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review 2020-03-03 21:21
 Dragon Lost (Dark Kings #16.5) - Donna Grant

This was a really cute story and a nice addition to this ongoing series .Royden and Annita were characters that were easy to love and their relationship and mating was a fast one but, it was a heartfelt one.Annita was a self reliant and independent women and one who paid attention to the visions and prophecies that her great Aunt predicted.

A one chance meeting and it was all it took for these two to fall in love. We loved Royden as he seemed somewhat lost and broken and a bit mysterious but, meeting Annita for the first time awakened something inside him that he thought long gone.

Royden and Annita were perfect for one another and the chemistry evident from their very first meeting but, we loved the fact that Annita wanted to know who his was completely both in human forum and as well as a Dragon.

This whole series is rather intriguing and we are loving its character's and we can't wait to see where destiny takes these two.

Overall this was a cute and enjoyable read for us and as characters go Annita and Royden were so easy to love.

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review 2019-05-12 22:47
Great Story and Characters
Ignite (Dark Kings #15) - Donna Grant

For centuries, V has waited to awaken from his doomed sleep and reclaim his destiny. But this Dragon King—one among a legion of legendary warriors sworn to protect the human race from darkness—must first find a way to win back his sword. Wield its power. And try not to fall prey to his own illicit desires.

I should start by saying I’m a huge fan of this author. I’ve yet to read one I didn’t enjoy. After reading the last book, I was happy that V got his dragon mate. All of that said, the relationship part of this book was pretty standard so I was skimming it to get to the overall story that’s been building for some time, Rhi and Con and their battle with the light fae queen. The author didn’t let me down. I am already impatiently waiting for the next book! I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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review 2019-05-05 11:42
Book Review for Donna Grant's IGNITE in her Dark Kings Series.
Ignite (Dark Kings #15) - Donna Grant


Let's start off by saying we really loved this story and we are really enjoying this ongoing series with these amazing characters that we could not help but, fall in love with and that we just love Donna Grant and her amazing books !

We love Claire and Vlad aka V's story from beginning to end.We found the story to be hilarious also that it had fun characters who had a sense of humor, was intriguing, and was suspenseful and had a story that had tons of twists and turns and a lot of the unknown.This plot is ongoing and every time you started figuring things out there was yet another surprise.The story was filled with a ton of betrayal as well as not knowing who to trust .There are a lot of players who normally are enemies are now aligning themselves with one another to take out one common enemy.

I found Claire to be funny and beautiful inside and out,a keeper of secrets and she had a great sense of humor,was daring and a hopeless romantic trying to find the one in all the wrong places.Perhaps she was a bit lonely and frustrated but , she starting blogging to vent those frustrations and well let's just say her posts were more than entertaining.

Vlad- aka V Let's just say we loved him from the onset of the story.He was sexy and sweet and kind funny and had a sense of humor, a bit lonely and lost and had the wait of the world on his shoulders.A Dark King who felt he didn't fit in this new world he is now living in but, that all changed when he caught a glimpse of a sexy blond who he couldn't seem to stay away from.We loved how Claire reminded Vlad who he was and what he stood for and just how very dangerous and powerful he really is and that is was more then capable of standing against their enemy who threatened the life they have created along with their mates as well as their families.

We loved that V and Clarie's courtship was full of fun and laughter and that they had this amazing chemistry and not only were the were lovers they were friends first and foremost .We loved that Claire eased his loneliness and vice versa.

I know this story had a lot of mixed reviews but, for us we were one of those who just loved this sweet and emotional romance tale with those sexy dragon shifters that we just adored but, most of all we loved those character's who made the story intriguing and fun and more than once had us laughing out laughed and that they made us tear up a time of two.

Looking forward to what is going to happen next as the story left us wanting and with a whole lot of unanswered questions and we can't wait to get them!


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review 2019-05-01 04:58
Ignite (Dark Kings #15) - Donna Grant


How can V love Claire truly, madly, deeply…and protect her from the forces of fire and darkness that could destroy them both? After awakening for his doomed sleep, V must find a way to win back his sword, wield its power and try not to fall prey to his own illicit desires. He knows better that to mess with a mere mortal but he instinctively knows that Claire is The One who can help regain the use of his sword and restore his place at Dreagan.


This newest Dragon King romance is a stunning and overwhelmingly intense read! Claire and V are powerful, sensuous characters that easily take the readers’ world by storm as they demand their attention. The romance between them sizzles with undeniable chemistry while the relationship is as sweet as it passionate. V’s tentative courtship of Claire is endearing and makes readers sigh in pleasure while Claire’s opposing thoughts of her standing in relationships is also endearing while her secret gives readers insight into her life as well as into the truth about dating.


The plot is fast paced and has excitement and electrifying suspense building throughout as the Kings, Rhi, Death and the King of the Dark prepare for the battle to come which is a tough task to undertake considering they discover just how manipulative and underhanded the Queen of the Light has been and continues to be. Unexpected twists keeps readers guessing right alongside the characters but what’s more this story has a couple of prodigious and jaw-dropping surprises that not only stuns readers with the possibilities but also shows readers just how true love is supposed to be. Readers have no way fighting the all-consuming need to finish this thought-provoking and exciting story once they begin.


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review 2019-04-14 18:59
Ignite (Dark Kings #15) - Donna Grant

Oh, things have heated up!!! The battle is literally around the corner and this one ends on a cliffhanger or sorts.  V has his sword back, but he has lost the ability to wield its magic.  Claire has kept a secret since moving with her best friend Sophie to Deeagan; she remembers everything from the battle against the Dark Fae, including the Dragon Kings, but she keeps the secrets and pretends to not remember any of it, afraid they will take her memories away.  V and Claire spend more and more time together, the Dragon Kings get together to play matchmakers for once, and the love that blooms is sweet and magical.  There are some major surprises in this one that I will not divulge. This one was just as good as all of the rest.  No major battles in this one, more like building for the big one against the Queen of the Light, which will hopefully happen in the next book, no major drama or struggles for the couple to overcome or survive, so this one is kind of like the calm before the storm.  So good and can't wait for more.

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