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text 2018-11-09 07:40
Add Boon with the Blossom via Artificial Flowers

When you intend to add some decorative to your home, the first thought that hits your mind is a fancy vase with some pretty flowers. Who on earth is not a nature lover? But that does not mean that we can let lotus float in our rooms or trees grow close to our bed. This is the reason why artificial flowers have been developed as a means to overcome every fantasy of nature for a nature lover.

I being a nature lover never stepped back to add the best of natural hues to my doodah. And therefore, I searched on Woodenstreet.com and looked out for the best that could suit my aspirations and décor. And I found the same and was glad when I received what I liked the most.

And later on, I was proud of how much good had I done to the decorates. I will explain beneath the reasons why I felt so:

1. Cost Friendly:
You cannot go for fresh flowers every day, especially when you do not have a garden at your home. Bunch of artificial flowers are meant for long-term use and therefore a good investment to go for.


Artificial Flowers

Also, polyester fabric is a reasonable option to intend a purchase. So, you can get a ravishing appeal at a reasonable price.


2. Immortal Tendency
Artificial flowers are life-long, as they will never dry and fade. All you need to do is just a little dusting to the cloth, and you are all set. They will always bloom in the same red, pink, indigo etc. pretty colors with complete charm. Therefore, being immortal to the vase.


3. Carefree to the Climate
These are not like jasmine that will bloom in autumn and die in summer. Summer, winter, autumn, spring none of the weather plays any role in the life of these flowers.


Artificial Flowers


Since they are synthetic, they will never lose, their luster and blossom. Thus, being supportive of every climate.


4. Portability
These flowers do not worry about sunlight or fresh air. If you shift to a new house, it won't even mind being packed in a box. Thus, easily portable and can be shipped to a long-long journey without much of stress of weather and time management. Also, being packed does not lead to any difference in the color and quality of the product. Therefore, it can be a nice travel partner.


5. Low-maintenance
These artificial flowers do not require to be sprinkled with water now and then or watering it more often. All it takes is dusting through a cloth, and it is all set to shine. A little dusting in three to four days also can help with the purpose. Thus, carries low maintenance.


6. Allergy Fighter
One does not have to compromise with the beauty of the rose and the fact that you have to sneeze now and then. Also, one does not need to worry that there is some bee revolving around the petals. Since artificial flowers do not have a smell, these are friendly to all sort of flower lovers. Therefore, it is dust resistant and allergy resistant.


Plastic Flowers


 You can display it in any surrounding without much stress of who is allergenic to what.

These are some of the factors that made me realize that I had added a bonanza to my collection of decorates. And their beauty gives me peace, and beauty to my surroundings. Artificial flowers can be an amazing means for decoration, without much of thought.

So, let nature represent your household with artificial flowers.

For more information, visit woodenstreet.com and avail the Diwali sale and get 55% discount!

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text 2018-10-06 14:08
Home decor: The Ideas To Enhance The Beauty of Your Home!

Home decor is an art to enhance the beauty of your place in your style and thoughts. You will be amazed to see the difference before and after inserting the home décor accessories in your abode.

There are lots of things included in the home decor and designing, like wall arts, ceiling decor, floor decor and arrangement of furniture units and other stuff in the home.

The ideas of freshening up and giving a stunning look to your home are called interior designing.

You can experiment with your fresh ideas and make your home organized, spacious and beautiful with the help of different home decor themes. You can try contemporary, traditional and mix & match themes of home decor.

I want to share some of the best and easy way to home decor and make it look systematic and attractive:


1)Try the beautiful set of lamps and lighting: There are different types of lamps and lighting specially for your home. The tripod lamps, hanging lights, study lamps, and table lamps are available in different styles, shapes and materials. The hanging lights can be installed in any room and make your ceiling beautiful. The different type of lamp shades makes your home decor attractive and different.
The lamps and lighting make your home brighter, shiner and stunning. The lamps and lighting give us the positive vibes and make the places fabulous by spreading the light.


2)Try the different type of cushions and curtains: Cushions and curtains are the basic stuff of home decor, and these can destroy and make the quality of your interior. The different and colorful types of cushions and cushion covers make your furniture units like sofas, divan, chaise lounges and armchairs beautiful, more comfortable and attractive.
Curtains decide the amount of light and theme of the home. These are available in different patterns like pleated, free plates, silk, cotton and other materials. The curtains make your place look royal, lavish and complete. Curtains have a rich and royal look which makes your home safe and gives your doors and windows a total look.


3)Make Your walls look better: No one likes the blank and boring walls. You can try the beautiful wall arts and make them look classy, stunning and attractive. You can easily install the wall cabinets, wall shelving, photo frames, paintings and wallpapers on the walls. You can try the different types of wall hangings, wall lighting and open shelving system on your big and spacious walls.


4)Make your bedroom comfortable: If you have the spacious bedroom, you can add different types of furniture units in them like king size bed with the comfortable king size mattresses, an upholstered chaise lounge and settee, a set of ottomans and an upholstered bench near your bed.
You can add the gorgeous dressing table with the class stool. You can make your headboard wall attractive by adding the photo frames and lamp on it to highlight this arrangement in a better way.
Make your walk-in closet attractive by adding the room divider and wall cabinets in it. Add a set of ottomans and a shoe rack inside your walk-in closet for better organizing your clothing and other important stuff.

Summary: The home decor is a perfect way to arrange our place beautifully. You can use these creative and fresh ideas of home decor which is mentioned in the above article; I hope you like them.
You can buy the home decor accessories online from Wooden Street as they have very latest and fresh designs and ideas of home decor.
You will get the trendy ideas of home decor from the talented team of Wooden Street and get the free delivery option on the products. In case of any difficulty, you will contact the customer service support available round the clock.

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