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text 2018-06-07 11:38
How Custom Product Boxes Can Benefit Customer

Packaging is your first physical interaction with the customer which leaves the impression of a brand. Whenever you start a business, there are plenty of places where you can invest your money in recruitment, advertising, product development etc but the custom packaging is a sector which is not worth the cost. It can range from a cost of three cents for plastic packing to thirty cents for cardboard folding carton and maximum to thirty dollars per unit for premium custom product boxes. These customs boxes not only make your product look different from others but also protect them much more than a generic box. Special packaging protection is needed for the businesses which involve shipping and the purpose can be fulfilled by going for the option of custom packaging. It creates a unique opportunity for customers by providing them with a memorable and positive experience which starts from the point they get attracted by custom packaging design. Below is a list of ways how custom product packaging can benefit the customer:


Product Boxes


  • 1) Increase the product's visibility for customers:

Custom product boxes can increase the visibility of your brand. They can be made as simple as starting from a specially printed box or using custom printed tape to identify your product packaging. Due to customization your packages stand out in transit and appear different in a crowd, thus making it easy for customers to make a purchase decision. Moreover, it also ensures the courier driver to recognize your packaging. This property of being highly identifiable, not only grab the attention of a wide range of consumers but also reduces the chance of lost if your package is to shipped to a particular place.


Increase the product's visibility


  • 2) The product is delivered safely:

One of the largest benefits of using custom boxes is that product reaches safe and undamaged to the customers. Many of the large and even small-scale businesses have become inclined towards new custom packaging as a replacement for old traditional ones. By using custom product boxes you can make your items fit exactly into the box, no matter whatever shape and size they have, as shown in the image below. This can greatly reduce the damaged caused to the products during a transition from one place. This increases customers' satisfaction by reducing the harm faced by the customers to their products which may result in a repeated purchase. On the other hand, although your competitor's product is exceptionally good it reaches the customers in a spoiled manner due to improper packaging, it can lead to customers' dissatisfaction and reduced sales.


product is delivered safely


  • 3) Saves money:

No one a realizes that how much custom product boxes are cost-effective and how expensive it can be to remain careless about your packaging. Custom packaging saves the money both for the company as well as at the customer's end. When the customer pays the product costly, he is the paying for all the costs incurred to deliver the product safe to the customer. People waste much of their time and money by using a lot of filling inside the appropriate size carton rather them to cut down it to make a perfect fitment. When a company adopts cost-effective ways of packaging, it cuts the cost from consumer side as well, leaving a good impression at first sight.


save money


  • 4) Reduces the space:

Everyone knows how fast the storeroom gets occupied by packaging boxes even after you make an effort to dispose of them on monthly basis. Customers want their products to the in a perfect-fitted box which not only reduces the space for filler but also for large sized boxes which they have to keep somewhere. Different sized empty boxes will take up much space as compared to stacked corrugated cardboard sheets. Every consumer will prefer to keep his house free of such stuff. By using such products which offer custom packaging you can reduce to waste to a great extent and may get the space left to store something else.


Custom product boxes


  • 5) Provides a good "unboxing" experience:

Custom product boxes provide an unforgettable unboxing experience for the customers which can exemplify your brand even better. Custom printed packaging is not confined to just external box whereas printing and graphics can be made on the inner side of the box as well. Use of customized designs to pack the items inside further adds to this experience. For example in the case of cookies, companies always prefer to find something innovative. Following image represents the packaging design of baked cookies. It gives the shape of an oven to the box, with a corrugated insert resembling a cookie sheet. This provides a unique unboxing experience to the customers with a feeling that they are served with freshly baked cookies out of the oven.

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url 2018-06-05 12:11
Where to find best Sweet Boxes for your sweets?

What is the best way to pack your Sweets in attractive packaging. The custom packaging boxes has all the solutions and ideas for boxing up your sweets. From triangular to rectangular sweet boxes we have all the designs and samples. The custom packaging boxes has a wide range of ideas about custom sweet packaging to satisfy our client's need. 


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url 2018-06-05 11:01
Custom Double Sided Stickers - Wholesale Printed Double Sided Stickers

Double sided stickers are famous for the personalized usage. Printcosmo is a well-known brand of Double Sided stickers in different shape and size and colors. 

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url 2018-06-05 10:58
Custom Embossed Labels Printing service with Free Shipping Worldwide

Printcosmo has many years of experience and skills to meet your Embossed labels requirements with unlimited materials and design choices.

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url 2018-06-05 10:56
Custom Printed Kraft Boxes - Wholesale Kraft Packaging Boxes

Printcomso is top rated and well-known brand in Kraft Boxes Printing and Packaging service. They also offer Custom Shipping Boxes at a very affordable price with free die cut charges.

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