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review 2019-03-23 23:11
The Skipper's Dog's Called Stalin (A Harry Gilmour Novel) - David Black

"THE SKIPPER'S DOG'S CALLED STALIN" is the second novel in the Harry Gilmour series, which highlights the lives of Allied submariners during the Second World War. 

In essence, the novel deals with the experiences Royal Navy Sub-Lieutenant Harry Gilmour had during the spring and summer of 1941 as a liaison officer aboard a Free French submarine, Radegonde. Gilmour, who could speak and comprehend French passably from his time at university, was charged - along with 2 Royal Navy sailors who were also detailed to serve under him (one was a Leading Telegraphist and the other a Leading Signalman) with keeping talbs on the commander and crew of Radegonde. What had begun as a wary relationship between Gilmour and his French counterparts gradually developed into one of trust and respect. A trust and respect that was gained from the various mine laying missions Radegonde carried out along the Norwegian coast. During one of those missions, one of the mines became fouled up and, at great risk to himself, Gilmour managed to resolve a sticky situation that could easily have destroyed Radegonde. 

Later in the novel, Radegonde is sent out to Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a party of French marines, whom it would go on to carry far out into the Atlantic to carry out a mission to the island of Martinique in the Caribbean (now under the control of Vichy France) whose prospects of success were extremely doubtful. Adventures abound and the reader will be amply rewarded with many thrilling, colorful, and dramatic actions as the novel reaches its denouement. 

I now look forward to reading the third novel of a series that superbly depicts the highs and lows of being a Royal Navy submariner in wartime. 

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review 2019-03-22 20:49
A Maigret Christmas And Other Stories - Georges Simenon,David Coward

This is the first Maigret that I have read, though it is not the first Simenon that I’ve read.  I’ve read this after watching the Rowan Atkinson version of Maigret.


                And those are great.


                This book is actually three stories – one of which stars Maigret and his wife, while the other two use characters from the Maigret series.


                The first story is the title story and is about Maigret solving a mystery on Christmas day when he is at home with his wife.  No, it does not involve a missing Christmas turkey.  The culprit is pretty obvious.  You do not really mind because the charm of the story is the interactions of everyone with Maigret.


                The other two stories are a bit different.  “Seven Small Crosses in a Notebook” focuses on the police who have to man what seems to be something like a dispatch center.  There is wonderful description in this short story.  The story takes it name from the crosses that one of the police officers puts into his notebook.


                In many ways, the best story is the last story, “The Little Restaurant near Place des Ternes”.  It is supposedly a fairy tale for grown-ups.  It actually treats women of the evening quite sympathetic and the present is a rather unique one.  Because in the last story, the police form more of a backdrop, the story is actually in some ways the most touching of the three.  The ending and feeling are so wonderfully quite and lovely.  Like snow falling from the sky.

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review 2019-03-22 00:42
Young Justice #1 - Todd Nauck,Peter David

I own most of the comics in this series for Red Tornado; there was not much of him in this. I found the character interaction to be cheesy and the attempts to be subtly meta to be awkward.   I did enjoy some of this, found things like the poking fun at the way women are drawn in comics to be humorous, but this to be 'meh' overall.  That being said, I think I got this for free from Comixology - legally but I paid for the rest and remember liking them more than this issue. 


Then again, they didn't have to deal with setup - and I cherry picked issues that had my favorite character in them, so there's that.

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review 2019-03-21 23:37
Hunt For Wolverine #1 - Charles Soule,David Marquez,Steve McNiven

Another miss for me in Marvel-land.   I used to lap everything up, and now not so much.   This is another huge event, and events are burning me out.   Not to mention, I lost my appetite for everything Wolverine when they killed him off, and I'm not into his supposedly huge return. 


I did like some of this, like how they protected Wolverine's remains, which they knew would be a prize for many a super villain or mad scientist who could do so many awful things with them.   But, still meh on this all.

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review 2019-03-21 19:47
I continue to not like this as much as I'd hoped
Guardians of the Galaxy (2019-) #2 - Geoff Shaw,Donny Cates,David Marquez

The new team is not gelling for me, and the storyline is... okay.  I'll continue to read in the hopes that they'll bring Rocket back for now, but may choose to drop this out of rotation if it doesn't get better soon.

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