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text 2020-02-13 14:51
Vtiger CRM Requirements and specifications

 If an individual or an organization wants to install a CRM and they are facing a greater level of difficulty in performing their tasks. They should work on the following four areas to perform their task to perfection. These tasks can be termed as Vtiger CRM requirements in one way or the other.

  •      They have to work on database positions.
  •      They have to work on the positions of the file.
  •      They have to work on the PHP background.
  •      They have to work on vtiger surroundings.

Database and files positions

There are some settings in the database which are highly recommendable to operate and there are some settings in the database which are not recommendable. Users should work on highly recommendable settings. There are different default storage engines and servers that are recommendable.

  • The setting of the files contains the two types of settings. These two types of settings are named as
  • Owner settings
  • Permission settings

There are also different folders in the positions of the files which require certain different commands to execute itself properly in an utmost manner.


PHP background and vtiger surroundings

There are different combinations of the PHP variables which if used in their desired and accurate time can greatly enhance the working of vtiger surrounding. The basic reason is that the PHP background and the vtiger surrounding are interlinked with each other in one way or the other.

Vtiger settings contains the files and folders which are created automatically after the installation process is over but the user also needs to be extremely cautious about using them too.

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text 2019-06-05 06:57
5 Major Updates to Look Forward to in Odoo 13

Major software updates are the norm now. While we look forward to upgrades in our smartphone operating systems, entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry look forward to ecommerce platforms updates. A platform that frequently updates its features can truly last in the industry.


And one such platform is Odoo. In our post, we are going to explore Odoo’s most awaited update: Odoo 13.


Last year, we saw Odoo 12; it came with a host of updates and new features. To mention a few:


  • Multiple Display Responsive
  • Smoother Onboarding process: Odoobot
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Ready Out of the box
  • Easy Odoo Customization
  • Variety of Payment and Shipping options



Of course, the software industry being as competitive as it is, when coupled with the e-commerce industry, a platform wouldn’t last without at least a yearly overhaul of new and exciting features.


The next Odoo update, Odoo 13 is not too far off in the future. Odoo is set to announce this update at their Odoo Experience event that is to happen in October. It is an event that goes on for 2-3 days where they launch the new and improved functionalities. Additionally, It becomes a hands-on experience for Odoo developers that attend the event.


Let’s see what Odoo users are expecting from the coming Odoo 13 update:


Accountant as a Service:


With upgraded accounting features introduced in Odoo 12, they managed to centralize your business operations. You won’t have to transfer data from Odoo to your accounting software. And with the Odoo 13, they are bringing the exclusive “Accountant as a Service” using which you will be provided with a competent accountant who is well-versed with Odoo software. This means you will be able to get an accountant’s services who is well versed with the Odoo software.


Integration with the Internet of Things:


The Internet of Things is a concept that came in when the internet expanded beyond our mobile phones and tablets. It is in everything now. Therefore, it seems like the perfect next step for Odoo to be compatible with IoT devices. This gives way to the possibility of integrating inventory management tools, that are IoT enabled right in your Odoo backend!


Stock Management:


If your Odoo store is equipped to work with sensors, you could potentially plug in sensors in your shelves at your warehouse which updates & notifies you when the stock dips. This can also be useful in hybrid stores. Hybrid stores are IIoT enabled physical stores which don’t require constant staff attention. Customers can browse and buy items in a physical store, but the products get added to their virtual store account. The concept is new but it might pick up the pace with smooth IoT compatibility with ecommerce platforms.


In-App Purchases:


In the upcoming Odoo update, one of the most awaited features is of in-app purchase. The users will now be able to purchase services right from your Odoo store. Odoo will act as a medium between the service provider and the client. To make the process smoother, the payment will also be deducted from their Odoo account.




With IoT enabled machines, you can monitor them using IoT enabled devices. You will be notified as soon as they require any sort of attention or maintenance. This way you can reduce the downtime and only inspect the machines when required.


Odoo 13 is sweetening the deal by making all the old features better with the addition of these new ones. What will remain to see is how the entrepreneurs who use Odoo adopt these features & leverage their functionality.


Considering that e-commerce businesses are global, it would also be interesting to see how Odoo optimizes these high data consuming features for markets that don’t have high-speed internet. The world, after all, is not all developed, but people all over the world tend to buy and sell things.


For a platform that mainly boasts of its themes, apps and customization capacity, Odoo has indeed come a long way in realizing its customers’ needs.


If you are an entrepreneur who uses Odoo for their online store, make sure to upgrade when the new version is available for smoother functionality as well as newer features.

If you have any questions regarding Odoo development or Odoo customizations, you can contact us here, or comment with your question on this post. We will try to reply to you to the best of our abilities.

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text 2019-06-04 07:06
All You Need to Know About SugarCRM's Expansion

SugarCRM is a household name in the CRM industry. It is popular for secure, consistent operations. But in a market that is as competitive as the CRM industry, it’s important for them to constantly update & grow its product’s horizons.


