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review 2017-09-07 17:26
The Bird Eater by Ania Ahlborn
The Bird Eater - Ania Ahlborn, Peter Berkrot

After starting out with a nasty murder by a boy with a maniacal grin, I was expecting The Bird Eater to be so much better than it actually turned out to be.

Twenty-one years after the chilling events in the opening scene, Aaron returns to his dilapidated and reputedly haunted childhood home hoping to heal his freshly broken life. Apparently his therapist advised him to do so despite the fact that he witnessed a murder in the house and he’s currently struggling with depression, borderline substance abuse, separation from his wife and the death of his young son. Yep, being all alone in a murder house will surely cure his woes. I hope he didn’t pay that person too much for the shitty advice. 

The problem for me with this story was Aaron and all of the other main characters. Aaron was a broken man and remained that way throughout the story and, quite honestly, his self-loathing exhausted me and the way the book was written kept me from feeling his anguish. There was a disconnect between Aaron and I which kept me from feeling much of anything. Aaron reconnects with his childhood friends and his childhood love and I found that so bizarre and unbelievably frustrating that I nearly have no words. I mean, 21 years have passed, he was 14 freaking years old when his world crumbled and this Cheri person is still carrying a torch for him?!!! 

Dayam, even I gave up on Corey Hart after a year and moved on with my life when he didn’t show up to whisk me away and I was in luv. 

Reality should’ve kicked in for Cheri at some point in those 21 years!

And did I mention that Cheri is also MARRIED to some poor schlub who works his bum off so she can buy nice things and she’s ready to toss him away because her grief ridden true love has returned!? Cheri thinks she can fix Aaron. Ugh, Cheri was a weak, pathetic excuse for a character and only managed to suck any enjoyment out of this story for me. Aaron’s other childhood friend is a supposed ghost hunter but doesn’t do any ghost hunting in the local haunted house. WTF is going on with these characters?!

Whew, glad that’s out of the way. There were a few things I enjoyed; the creep factor, the crazed Birdboy, the atmosphere and the slow build (to a lame reveal) but obviously this is not a book I would ever reread. 

It’s getting 2 ½ stars because I am bothered!


This book will fulfill my Ghost square.




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review 2016-05-10 18:01
Forbidden Love by Karen Robards
Forbidden Love - Karen Robards

*There may be mild spoilers but everything I write about happens early on. I've left out the truly terrifying spoilers. You'll have to read the book yourself to discover them ;)


This is an oldie, the original copyright says 1983, and I had my doubts that it would be one of those hidden gems but I read it anyway.


You should probably know going in that things happen within this book that are not okay by me. There is some dubious consent, some unfair and ugly name calling, and some unpleasant slapping of all the cheeks. The hero is also a classic alpha-hole and the virginal heroine sees him as a stand-in daddy figure. Don't say I didn't warn you.


I pretty much knew I wasn’t in for sweet and romantic very early on when the “hero” says, “I will do as I please and YOU will do as I please.”


Believe him because he means it.


Megan has been the ward of 36 year old Justin, Lord of Sexton or Weston or somesuch. Anyway, he is a big shot in society and has loads of money and power and pretty much had zero to do with orphaned Megan for the twelve years she has been his responsibility. He’s simply shipped her off to boarding schools and sent her an impersonal gift during holidays. Now she’s 17 and has been tossed out of school for the third time or so and has decided that she is not going back and is staying in one of Justin’s homes. He decides to finally take some action and deal with his defiant, violet eyed minx all by himself!



But he’s not prepared for what he finds. He first spies her dancing like a hussy with his servants. He is ticked off and decides to take a bath before he fires everyone. It's then that she bursts into his room and spies his nakedness and feelings, well, they are awakened . . . She, apparently, grew up a whole bunch in the two years since he’s last bothered to see her and when they are forced to spend a lot of time together, for reasons, he simply can’t resist her lovely young flesh and seduces her. He is a virile man and he has needs, after all. This might be all well and good if he wasn’t married(!!) and an alpha-hole but he is who he is and naturally he lays the blame on her seductive little body. Even though he's old enough to be her dad and should know better. She freaks out when discovers he’s married and terrible things continue to happen until the very end of the book.


It’s too bad Justin had such a magical manroot. Megan likely would’ve had a much easier time noticing his faults and moving along with her life if he had been a dud.



But alas, it wasn’t meant to be and that body of hers continued to betray her wishes. The poor child.


“You’re a little bitch.”


Now some people may find those words seductive because this book gets five stars from many readers but I guess I am not one of them. It's only getting a 2 1/2 from me.


This book made me crazy mad and was all kinds of wrong but I only have myself to blame because I kept reading it. Justin was a jealous, despicable beast and nothing anyone says in his defense will ever change my mind and, yes, I read it to the very end because I couldn't stop myself.


