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review 2016-11-18 14:22
Half Magic - Edward Eager, N. M. Bodecker (Illustrator)
Half Magic - 'N. M. Bodecker (Illustrator)','Edward Eager'
  1. I know Eager was deliberately trying to recreate late Victorian children’s books of the Five Children and It school. And I totally get why he would want to do that: to bring the magic story up enough to be plausible to a new generation of readers who do not summer in the country. And who aren’t British. Admirable goals. But what I don’t understand is why he didn’t set his book in a contemporary period. It’s not explicit, but this is set rather earlier in the century than its publication date of 1954. It has that pre-WWII vibe you get in so many Twilight Zone and Ray Bradbury stories.
  2. Regardless, it’s a cute idea and a fun book, albeit riddled with stereotypes of other peoples. Probably not deliberately racist, just not deliberately NOT racist. If this is a deal-breaker, stay the hell away from the original Mary Poppins books, too.
  3. Library copy
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review 2013-10-24 00:40
Half Magic: Fiftieth-Anniversary Edition
Half Magic: Fiftieth-Anniversary Edition - Edward Eager A classic of kidlit. Summer vacation brings adventures and lessons (which are never tedious or preachy) to bored kids and love to an overworked mom. As good as you remember from your own childhood.
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url 2013-09-03 12:36
Dobra historia od Dobrych Historii

Wydawnictwo Dobre Historie wlało mi promyczek szczęścia w duszę po ogłoszeniu, że ma zamiar ruszyć z nową serią wydawniczą klasycznych horrorów. A ze względu na moją miłość do wszelkiej klasyki, jedyne co mogę powiedzieć, to guys, już nie mogę się doczekać!


Na pierwszy, nomen omen, ogień idzie "Płoń, wiedźmo, płoń" Abrahama Merritta (1884-1943). Już we wrześniu!





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review 2013-07-26 00:00
Magic by the Lake (Edward Eager's Tales of Magic)
Magic by the Lake - Edward Eager,N.M. Bodecker I had discovered Eager a couple of years ago and really enjoyed Half Magic (which is a prequel of sorts) so when I saw this in a thrift store I was sure to grab it. It was a cute story and I always love illustrations, but this wasn't a book I have to hold onto.
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review 2013-07-23 00:00
Magic by the Lake - Edward Eager,N.M. Bodecker oh, Edward Eager, you really seem like a swell guy. a family man but not one of those mawkish mewling types who always seem to be about to burst into tears when they talk about their fam. you get kids and you don't bring a lot of sentimentality to the table either; you capture the cheerfulness & the mood swings & the sweetness & a little bit of the sour as well. you root your adventures in prosaic reality but you manage to make prosaic reality not bad, not bad at all, its own sort of adventure.

written in 1957 but set several decades earlier, this fun little trifle is Eager all over. 4 siblings spend a summer at a lake, A MAGIC LAKE, the magic courtesy of a grouchy magic turtle. they get various wishes and go on various adventures including seeing pirates, cannibals, Antarctica, and what it's like to be a few years older and going on a date with a couple pretentious twits. the bloodthirsty youngest girl was my predictable favorite of the four, but I also wouldn't mind having fearless and slightly condescending oldest-sister Jane as a child either. well, all four of them are actually pretty peachy. they spend the last adventure trying to figure out how to help their stepdad's ailing business, and that's just adorable.

favorite part was when they stumble across another group of kids on their own magical adventure with their own magical rules that must be followed. surreal and surprising and kinda awesome.

loved one of the last lines, it really spoke to me:
"You mean it's really over?" said Katherine. "I don't believe it. It wouldn't all end like this. What would be the point? Why, we didn't learn a moral lesson, or anything!"
well isn't that just the truth, kids. welcome to the world!
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