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review 2018-03-04 17:35
Here a story thread, there a story thread!
Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian

You absolutely can't read this as a stand-alone; the continuing fight of the Order against Dragos comes to ahead here. 


The main couple of Hunter and Corinne are honestly only 10-15% of the story, the majority is bringing the Order and Dragos to ahead. This is done through many different POVs, with Lucan and Sterling Chase being the majority. Sterling Chase fighting going Rogue, is a good 30% of this with him almost feeling like the main character (his book is next). 


I love the world building and was completely into all the arc and threads coming together and weaving in and out. I was pretty disappointed in this as Hunter's story though. As I said, we barely see his and Corinne's romance, and I don't think we got to really delve into his character. 


So yeah, read this as just a world-building bridge in the series and the continuing war against Dragos and definitely not for the romance. 

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review 2018-01-29 17:37
Deeper - part 2 of the Deep Duet
Deeper - M. Malone,Nana Malone

Like the first part of this duet, Deeper is a bit dark, a lot steamy, and emotional. It's also action packed and there's even a couple of surprises along the way. Rafe is hard as nails and unyielding except where Diana is concerned. I did have a hard time with how many things he seemed to overlook with her, but there's a chemistry between them that is undeniable. It took me awhile to warm up to Diana, and while her actions don't always make sense, the reasons for them do. Some of my favorite parts of this one were the interactions with the many other characters. The camaraderie between these men is obvious and their banter is often quite funny. Love them or hate them, all the characters are certainly interesting and the story is impossible to put down. 

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review 2018-01-29 00:00
Deeper - M. Malone,Nana Malone

I jumped on this book as soon as it hit my Kindle, but as it was during my move, I had to re-read it in order to write this review. No hardship. I love these Blake Security books. So. Hard.

In Deeper, we see the conclusion to Rafe and Diana's story. It picks up just after Diana has absconded with Rafe's safe contents, and he's waking up from being drugged. It's not just any woman that can get one over on master assassin Rafe, so he's pretty confounded and pissed.

Meanwhile, Diana is in more trouble than she can imagine, since she's taken some pretty sensitive information. Not only does she discover more about Rafe's involvement in her past, but she learns the truth about her family.

Now other parts of her past have reared their ugly heads and are threatening her life, while Rafe is hot on her trail - and she's got a flash drive that has information that puts hundreds of other people at risk. That doesn't sit well with the powers that be, so she'll have them to contend with as well.

All in all, it's not the best situation, and once Rafe catches up with Diana, it's just a matter of time before he has to decide whether love wins out and her safety is paramount.

Man, these guys and their women are delightful to devour, and I can't wait for more.

I give Deeper 5 missing diamond stars.

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review 2018-01-14 00:00
Deeper - M. Malone,Nana Malone Malone squared has become adept at setting the stage to leave readers wanting more. The Deep Duet is the latest example in their nailbiter storytelling. Deep left me at the edge of a cliff and Deeper had me diving right in. Diana and Rafe stepped into a maze of dangerous secrets. Rafe is no superhero, but like Batman his secrets run deep and his soul is quite tortured. A thirst for the truth has landed Diana in over her head. Vengeance drove her, now danger haunts her and only a ghost can save her. The tale of the dark warrior and his avenging angel is an enigma that began in lust and ended with love. A thriller from beginning to end.
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review 2017-11-07 17:46
Incompleteness: “Build Deeper - Deep Learning Beginner's Guide by Thimira Amaratunga
Build Deeper: Deep Learning Beginners' Guide - Thimira Amaratunga


“epsilon”: 1e-07,

“float”: “float32”,


“backend”: “tensorflow”



In “Build Deeper - Deep Learning Beginner's Guide by Thimira Amaratunga


This book confirms other predictive system results that I have seen, where it has often been found that we human as a species who fancy ourselves as psychics or using other la-di-da methodologies can at best achieve around an 80% accuracy rate, even with good regular practice and tuning. The more accustomed you are toward reaching ever higher accuracy & precision percentile targets the more the distance to the next little increase in goal horizon. Still it does bring into question the abilities of Science and machine systems designing new machine systems, often through excluding what are regarded as unrepeatable subjective methods in favour of repeatable objectiveness. Outliers and other non-obvious patterns & so on are pushing back the boundaries at the edge of our cultural belief systems.


I don't think that any computer scientist would dispute the point that modern AI or machine learning is nowhere near the threshold of 'consciousness' or even 'general intelligence'. But it's not uncommon for words to have a different meaning within a technical field compared to how they are used in everyday communication. In regular English 'chaos' means unpredictable, whereas in mathematics it refers to the tendency of sensitive nonlinear systems to exhibit emergent attraction basins that can potentially be extremely predictable. Those are arguably even antonyms. Another example would be terms 'deterministic/nondeterministic' in Computer Science, which also differ strongly from their meanings in regular English. The point is that if you feel the need to grandstand on these trivialities, you clearly don't understand the fundamentals of the subject matter under discussion.



If you're into Computer Science and Machine Learning in particular, read on.

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