I listened to this as an audiobook and the narrator was a guy that put on a snooty voice that suited Justin perfectly. I typically don’t enjoy male narrators in a romance but he even did okay with Megan’s voice too. If you must listen to this, I’d say listen to this version narrated by James Clamp.

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review 2015-11-23 13:00
Evermore by Alyson Noel
Evermore - Alyson Noel

GR Cleanup Read March 2011


Sixteen year old Ever (yes, so sorry that’s not a typo) lost her family, her dog, her home and her popularity in a tragic accident. When she awakens she has the ability to read thoughts and see auras. This is not a good thing for Ever and it turns her into a “freak”. Now living with her wealthy, absent aunt, she shuns people and hides her beauty behind ugly hoodies and big sunglasses.

One gloomy day a new boy arrives at the school where she is now one of the misfit freaky kids. For some reason she’s chosen to befriend a gothy bitch and a disinterested in anything but himself boy named Miles instead of the bitchy, self-involved popular kids she used to consider her BFF’s. This new kid, Damen, is all smoldering good looks and is interested in MissHoodie and she can’t read his thoughts! Ahhh, blessed silence replaces the voices in her head whenever he is near.

Here I stop to let the feelings of Deja freaking Vu wash over me and lament the loss of originality in the YA world.

The rest of the book follows Ever and Damen around as he keeps her in the dark about his dark and mysterious past and generally acts all dark and mysterious but because he’s sexysuperhot they fall into an obsessive dysfunctional crazy sort of love. He must really know how to work the smolder because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out when or why they were in love or how he jumped straight from wooing to almost getting her out of her panties in a blink. He was a BORING character and no amount of movie star looks is fixing that when I can’t see him! She ain’t no prize either, for that matter. She’s moody and spoiled and acts like a real nut when he finally tells her the truth about himself. I could forgive the moody, hell her family was dead, but the author didn’t work that angle to any real emotional effect. The deaths were used as a means to get her to where she is, living with an aunt who conveniently works 168 hours a week so she can hook up with Damen. I should know, I lost a parent at thirteen and life was an emotional hell for a very long time. In this book, I felt none of the pain and torment that invades every pore of your being when something so earth shattering happens. Thus, many of Ever’s thoughts were distasteful and shallow to me. All she did was whine about unimportant shit and fret about Damen. Sure she could still talk to her little ghostie sister so I guess that made all the pain go away? To me it was all a bit lazy and not at all clever.

So yeah I freely admit I’m biased but I did finish the book and it didn’t get better for me. I don’t care how much woo-woo or adventure or paranormal twisties an author throws in, if I find the characters tedious and completely lacking in emotion it’s a fail. Ever is a fail.

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review 2015-09-08 13:00
Slave-Mines of Tormunil by Aran Ashe (GR Cleanup)
Slave-Mines Of Tormunil - Aran Ashe

GR Cleanup. Originally attempted to read in Sept. 2011.


Nice understated cover, eh? This one is written in the vein of the Anne Rice Beauty books. A world where young innocents are trained as pleasure slaves and forced to serve anyone and everyone above their station. I'm only reading it to see if it's anything like the Rice novels. Yep, that's it.

Ok, it's now a little later (several weeks actually) since my first paragraph was written and I have to mark this one as DNF. I've picked it up and put it down out of boredom too many times to count. I'm not a quitter but honestly when I read this line on pg 96 I just could not bring myself to read further.

She was picturing their full erections, their swollen love-hearts that made their semen.

Was it necessary for the author to go there? I will never be able to look at a heart shaped, cream filled bon-bon without shuddering again. I don't think I'll even be able to eat those Dove chocolate Valentine hearts anymore. For that I am very sad and probably damaged beyond repair.

This book was very odd. It was a sex fest, road-trip filled with willing, buxom naked slaves but it was boring. How is that even possible? Though it was filled with many disturbing images the writing was just off, clinical, often confusing (these folks must be mighty flexible) and slightly strange and I wasn't disgusted when I probably should have been. The constant sex was tedious after the first chapter and I didn't care about any of the characters. There was very little dialogue, none of it interesting or humorous and the plot was only there to get from one sex scene to the next. Something about the main guy (who has been altered (?) to "leak" his man fluids copiously to feed the hungry slave girls) finding his true love (she whose breasts never stop leaking milk) but he gets, ummm, sidetracked shall we say, very easily. I can't tell you if he finds his dream woman and drowns in their combined fluids or if he manages to live off the bounty of her breastacles while feeding the starving masses because I can't put myself through this torture any longer.

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text 2015-03-24 02:51
Really Looking Forward To Reading This
Don't Tell Me I Can't Do It!: Living Audaciously in the Here and Now - Dr. Erica Miller

The blurb on this book, her background and her triumphs sold this. I don't know her but I see this is not her first book. This might be the ultimate survivor story

it's up on NG if anyone is interested

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