANIA–and yes, we’re willing to pay the insane shipping on this oversized, overweight package to get the prize to WHOEVER wins!

Here's a sneak peek from a couple of the sponsors:

Adrenaline Rush by Cindy M. Hogan



As I hurtled toward my destination at 500 miles an hour, I pulled out a notebook, placed it on the shiny mahogany table in front of me, and scribbled a quick to-do list.


Pick out an outfit.


Get folders and notebooks.


Switch into fourth period drama.


I chewed on the end of my pen. Oh yeah—just one more thing.


Get kidnapped.


According to my pre-mission briefing, kidnappings were up in the States by five percent over the last five years. The significance of which didn’t hit me until I found that the statistics for kidnappings had remained static for a good thirty years. The spike caught the attention of the FBI, and they put their best men on it. The problem? Right when they thought they’d discovered the pattern of the kidnappers, it seemed to change.


We hit some turbulence, and the force of it pulled me out of my reverie. I sucked in a deep breath, my hands resting on the soft leather side arms of my big comfortable seat as the Gulfstream jet jumped. I let the rollercoaster feeling wash over me like a wave, forcing myself to enjoy every last tingle. I only had this flight and a few hours tonight to assume my new thrill-seeking alias—the one that would lure the kidnappers and save the day before the pattern changed again. I might as well make the most of it.



Chosen Wolf (Curse of the Moon #2) Excerpt


The full moon inched higher in the night sky, growing bigger and brighter by the moment. One by one, the members of the pack ran behind the Moonhaven mansion to remove their clothes before they tore to shreds as their bodies turned from men to wolves. Howls sounded in the distance.


Toby squeezed my hand, holding my gaze. “Maybe this will be the month you can finally shift again, Victoria.”


Sharp pains ran through my body. My right hip cracked. I bit my tongue, trying not to cry out in pain. My skin felt on fire as fur tried to poke through, but couldn’t.


His face tensed, a pained look in his eyes. “Are you shifting?”


I shook my head. There was nothing normal about this, and it was proving to be more difficult and painful than my other months of un-shifts. Each one grew worse than the last.


Toby scooped me up, carried me inside, and helped me onto my bed. “I can’t keep my wolf inside any longer. I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay.” I fought to keep my voice steady. Tears threatened.


He brushed hair from my face and kissed my forehead. “Ziamara’s upstairs sleeping. She said to wake her if you need anything.”


“I’ll be fine.” I grimaced, the pain nearly choking me.


Toby cried out and the sound of ripping fabric tore through the room. He spun around and dashed out the door. The back of his shirt had ripped, and fur poked through the split material.


I gripped a pillow, squeezing it as hard as I could to distract myself from the pain. It didn’t work, and the pillow exploded, filling the air with white feathers.


A loud pop sounded and then a horrific pain shot through my shoulders. I slumped down and screamed, unable to take the pain.


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text 2016-09-27 16:14
BOOK BLITZ & #GIVEAWAY - Lost Wolf (Curse of the Moon #1) by Stacy Claflin
Lost Wolf (Curse of the Moon Book 1) - Stacy Claflin
She’s hiding a dark secret. It already killed her once.
Victoria can’t wait to start college, but there’s a hitch—she can’t remember anything before arriving on campus. Her memories spark when she sees her ruggedly handsome math professor, but she senses something horrific. The shock on his face affirms her fears.
Toby is an alpha wolf who never thought he’d see his true love again—not after she died in his arms. Nothing could have prepared him for her walking into his class. But to his dismay, not only has she forgotten what happened, she doesn’t even know who she is.
He’s determined to do whatever it takes to restore what they’ve lost. Can Toby help Victoria recover her memories, or will he lose her forever?



, , ,

Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2016/09/book-blitz-giveaway-lost-wolf-curse-of.html?zx=2c07513f976023a9
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review 2016-01-01 00:00
Moon Dark (Book 1 Auriano Curse Series)
Moon Dark (Book 1 Auriano Curse Series) ... Moon Dark (Book 1 Auriano Curse Series) - Patricia Barletta This is book one in the Auriano Curse Series. I loved the cover but was unsure of the story at first. After reading this book I found that I really like the story and had a hard time putting it down.
Lady Sabrina Dunfield is a widow with a young child. She has had to move in with her husband's Uncle and he is having her drop off "messages" to different location. Sabrina think the notes are related to his art work selling. On one of these mission she is almost attacked but a 'shadow' man saves her. Alessandro D’Este, Prince of Auriano is cursed along with his twin brother. Alessandro and his brother go back and forth as the Shadow. Shortly after Alessandro saves Sabrina as the shadow he turns back to human form as his brother turns to the shadow form. Alessandro finds that after years of being a shadow man no one as ever seen him.. which makes him think Sabrina is something different than normal humans. This starts their journey to finding what powers Sabrina has and their story of love. Really liked this book and hope that you will too!
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text 2014-06-27 03:19
Today's Freebies on Amazon Yo!
Wallflower - Catherine Gayle
Curse the Moon: Cold War Rising - Lee Jackson
Distant Star - Joe Ducie
Return To Violet - Ron Mattos
The Strategist: A Thriller - John Hardy Bell
Occasionally Heroic A.I. - David West
The Hunters and the Queen - Virginia Vayna
A Walk in Heaven - Marie Higgins
The Tears of Nero (The Halo Group) - Jason Brannon
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