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text 2018-02-04 19:29
Reading progress update: I've read 98 out of 377 pages.
Death Wears a Mask (The Amory Ames Mysteries) - Ashley Weaver

The insecurities of the main character are a bit annoying. I thought it was settled at the end of the last book that her husband is deeply and madly in love with her. Apparently I was wrong about her being aware of that. 

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text 2017-06-05 20:52
Death Trance - Graham Masterton

As president of one of Tennessee's largest companies, Randolph Clare is outraged when arsonists destroy one of his Memphis plants. But then his wife and children are savagely murdered. All thoughts of vengeance are drowned in his grief.

Desperate to see his loved ones again, if only to bid them farewell, he enlists the aid of an Indonesian physician who claims that he can help Randolph enter the world of the dead. But, the doctor warns, ravening demons wait for those who dare the voyage. Not only Randolph's life will be at stake, but the souls of his family.


Really enjoyed this, as one of the first book's i've read of Graham Masterton's I have to say I was impressed! The plot flowed and the location's!! wow! graham has a way with word's that makes you feel as if you're there in the location he's writing about. I went to Tennessee and Thailand! Really spooky read into the world of occult Buddhism.

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review 2017-04-11 12:33
Death Wears a Mask (The Amory Ames Mysteries) - Ashley Weaver

This plot is familiar, detective is asked to investigate disappearing jewellery; while attending a dinner with the prime suspects.


I guessed a lot of what was going on but the ride was enjoyable.

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review 2016-10-14 00:00
Death Mask
Death Mask - Lexi Ander Death Mask - Lexi Ander Book – Death Mask
Author – Lexi Ander
Star rating - ★★☆☆☆

POV – 1st character, one character POV
Would I read it again – No.

Genre – LGBT, MC, Magick, Warlocks, Shifters, Were


This one didn't work for me. First off, it was a 1st person narrative told in 3rd person style, so everything was explained in a way that is only really suitable for a 3rd person POV. We found out more through a 1st person POV than should really be possible.

There was a whole lot of explanation and detail that was neither necessary or relevant, and often it was repeated far too many times for things that we didn't need to be reminded about so often. There was also a lot of strange wording and a really strong attempt to be as provocative as possible, right from the start, using just about every swear word they could think of within the first chapter alone. It all felt very forced and unnatural. There was also a whole lot of stereotypical descriptions – e.g. Griffin's skin, the name Grim Misery, Grim's Irish accent, Red Hoods and dressing up like a superhero.

There are numerous explanations of MC life and slang that were mostly obvious, but wasted nearly 40% of the story not explaining what “the grace” meant. There was also a very strong attempt to keep things hidden, to hint at things while never actually explaining anything or giving answers.

The story was there. It had fantastic potential and there were a few moments that were great. But the overall process of storytelling meant that the emotional impact was lost and the chemistry was much more lacking than it could have been.
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review 2016-01-03 02:07
Death Wears a Mask (Amory Ames, #2)
Death Wears a Mask - Ashley Weaver



The first book was captivating and fresh: a woman sick of her philandering runabout of a husband goes off on holiday on her own and stumbles into a murder mystery.  The reader is left believing Amory's personal dramas are resolved by the end of the book.  Which is why this book was so thoroughly disappointing: it's just more of the same.


Amory's husband is back to his philandering playboy ways - or is he?  Frankly, I don't care.  At all.  As far as I'm concerned my husband lands himself on the scandal sheets with another woman, he's out.  There aren't any set of circumstances where I'd find that acceptable, so I'm not the audience for this book.  I purely wanted to smack Amory, repeatedly, for her constant mooning about over her sorry excuse for a spouse.  Even when he was trying to be a good husband, he just came across as a cad.  Kick 'im out I say - Amory is independently wealthy and they have 3 homes, I'm pretty sure she could make it work.


The mystery itself was pretty good though; too many characters launched at the reader all at once, but once they sort themselves out, it's not too shabby.  Amory got a bit thick-headed towards the end, 

A man has had some recent financial setbacks; his wife's jewels are suddenly found to be paste and Amory is stumped as to how this could have happened.  Really?  This is a mystery??

(spoiler show)

but mostly, the plotting is respectable, if somewhat overly convoluted.


I don't know if I'll bother with a third book; Amory either needs to grow a spine and ditch the waste of wool she married, or Milo needs to grow up and man up.  If either of those things happened, this could be a really excellent series.  Somehow, I don't think either is likely, and that's a disappointment.

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