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review 2019-04-17 07:22
Advertising Agencies in India | Digital Agency | Digital Advertising Agency | Online Advertising

Vowels Advertising Agency offers best Ad Solutions for your brand in Delhi NCR Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Pune Ahmedabad Surat Indore Bhopal Gwalior Baroda Jaipur Lucknow Kanpur Kolkata Udaipur Jodhpur Bikaner Coimbatore.

Source: www.vowels.co.in/services/advertising.html
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text 2018-12-12 06:29
The Era of Digital Advertising: Engaging your Customers OnlineĀ 


According to the recent data, Australian marketers spend more of their advertising budgets getting in touch with Digital marketing agency Australia in order to stay connected with the increasingly connected consumer base. Australia is known to have the highest digital ad spend per user in the world and by the end of the year, the country is said to dedicate more than half of its advertising budget to online and mobile platforms. SEO Service Company and Web Design and Development Company in Australia help businesses gain an edge over the others in terms of marketing your business online by creating a strong base for businesses online. Digitalization has altered how businesses market their products. The companies have to tailor their marketing strategies from the field to digital in order to gain a competitive edge over the others. The first step to marketing your business online is to have a website, for which you would need the assistance of Web Design and Development Company in Australia. Considering the online competition, the digital age brings along the technique of Search Engine Optimization for a better visibility on Google. Established SEO Service Company like O2 will help you understand the importance of SEO and show you how it affects your business. 


Digitalization has made the following impact on companies- 


  • Customer service is always on- Digital marketing has taken customer support services to an entirely different level. Before the beginning of the digital age, customer service almost lost its importance. With the digital platforms, the customer almost never sleeps, making it all the more significant for businesses to shift their focus and prioritize the needs of their customers. Majority of the industrial giants believe that customer service is their main point of competition, while the others had to make a drastic shift in resources. 


  • Better Communication- The change in the way of communication is another facet of the digital age. Digital platforms have reduced the gap between the consumer and the business. The shift in consumer behavior has made it easier than ever for businesses to hit their target audience. This has worked beneficially for smaller companies. With the advent of digitalization, small enterprises have as much power as the bigger ones in making success stories. Digital marketing channels provide as much coverage to small enterprises as they do with established brands.  


  • Reduced cost of advertising- Digitalization has changed the trends of spending huge amounts on advertising. Earlier, the company with the biggest advertising budget usually won the marketing race, which made them achieve the success they wanted. However, digital marketing has changed the trend now. Companies have to dedicate only a small budget to the marketing of their business digitally. Reaching out to people on social media channels as easy as it is important. Businesses can now compete with each other based on their skills as an advertiser, as opposed to simply spamming of posts, as was the case before. 


  • Changing the trends of traditional advertising- Digital age has almost pushed traditional advertising into non-existence. Advertising media like Television and Radio are no longer being used by companies for the marketing of their businesses. Consumers have made a shift to the online media, due to which online marketing channels tend to be targeted better. Businesses only pay for reaching out to people who may actually be interested in what they have to offer. 


The advent of digitalization in the marketing of businesses has changed everything about the way companies present themselves to the consumers. It has revolutionized the reach of small businesses while demanding more from the already established ones.  

Have you adopted the strategies of digital marketing yet? Get in touch with O2, one of the most renowned Digital marketing agency Australia for all the marketing needs of your business. 


Website: o2.net.au 


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text 2014-07-21 10:22
Hass & Associates Online Reviews: Fraud lurks in shadows of changing digital advertising landscape


The automation of the advertising industry was supposed to reduce waste. But in a quest for greater efficiency, marketers have exposed themselves to a new challenge: fraud.


The uncomfortable truth about the $120bn digital advertising market is that the fastest-growing and most innovative part of the sector – open exchanges – is increasingly being exploited by criminals.


With concern among its clients mounting, WPP, the world’s biggest ad agency, last month said it would stop buying ad slots through such exchanges. These technology platforms, operated by Google, Facebook, AOL and Yahoo, allow marketers to place ads on hundreds of thousands of sites across the internet. But in doing so they have left the industry vulnerable to fraudsters.


Many worry that if unchecked, fraud will undermine confidence in digital advertising. That could hinder the industry’s efforts to capture the $400bn that brands spend on traditional media advertising such as television and newspapers.


“Everyone who deals in internet advertising realises that there’s a huge opportunity that hasn’t unleashed itself,” says Cameron Hulett of Undertone, a company that helps brands advertise online.


“The more that marketers hear about [online fraud], the more it makes them think ‘let’s stick with TV advertising’,” he says.


The trouble is that hidden among the multitude of honest publishers plugged in to the exchanges are sites operated by rogues. The most sophisticated fraudsters operate networks of automated computer programmes – known as bots – which they direct to their websites to attract advertisers. The bots mimic cursor movements and mouse clicks, giving the impression that a person is visiting the sites.


As the Financial Times reported in May, part of a Mercedes-Benz online campaign was viewed more often by bots than by human beings. Other techniques used by fraudsters include inserting large numbers of invisible ad units into web pages, which rack up costs for advertisers but are never actually seen, and generating traffic through malware installed on hijacked computers.


Vivek Shah, chairman of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, warned this year that fraud had “reached crisis proportions”.


His fears are supported by findings from ComScore that more than a third of web traffic is originated by robots or other “non-human” activity. ComScore also found that the majority of ads appear in parts of a web page that cannot be seen by a consumer, rendering them useless.


For Group M, WPP’s media buying division, the solution is to avoid open exchanges entirely. The company, which spends about $10bn a year on digital advertising, instead plans to buy all its digital ad slots through direct deals with big publishers such as Facebook, Hulu and Fox.


“It’s extraordinarily important that our clients have complete trust in the ad inventory that they buy,” says Rob Norman, chief digital officer of GroupM. “Fraud is a binary issue where the only good number is zero.”


But GroupM’s rivals believe it is making a mistake.


Buying ad slots through exchanges accounted for just $12bn of the $516bn global ad market last year, according to eMarketer. But that spending is forecast to double in size over the next two years.


Brands such as American Express, Netflix and Procter & Gamble are increasingly spending through automated platforms.


Arun Kumar of Mediabrands Audience Platform, part of Interpublic Group, says that marketers are pouring money into advertising on the “long tail” of sites available through exchanges because doing so produces good results.

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