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review 2017-01-12 18:24
Review: Until Dawn: A Dragons of Bloodfire World Novella by Erin Kellison
Until Dawn: A Dragons of Bloodfire World Novella - Erin Kellison

Vampire Cal is on a mission. Find out who’s trying to harm reality tv star (and witch) Judith and eliminate the threat if necessary. This author kept the illusion that it was going to be a simple tale but the story was so neatly told and full of surprising turns that before it was over it was obvious it was nothing I thought it would be. I liked her different take on vampires and how they ranked among the other beings in this world. For such a short story it had plenty of action, drama, and a sweet ending. I hope there is more from this couple or at least from Judith's “coven” because they sounded like fun.
3.5 stars rounded to 4.

*A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion*

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review 2016-06-04 19:46
Awakened by Fire: Dragons of Bloodfire 2 - Erin Kellison


Dragons Of Bloodfire is shaping up to be a new favorite series of mine! Kellison’s books may be a little smaller, but they are MIGHTY! And who doesn’t love freaking DRAGONS?!



dragon love



I was so excited for this sequel to Tempted by Fire, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! I honestly loved everything about this book! Dragon shifters are quickly becoming my fave shifter of them all! The Blookdkin in particular. The Bloodkin in any form are just so intriguing!! The hierarchy, the different play on dragon tendencies, I especially liked how Warrick hoarded special moments like they were the most precious commodities around! Cue the swooning!



swoony sigh



I loved Samantha! She navigated the Bloodkin and their stewards alike, expertly! It was interesting to get someone that knew her way around this time. She was an old pro with these dragons! I was grateful she was not a steward though, her independent streak and the way she spoke to the dragon royalty as if they were just human sometimes was great! She had the perfect rations of spunk and common sense. She knew when to push and when not to. And her secret ended up being something really cool that opened this world that Kellison has created even more. Not to mention it was a rather unique concept that I haven’t read before, and now a days, or maybe just with the amount of books I consume, it is just so darn rare (and refreshing!) to see genuinely NEWconcepts and fantastic beings! It is nice to be surprised with something new once in awhile, and I got that here.



Oh and did I also mention the DRAGONS??



dragon fire



Okay, yeah I think I did, but really who could ever get enough of that?! There may or may not have been an epic dragon showdown in this book too…but I guess you’ll just have to pick up the book and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed! I can’t wait to see what the next installment in this series has in store for us!! My expectations and excitement are both VERY high at this point!


And one more dragon gif for the road:)


dragon gif


I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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review 2016-05-28 11:30
Awakened by Fire (Dragons of Bloodfire #2) by Erin Kellison


For today’s treasure hunt  ~ get ready to be lost to a sexy world full of danger, secrets and desire as we explore the 2nd book in the Dragon’s of Bloodfire series by Erin Kellison ~ Awakened by Fire!



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review 2016-05-26 23:15
Awakened by Fire (Dragons of Bloodfire #2) by Erin Kellison
Awakened by Fire: Dragons of Bloodfire 2 - Erin Kellison


Her secret gift will get her and her grandfather killed, so Samantha Vine needs to stay under the radar but with someone striking at Warrick, her quick trip home, stretches into weeks because only she has the ability to stop it in this splendid paranormal romance.


As a dragon shifter and Bloodkin Triad member, Warrick Voclain is no stranger to power but he’s thrown for a loop when his steward’s granddaughter whose all grown up seems to be using illegal magic and the readers can’t help but become ensnared by the intrigue and the thrills as Warrick discovers that he’ll reshape the world for her with fire and blood. These strong characters demand your attention while they fight their enemies and struggle with their strong desires for each other, with sizzling chemistry and explosive fireworks spicing up this thrilling story as Samantha and Warrick fight their attraction for various personal reasons, the kind that could get someone killed in this fast paced, smooth flowing plot that thrills readers with lots of suspense, excitement and romance.


Expectation and tension catch readers in their web from the very beginning as Samantha travels home and the readers realize she has a secret that could get her and her grandfather killed and the story continues to draw the readers in as the excitement escalates when someone starts attacking Warrick and by extension sets their sights on Samantha. There is never a dull moment in this well written story what with quite a few unexpected twists, lots of heart pounding excitement and such a thrilling romance to keep readers glued to the pages and the author uses vivid details to make sure you can picture each and every second of it.


What an exhilarating ride, Warrick and Samantha’s story had me locked in from beginning to end and I wasn’t ready for it to end and the battle with Warrick’s enemies was one spectacular show that rocked my world.  This fascinating series as a whole has many interesting elements that add flair to the story and ensures that I want more so I can’t wait to find out what happens next.



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review 2016-05-22 15:40
Awakened by Fire: Dragons of Bloodfire 2 - Erin Kellison

I loved returning to the Bloodfire series.  Tempted by Fire was awesome and book 2 was just as fun and enjoyable.  Samantha and Warrick were strong characters that worked well together, and the conflicts fit within the story and kept the story moving quickly. I enjoyed watching them come together, though I have to admit I wanted more moments of passion because it was clear that these two could be explosive together. The final battle Samantha took part in was great!  She kicked serious ass and her moment when she reaches out to Warrick during his battle to make sure he didn't kill more than their enemies while consumed in his battle lust:

"I'm cold, Warrick. I'm cold, and I hurt...Look with human eyes. You know me. I belong to you," the voice said. "You were very clear on that point. But you also belong to me, which is why I'm not leaving..."

The voice drifted off, and he found he missed it.

"You have eighteen freckles," he said without having to look.

But the human woman wasn't there anymore.


Oh, God. Samantha.

Loved that scene and what follows (Don't worry, I didn't give enough to spoil it), I just thought that was so poignant. I'm excited to find out what happens in book 3 and I hope that Mack makes more of an appearance in the series.

Book gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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