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review 2019-01-19 01:54
5 Back to School OOTD Ideas


The holidays (school break for students) are over---I know---back to the daily grind. 

But hey, it ain't that bad. After all, it's a fresh start.


Another 365 days to look forward to and spend doing the things we love (and dread). That's just the way it is.


So for all the students out there, get your notebooks and pens ready for a quick lesson on OOTD fashion essentials for 2019.




Still solid in 2019. Aside from being extremely comfortable, this style is easy to setup and is perfect for the student who needs something easy to put on and move with as you go from one class to the next. It's also a chance to show off your spanking sports shoe collection. At its core, shoes are the main stand outs for this fashion ensemble. To spice things up, combo it with your favorite personalized t-shirt for more street cred.


The Neutralist


Pairing a neutral hue with your favorite fashion pieces is always safe and never out of style, it's a solid go-to mix if you don't feel like going all-out. Pairing your basic neutral-colored blouse to a pair of jeans with dark wash or a simple skirt always works and takes out the hassle of figuring out what to wear. Tag this under your “Basics” list and never waste any more time next time you're running late for class.


Back to Basics


It always happens---you pull out an all-nighter for a big exam and fall asleep on your desk---books and all. The alarm rings, you check the clock: You only have 30 minutes before the exam! With Flash-like speed, you take a 1-minute shower and spend 10 seconds deciding what to wear. Your go-to outfit for this situation? A personalized t-shirt and your favorite khaki pants. Perfect for no-nonsense style and it’s super-comfy which helps you remain cool and calm during the exam.


Go Black


There’s a reason why stylists recommend that girls always have their “Little Black Dress” sitting ready in the closet. First, black is excellent in projecting a slimmer figure. Lighter colors tend to highlight some of our curves that we would rather not have anyone notice. Also, black matches well with other colors, so you can wear almost anything with it and still look awesome.


Revenge of the Nerds


Decades ago, your stereotypical “nerd” or “geek” look has always been the butt of jokes in movies. Today, however, you’ll see people flaunting their wares donning their preferred “geek” wardrobe (imagine the uniform they have in Harry Potter movies). What does a typical nerd outfit look like? It usually starts with collared shirt partnered with a pair of chinos. You layer it with a cardigan, your pair of favorite formal shoes and a pair of spectacles (with black rims) finishes the look. This style is timeless and never grows old.

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url 2018-12-19 11:28
Made-to-Measure Coats Belgium | CG Tailors

Discover Made-to-Measure Coats for men and women here at CG Tailors Belgium. Choose from high-quality Italian-& English fabrics, record your exact body measurements and design your own personal style. Book your appointment now!

Source: cgtailors.com/custom-made-coats-and-bodycoats-belgium
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url 2018-11-26 09:41
Custom Made Tailored Shirts Belgium – CG Tailors

Discover a wide variety of Custom Made Tailored Shirts at CG Tailors. Our beautiful tailored Shirts are of Classic or Italian Style, which gives you a natural combo of professionalism and elegance. Fix your next appointment with CG Tailors!

Source: cgtailors.com/made-to-measure-shirts-belgium
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text 2018-10-31 08:37
How to Accumulate the Best Sportswear in Australia

Australia is known for its everlasting love for sports, and various sports are popular in different regions. For instance, football is famous in Melbourne, and rugby is an ideal sport for the population of Sydney. More and more people, especially the young generation is involving in sports. From children to elders, many people have their own team for sports like Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby League, Netball etc. It is easy to find the required equipment and accessories for any sport in Australia. If you are going to buy sportswear Australia for your team, then it is better to go with the custom clothing. Because of the tough competition in sports, you always need to be a step ahead of your opponents. Custom clothing is the best option for people who want to design sportswear on their own to flaunt their style and look different. Using a custom sportswear is surprisingly advantageous even if you have a few team members.



sportswear australia


Including good performance, you also need to look confident and energetic on the field. Perfect sportswear is really essential for both performance and appearance. To get the perfect team wear, you need to get custom sportswear for your team. A well-made and customised sportswear helps your team stand out from the crowd.