The thing about the technology industry is that it is extremely fast-paced and wide. Companies start and end operations every day. Another common thing to happen is mergers and acquisitions. This year SugarCRM is on a roll to acquire a bunch of software companies.


About two months ago, they bought an email integration tool, Collabspot. This tool integrates your preferred email providers to your CRM.



Their latest acquisition, however, is the one we are going to focus on in this article. Last week, SugarCRM made a game-changing move by buying Salesfusion, a marketing automation solutions provider.


SugarCRM hopes to “streamline campaign management, drive personalized engagement, improve conversion and transform customer experience throughout the customer journey,” says Craig Charlton, the CEO of SugarCRM.


He added further that the software seeks to enable marketing and sales people to “take action on customer insights and focus on high-impact value-added offerings.”


Logan Henderson, the CEO of Salesfusion added to this vision by saying that both the firms believed that “the next wave of innovation in B2B is sharply focused on the customer experience.”To understand this merger, let’s see what Salesfusion brings to the table:


  • Drive & Track Traffic


Salesfusion is majorly known for providing its users with a unified platform to perform marketing activities like Social, Search, and SEO. Their in-built suite of these marketing tools helps their users to enhance their brand visibility and increase web traffic. After driving traffic on your website, the Salesfusion software lets you understand engagement and conversions as well.


  • Automated Campaigns


With Salesfusion, users can create smart campaigns to improve their conversion rates. These automated campaigns give marketers the freedom & time to dig deep into the data. Users can create landing pages, professional emails, forms, etc.


  • Nurture


Salesfusion help marketers recognize the customer’s buying cycle stage and allows them to engage the customers with relevant content in order to convert into a paying customer.


  • Analytics


Salesfusion provides extensive analytical tools for greater insights into marketing metrics. After conducting a campaign from Salesfusion, you can easily track its performance and understand what’s working among your targeted audience. This way you can smartly allocate your resources to yield best results.


This merger is set to make life easier for marketers and sales professionals giving them everything on a unified platform.


With Collabspot and Salesfusion, SugarCRM is building its dream team which will directly affect its position in the market.


And as SugarCRM CEO Craig Charlton states that was just the beginning of many more game-changing announcements that would dramatically transform their company for employees, customers, partners, and the industry.


So, if you are a SugarCRM user be ready to get some innovative changes this year.


A little bit about us:


Biztech is an IT consultation and service provider specializing in SugarCRM customization and custom CRM development. We have over 100 satisfied SugarCRM customers where we helped them enhance Sugar’s features and functionalities to match their business requirements.


And as a certified SugarCRM ISV partner, we look forward to taking these newly acquired tools to the next level to give our customers a better experience and boost their businesses to greater heights.


Looking for a suitable SugarCRM customization partner? Contact us here & we will make sure your SugarCRM is up-to-date with the latest technology.

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text 2019-05-15 07:04
This is What Makes Odoo A Great E-commerce Platform

The move to the internet happened years ago. We have come a long way from performing simple tasks like sending electronic email to having complex e-commerce stores for everything that we could possibly need.


Electronic stores range from small niche stores to large ones that sell everything. It is a market that is ever expanding. If you are looking to get into the e-commerce business, there is always space. However, that does not mean that it doesn’t require effort. You have to take a lot of crucial steps before you can have an online store up and running.



Once you decide what products you want to sell, how much product customization you want to offer, your business strategy and your team, the last & very important task left to do: the actual building of that store. And building an online store is no easy task. First, you have to figure out what platform you want to build your e-commerce store on, and there are plenty of great options for that, like Magento, Odoo, Shopify, and WooCommerce. You have to figure out your needs and compare them with the features these platforms are offering and then based on the comparison you will need to select one.


Out of all of these, Odoo is easily one of the best. But why is it the best? What makes it stand out? Well, here are a few things:


  • Customizable for various devices:

First things first: the ease of an e-commerce store is that your customers can log on from any and all devices they have. For this, it is important that the user experience remains consistent on all devices of various screen sizes. With Odoo, that is possible. So, your customer can switch over to a tablet from a laptop, or a smartphone and they will see the same store, with the same functionality. A good user interface is what keeps the customer coming back to a particular web store.


  • Theme store:

The theme of your store is an important part of the user interface. A hard to navigate or a web page which is hard on eyes is off-putting. Odoo has a palette of themes for you to choose from. A good theme will help lead your customers to browse your store more often, look at products in more detail than just the initial page and spending more time on the store. A user interface that highlights your product is a user interface worth investing in. Moreover, there are many Odoo customization companies which can create personalized Odoo themes, plugins or extensions, and more for your Odoo e-store.


  • An assortment of apps:

Odoo apps make for great add-ons to your online store. There are apps that you can add to enhance your store, like an invoice template or an app that helps you with search engine optimization, or even one that gives you additional templates for the sales order. These plugins or extensions help you get the most out from your Odoo platform.


  • Product Customization:

No matter what products you are selling, if you wish to give various options in it of size or color or material etc. you can easily do that with an Odoo based store. It is a great way to retain your customers and decrease cart abandonment. Customers will have choices and catering to those choices will go a long way for your store.


