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review 2017-11-28 16:56
Marked for Death (Blind Jacks MC) (Volum... Marked for Death (Blind Jacks MC) (Volume 1) - J.C. Valentine

Tiffany is a nurse who moves every few years to try and stay off her ex-husband's radar.  On the last night of her job at a hospital before moving to a new location, she ends up treating Ryder, a sexy as sin biker who has been shot.  The attraction between these two was off the charts and Tiffany feels a pull towards Ryder that she hasn't felt in a long time.

When the crazy biker who is trying to kill Ryder shows up at the hospital, Tiffany jumps into action to protect him.  Spending time alone Ryder while protecting him has Tiffiany's hormones running on overdrive.  Quickly things turn romantic and Tiffany realizes that just maybe she has found a new life that she doesn't want to run away from.

In typical J.C. Valentine style, there is a final showdown that ends completely not how I would have thought but just perfect for these two.  I look forward to more in this new series.

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review 2016-06-18 05:53
Marked for Death: The First War in the Air - James Hamilton-Paterson

Though the main focus of "Marked for Death: The First War in the Air" is on the growth and development of British military aviation (as represented by both the Royal Flying Corps [RFC] and Royal Naval Air Service [RNAS], which later amalgamated to form the Royal Air Force [RAF] on April 1st, 1918) during the First World War, it also sheds considerable light on the evolution of aviation from its inception through 1918.  Topics such as 'Why Biplanes?', 'Armed to the Teeth', 'Combat and Other Missions', 'The Making of a Flying Man', 'How they lived', 'Parachutes and Fatalism', and 'Home Defence' give the reader a full perspective on the science, prevailing attitudes, mysteries, joys and hazards of flying.    This is a first class book, well-written and comprehensive.    I learned so much in reading it. 

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review 2016-06-07 12:10
Brief Thoughts: Death Marked
Death Marked (Death Sworn) - Leah Cypess

Death Marked

by Leah Cypess
Book 2 (final) of Death Sworn



A young sorceress’s entire life has been shaped to destroy the empire controlling her world. But if everything she knows is a lie, will she even want to fulfill her destiny? The sequel to Death Sworn is just as full of magic and surprising revelations, and will thrill fans of Leigh Bardugo and Robin LaFevers.

At seventeen, Ileni lost her magical power and was exiled to the hidden caves of the assassins. She never thought she would survive long. But she discovered she was always meant to end up, powerless, in the caves as part of an elder sorcerer’s plan to destroy the evil Empire they'd battled so long. Except that Ileni is not an assassin, and she doesn't want to be a weapon. And, after everything, she’s not even sure she knows the truth. Now, at the very heart of the Empire—its academy for sorcerers—the truth is what she seeks. What she finds challenges every belief she holds dear—and it threatens her fledgling romance with the young master of assassins.

Leah Cypess spins an intricate and beautiful conclusion to Ileni's story. In the end, it may not be the epic decisions that bring down an empire, but the small ones that pierce the heart.

My Thoughts:
I'm going by what I remember after finishing this book.  And to be totally honest, that was already months ago (two months ago?).  And even to present I still don't really have anything to say about this book and so what everyone gets is a summary blurb and a few sentences.

Because I honestly had no idea what was going on in this book at all.  I had thought that Ileni had already made a decision about her actions, but I guess she really hasn't.  So instead of the competent, kickass, yet powerless sorceress with resources and skills, we get a wishy-washy, indecisive, and STILL powerless (and now also weak and whiny) sorceress who has no idea what the heck she's doing.

Four months ago, I somehow managed to finish reading this book.  Four months into the present, I really have no recollection of what actually happened in this book aside from people dying for reasons and Ileni going back and forth about what she's supposed to do and where she stands.

It was kind of frustrating and I'm not entirely sure I know what she accomplished... or even what this book accomplished.




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Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2016/06/brief-thoughts-death-marked.html
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review 2015-11-12 23:45
Death Marked
Death Marked (Death Sworn) - Leah Cypess

I can't believe it ended like that!!! I was totally expecting a trilogy and BOOM! It ended. So Sad about it. Other than the ending though, I thought it worked out pretty well. I do think the romance could have had more substance. But that ending....No spoilers, but just saying... Watch out for it. :)

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review 2015-03-29 00:00
Marked for Death
Marked for Death - Brian J. Karem Great Story Jumbled Writing

I was very disappointed in this account. Mr Karen wrote as if he assumed the reader was familiar with this story. There was a lot of repetition, and not much attention paid to good story telling or building of suspense. The second half was better, but over all, not well told.
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