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review 2017-10-26 00:00
Untitled - Darren Shan 4.25 stars

Wowzers! Review to follow
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review 2017-10-23 00:00
Untitled - Darren Shan 4 stars

These are like crack. Impossible to put down. Despite being occasionally grotesque and ridiculous, B's adventures are entertaining and keep me coming back for more

full review to follow
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review 2017-10-22 00:00
Untitled - Darren Shan 3.75 stars

review to follow
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review 2017-10-14 00:00
Zom-B 6
Zom-B 6 - Darren Shan 4.25 stars

Back to a mainly action based plot when B is kidnapped by a group of despicable rich people and forced to battle zombies for their entertainment.

Full Review
B is captured by a group of degenerate rich people and forced to fight zombies for their entertainment. I was happy to see the series return to more action and less introspection by B. Or maybe I just enjoy the mayhem of the zombie fights, so I don’t have to think as much!

I started listening to the audio book, which, again, was excellent, but then B was in an especially perilous situation, and I was home for the day. My headphones were dead. So I decided to check the ebook out of the library and finish it right away. I’m glad I did, because I forgot about the interior art. While there aren’t a lot of pictures, they do add depth to the narrative, so keep that in mind if you are only listening to the audio books.

After her frightening experience meeting the scary baby from her nightmares, B has settled back into life at with Dr Oystein and the Angels at County Hall. Though B still keeps to herself for fear of losing people she cares for, she has accepted Oystein’s belief that he’s a tool of God, and that there will be a battle with the evil Mr. Dowling and the Owl Man. While B hasn’t been sent on a mission yet, she has been scouting around County Hall. It’s when she’s out on one such mission that’s she’s captured by the American zombie hunter, Barnes, and his crony, Coley. Delivered to the HMS Belfast, she is given to a bunch of despicable rich folk who were powers in the world prior to the zombie uprising. Now, they are just spoiled, over-indulged brats who expect B to keep them entertained fighting zombies – or they’ll kill her without a care.

The plot doesn’t progress much, but the zombie battles sure are fun. Dan-Dan, one of her captors, is a complete freak, who gets off torturing young kids. B agrees to cooperate with her captors, but only if they promise to keep the kids safe from Dan-Dan, despite his objections. Now he’s not her biggest fan, and Dan-Dan is waiting for the day when he can torture her. He’s quite a lovely fellow, and I can hardly wait until he gets his comeuppance.

The zombie fighting is fierce, B’s rescue is even more fraught with excitement, and this volume was a great midpoint to the series. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.
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review 2017-10-12 00:00
Zom-B Baby
Zom-B Baby - Darren Shan 3.25 stars

I didn’t enjoy ZOM-B Baby as much as previous volumes. It seemed really, really short, or maybe I was just getting fed up with B. She carries such a massive chip on her shoulder, it’s a wonder she is mobile at all. She has what I call a piss poor attitude, and maybe after listening to two volumes in a row of her snapping, growling, and barking at everyone around her, I was wondering why anyone is friendly with her at all.

B decides that Dr. Oystein is nutters, and she can’t stay with him or his angels any longer. She heads out alone, after a stupid stunt with Rage that almost gets her permanently dead, and tries hanging out with real (dumb) zombies instead. Once she realizes that they haven’t the capacity to give her the sense of belonging she longs for, she moves on, eventually meeting up with Timothy again. Timothy is delighted to show off his zombie paintings to B, and to also show her the hideous zombie baby he’s been caring for. Ick.

I think that this volume disappointed because just as events got rolling, the book ended. Like, dead stop. Good thing I had already checked the next book out from the library. I was going to actually read the next one, but Emma Galvin is such an entertaining narrator, I stuck with the audio book. I really enjoy listening to this on my way to and from work, finding it a great stress reliever. B’s life makes mine look golden.
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