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text 2018-12-18 07:15
Tips For Selecting The Best Door Access System For You

Security is the most important aspect for any home or business owner now with increase in crime rate. It is only the reason behind invention of door access system. After installation of this door access system, only the authorized individuals will be able to enter in a room or a building in safe way. Access control aside, a door access system can lessen the hassle created by losing the keys or hunting down the terminated employees who were earlier granted access when were in service period. 



If you are thinking regarding advantage of this kind of access control system, you may need to pick the right kind of service for you. There are few tips given below for choosing a right kind of door access systemYou need to find out the actual purpose for installation of the door access system. Most of the people install the door access system for keeping out the unauthorized personnel. The other uses of such device include the recording of arrival and departure of employees and reminding the authorities while breaking of system already made.  


You need to decide the size of the system prior to implementing the same. There is need to consider the number of doors which are to be secured, the ideal number of employee’s data which is needed to be put in the system and the way it can be extended in the future. You also need to choose the level of security that is required to be provided for door access system. On other hand, companies having risk to lose more due to lack of security can have fingerprint access control system.


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The level of security can be also decided on the basis that how easily you can interact with the system. The biometric access systems are the most reliable security systems which are followed by the card-based systems and the keypad devices also. However, you may also need to keep in your mind that easier systems will cost more. Thus, check with your budget prior to investing your money down in one of these.


Make sure that lock you choose comes with an additional rechargeable battery. It is very important as you should lock yourself outside in the case of power failure. So, the safe as well as lock for a system can run twenty four hours and seven days. The brands are also essential for security solutions. This is because it guarantees the effective functioning of lock. For example, a Samsung lock can also ensure that you may get a nice digital device which can smoothly runs and also provide the actual value for money. Thus, you need to ask the security solution provider to note down the brands which are to be offered.


Panasonic phone systems are few kinds of popular phone systems used for business purposes. Panasonic phones possess ready to read screen, one touch button, time saving navigator key, visibility of red and green lights and the speakerphones.

Source: tech-com.com.sg
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text 2018-09-24 04:59
Keep Unwanted Elements Out Of Bounds with the Most Secure Doors

Security is very important in all offices. You need to ensure that unwanted people don’t enter your office. You should also ensure that people who don’t have the authority don’t enter those places they are not allowed to enter. Everyone in your office is not the same and there may certainly be people who are not always working in the better interests of the company. So, it is better to restrict the entry of people into sensitive areas in the office. The need to keep these areas secure is very important.


Techcom Engineering offers the best solution for restricting the entry of people into some areas. Our digital door lock system is the best fail-proof system. These systems will keep the doors locked unless the authorized person feeds the necessary code or uses his fingerprints or face for unlocking the doors. These doors can be programmed to allow entry only to some persons based on their biometric features. The doors worked on the principle electromagnetism. The doors are kept locked by powerful electromagnets. The power to the electromagnets is stopped when an authorized person opens it. When the power is stopped the magnet doesn’t work thus opening the door.



You can give fingerprint door access to the select employees who are allowed inside the secured area. Alternative methods are through face recognition or pin numbers. These doors can work in two modes. There is a fail safe mode which will deactivate the lock as soon as there is a power outage. This is safe for the individual safety of people if they are trapped inside the office. This is good for use for the main door of the office where everyone has to use codes to unlock the door. The other mode is the fail secure mode. In this mode, the lock remains locked even when there is a power outage. This is good to secure the property at nights when no one is inside the building.


The electromagnetic digital door lock system is the best for use in offices. The locks work very fast and are durable without any breakdowns. Techcom Engineering can install these door security systems as per your requirement.

Source: tech-com.com.sg
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Get Critical Systems For The Office From The Experts

An office requires many equipment and systems to run it smoothly. You will purchase your various equipment and gadgets from many suppliers. It is always best to get these items from those who are experts in installing and servicing them. If you do that there will be no problems in the future.


One of the top requirements of any office nowadays is to keep the office and many parts of it secure. It has become highly essential considering that there are more and more incidences of criminals entering offices and stealing money and other valuables. It is also essential to keep some parts of the office where there are valuables and confidential documents from being accessed by everyone. All these require an efficient way to prevent entry of unauthorized people. A locking system that is easy and at the same time secure is what you need.



A door access system operating on the principles of electromagnetic force is best suited for you. These provide ample security and can allow selective entry of people. There are no physical locks so that there is no threat of keys being copied or lost. These door access systems work on either electronic keypads or biometric system. This means that nobody, other than the authorized people will be able to get inside the secure area. If you purchase one that works on the biometric system you can be sure that nobody else can enter the area.


These locks work on the principle of electromagnetism. When the locks are opened using the biometric system or keypad, the power to the electromagnet is cut off, thus releasing the lock. This can be operated on a safe mode so that even if there is an accident inside the office, the power can be switched off and the door opened to allow emergency exit. Techcom Engineering can supply you with any model of these door access systems and install the same. We also have the necessary technicians for service and maintenance.

Communication is an import part of any organization. Communication equipment is a must for the company. One of the best equipment for smooth, continuous communication between the office employees and outside partners is the PBX phone system. This system will allow communication between many people inside the office at the same time. It also facilitates various members of the staff to use the same outside line to talk to related persons outside the office. The system delivers clear and loud voice. Techcom Engineering has the trained people to install and service these systems.


Source: tech-com.com.sg
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text 2018-07-16 12:58
Opt For the High-Quality Digital Door Lock

It is quite important for you to find the best source that provides the most useful surveillance items for your needs. Here, in this case, you have to make your first priority to have a look at the quality. This is quite important where you should never find yourself compromising on it. By having a good look at the specifications of the surveillance items, it would surely be possible to find it to be of much use to you. You can find high-quality security items when you visit Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd. We help you to get the best and branded surveillance items where you can find it to be quite helpful to meet your security needs. We have been able to supply the best quality items which have led to high levels of security in the best way.


Checking for the best digital door lock can be possible when you visit us. Our electronic door lock system can provide maximum security to your workplace. We help you to reduce your burden to a lot extent related to your security where you would never get disappointed at all. We make sure that you get all important products that would help in providing the right security needs. If you wish to get PABX then you can always find it here without any problem at all. So, by choosing our best and superior quality items, you would find that it has made it possible to get the perfect services from us where you also never have to spend a lot on it.


When you contact Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd, you would find that you can choose from a CCTV camera, alarm security system, etc. Our best IP PBX system can provide maximum security where you would find it to be of much use. Therefore, you should always make your perfect selection to approach us for your security items that are of the superior quality. Make sure that you also look at our exciting promotions that would prove to be much advantageous for you. We provide assurance of our security items that it would definitely serve your best purpose.


Source: tech-com.com.sg/offer/cctv-security-wireless-camera-system-singapore
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