The custom clothing option allows you to create a fit and stylish team wear on your own. You can ensure the quality of the clothing, apply designs, and add logos to the sportswear. The correct measurement is essential to get the best sportswear for your team. You should take detailed body measurements of your team members including accurate details about height, chest, waist, and seat. It will help you to choose the perfect size from the multiple size options such as small, medium, large, extra large to make custom t shirts, jersey, shorts etc.


There are numerous sportswear manufacturing firms in Australia, though it is time-consuming and challenging to find a trustworthy supplier. If you want to get the highest-quality custom sportswear Australia then consider approaching ONETHEGO. They provide custom sports uniforms like polo shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, running apparel, cycling apparel, soccer apparel and a wide range of custom clothing at the best price. They have an easy to use kit-designer that allows creating your own teamwear online. All you need to do is choose the type of clothing according to the sport. Their kit-designer is the perfect choice to make matching shirts or any sportswear Australia for your team.


Why You Should Choose ONTHEOGO?


They have a wide range of sportswear and offer the highest-quality clothing for various sports at affordable rates. They offer a kit-designer tool to create your own sportswear online and get it delivered within a short period of time. You can add multiple logo’s, names, and numbers without paying the extra cost. They are known for delivering quality sportswear including custom t shirts, shorts, netball skirts, and accessories worldwide within a short period of time.


For more information, visit Onthegosports.com.au.

Source: onthegosports.blogspot.com/2018/10/how-to-get-best-sportswear-in-australia.html
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text 2018-10-27 09:42
Buy the Best Sportswear in Australia- Custom Hoodies & T-Shirts at Affordable Rates

Choices in sports clothing are no longer limited to the popular brands. You can design stylish apparels for sports on your own with the help of custom clothing. It is in trend these days because most of the time traditional sportswear fails to deliver good appearance. Compare to the other sports, football is more famous in Australia. However, some people also have their own team for other sports like cycling, cricket. The custom sportswear Australia is really important for people who want to make their team appear unique on the field.


sportswear australia


When it comes to playing on the field with the competition, it’s necessary to look confident and different. It's the main reason that the professionals from sports, wear high-quality and custom sportswear. Apart from the great appearance, personalised sportswear also helps to improve your ability to play on the field. You may be thinking what are the main benefits that custom sportswear like hoodies, custom t shirts offers-




It is really important to appear stylish on the field to show the world that you are ahead of your competition in every way. You can add your favourite design and logo on your team's sportswear.




Custom or personalised clothing offers freedom to showcase your personal style.




It is really important to keep your team motivated all the time to get the best performance from them. An attractive design along with your team's logo gives the sense of uniqueness. For instance, the custom hoodies Australia circulates the energy between the team members and keeps the team motivated.




A team wear is much more than a dress which outlines the whole team. You just showcase yourself to the world While wearing your custom sportswear. With the custom clothing, you can make a solid impression on the audience.


Although you have too many choices to design sportswear for your team, you can't find the reliable company to buy sportswear at affordable rates. It's a good thing that sportswear is now coming with more touch of fashion and prices are also accordingly high. There is no need to worry because lots of issues can be fixed with the help of research and planning. You can make a list of some promising companies and compare the prices of their products which is quite simple. But, If you are going to buy custom clothing, such as custom t shirts or jerseys for your team then you can choose 

ONTHEGO. They offer the highest-quality sportswear for Cricket, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Cycling, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Rugby League etc. They also have online kit-designer for people who want to design team wear on their own. Every sportswear they offer is really good in quality and fitting. If you want to get your favourite t shirt, hoodie or any sportswear at home within a short period of them then it will be a good step to choose ONTHEGO. 


For more information, visit Onthegosports.com.au.

Original source - https://bit.ly/2RjvrUT

Source: onthegosports.blogspot.com/2018/10/buy-best-sportswear-in-australia-custom.html
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