  • Conversion tools:

Odoo has a bunch of tools that help convert the customer’s visit, to sale. Depending on what someone puts in their cart or is frequently looking at, Odoo enables you to offer coupon codes or send email reminders. It also helps you upsell or cross-sell a product, which means it offers accessories or complementary products to the ones that a customer puts in the cart.


  • Payment options:

Odoo gives you multiple payment options for your web store. You can enable the ones you want. When you provide your customers with multiple ways to pay, they are likely to end up buying the product because of the convenience factor alone.


  • Shipping options:
  • With Odoo, you get a lot of shipping options. Connect your store with the ones you want, to ship your product easier. When people see popular shipping partners on a store, they tend to trust that store more with handling the product they order. Therefore, the more options your store has, the more customers you will have coming back to your store.

So, there you have it! Now, these were the benefits of using the Odoo platform for your store. But that’s not the end of your e-commerce journey. The bigger task again is to use that platform to actually build the store and then to add the necessary extensions in order to create streamlined business processes. However, what makes this slightly better is that you can outsource this. You don’t have to suddenly become a developer to get this done. Find the right Odoo development company and give them this task. Just like that, your e-commerce store will be ready!


Have any questions regarding Odoo or any E-commerce platform? Feel free to comment with your question and we will try to answer the same to the best of our knowledge.

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text 2019-04-04 07:23
SugarCRM Development Case Study: Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co

When it comes to the best audio systems in the world, there are only two brands we can think of: Bose & Sennheiser. The German giant has recently decided to get rid of the homegrown ecosystem for customer data management. And integrated SugarCRM to hear the better sound of the data.

 Some of the Challenges Identified by Sennheiser:


Sennheiser heavily relied on the systems and flows developed by their developers over the years. One of the biggest challenges was to integrate these tools with SugarCRM; such as:


  • IBM Connections: Intranet collaboration
  • JD Edwards Enterprise: ERP
  • MicroStrategy: Business intelligence
  • Spredfast: Social Media Monitoring
  • Evalanche: Marketing Automation
  • Skype4Business: Customer calls


Apparently, their CRM was not able to process all of this data and provide a central view of the same. Therefore, in order to make the best use of the available data, one must first correlate this data. The Executives identified the need for a robust CRM to ensure that their global workforce gets a 360-degree view. From the CRM point of view, it must be a comprehensive solution. As it needs to fit within the expansive sales channels and integrate customer services & marketing efforts.


Scope of the Solution: The “must-have” list created while selecting the CRM included:


Sennheiser listed Sugar as the best fit for their complex requirements


  1. Support for globally distributed users & customers
  2. Cost-effectiveness and yet ensure the seamless integration of Sugar with their ERP, BI & Social Media Monitor
  3. Advanced Workflow
  4. Support for B2B & B2C Sales, Customer Services, and Marketing
  5. On-premise integration to ensure Govt data security regulations


Results of the Integration:


The SugarCRM development team deployed the solution which was to run across 40 countries. They implemented Sugar first for the B2B sales and then applied to the B2C. And then gradually applied this to various other verticals. The result was that the data insights across verticals became possible.


Sugar made integration between marketing and customer services. The Sugar deployment bridged the customer lifecycle data with the new sales leads. The impact was to be able to convert customers as personal users. This data led to an increase in cross-selling.


Sugar helped Sennheiser to chart the customer lifecycle and to sell with one to one approach. It became really easy to apply the learning from a given customer follow-up cycle to convert another one. It all became available due to the Sugar deployment. Further, the Audio Electronics giant plans to expand the scope into social media for marketing & lead generation and to create a workflow mechanism as a process.


SugarCRM Customization & Deployment:


Sugar is one of the leading enterprise CRM software available today in the market. The build of the solution ensures the ability to process large data streams. It is also an ideal CRM software that you can easily integrate with various tools. The primary reason why Sennheiser choose Sugar over the other CRMS is that it can customize the processes to suit your needs.


Every business runs with its own defined processes. Traditionally, that was the primary reason why the industry leaders opted for a custom CRM. Sugar is one of the best with respect to customizations of CRM. Therefore, if your needs for customized processes are equally demanding, Sugar could be the answer to each and every one of your needs.


SugarCRM Development for Your Business:


You might already have Sugar installed or you could be the one vetting your options right now. As technical experts with a number of successful Sugar extensions on the Sugar Outfitters, Biztech can be your guide through this extremely complex process of SugarCRM development and customizations. Some of our best extensions are Survey Rocket, SugarCRM WordPress Customer Portal, and TapCRM.


Based in Ahmedabad, Biztech is one of the leading IT Products & Services providers. We offer end to end SugarCRM customization services along with ready to use products. We have a dedicated team of skilled developers along with the Sugar ISV Partnership.

As we are an ISO 27001 certified company, we promise high standard practices for information security. In order to get an estimation for your requirements, get in touch with us.

This was our take on the case study published by SugarCRM.

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