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review 2020-03-07 14:53
The Art Book
The Art Book - Editors of Phaidon Press

So if you re-titled this, "The (Almost Entirely Western) Painting and Sculpture (14th - 20th Century) Book, you'd know what you're in for - but it's not exactly pithy. Only the "Painting and Sculpture" part is openly acknowledged by the editors. The rest is deduced from what actually appears in the book, which is an alphabetically arranged list of 500 artists with one image each and a paragraph or two of annotation about the artist and the work displayed. There's also basic biographical details and information on the chosen image.


As the editors note, the alphabetical arrangement leads to some startling contrasts since proximate works in the book can be separated by centuries and continents in terms of their actual production. This was actually quite fun, just look elsewhere for an education on how everything fits together conceptually, geographically and historically. 500 entries gives room for all the most famous artists (given the constraints of my alternative title) with plenty of space left over for people I had not heard of, some of whom piqued my interest. It was also pleasing to find women represented as far back as the 1600s, their work being of a quality matching that of the book generally.


Great for flipping through - a perfect "coffee table" book.

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review 2019-08-12 20:46
Book Review: Great & Small Prayers for Babies
Great & Small Prayers for Babies - Flash Kids Editors

Great and Small Prayers for Babies is really sweet and cute. It easy to read. It got a rhyme to when you are reading the book. It great for little toddlers or little children to pick up and play with. I did notice this love it. That I wanted for a family member of mine.

My mom though otherwise, she wants for a friend of hers that having a baby. My thoughts exactly is why I picked it up was for cousin of mine. It is better for the newest members of the family. It for babies, ages 0-3. They can open the flap to read and see what under the flap, It cute and fun to read what it says under the flap.

Came brand new and closed ready to be opened by little hands. Pictures are done well and sweet to look and see. Words that go with animal makes. Great for parents looking for a gift for a new baby coming into the family or even for themselves.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2019/08/book-review-great-small-prayers-for.html
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review 2019-08-07 21:27
Charles River Freebies Round Up
The Lalibela Churches: The History and Legacy of the Medieval Cave Churches in Ethiopia - Charles River Editors
Anne Bradstreet: The Life and Legacy of the Famous Puritan Poet in the American Colonies - Charles River Editors

The Lalibela Churches one is Charles River Editors at their best.  It is packed with information and photos.  I learned things.


The Bradstreet one isn't bad, and is in fact, a good overview for a student.

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review 2019-07-31 01:24
Charles River Editors Round Up
Suleiman the Magnificent: The Life and Legacy of the Ottoman Empire’s Most Famous Sultan - Charles River Editors
Guangzhou: The History and Legacy of China’s Most Influential Trade Center - Charles River Editors

Picked these up when they were offered for free, last year occurring to Amazon.  


The Suleiman one is the better of the two.  I did want more information about his wives, but it is a good introduction.   3 stars.


Guangzhou is more European centric than I liked.  I understand that it was a trade center, but I learned more about how it effected the Europeans than the Chinese.  Strange considering where the city is located.

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review 2019-07-24 18:44
Short Kindle Freebie Round Up
The Alcohol Murders: The True Story of Serial Killer Gilbert Paul Jordan (Crimes Canada: True Crimes That Shocked The Nation Book 10) - Harriet Fox,RJ Parker,Aeternum Designs,Peter Vronsky
The Severan Dynasty: The History and Legacy of the Ancient Roman Empire’s Rulers Before Rome’s Imperial Crisis - Charles River Editors
The Gurkhas: The History and Legacy of the Nepalese Soldiers Used by the British Empire in India - Charles River Editors
Akhenaten and Amarna: The History of Ancient Egypt’s Most Mysterious Pharaoh and His Capital City - Charles River Editors

The Harriet Fox about Gilbert Paul Jordan is good.  It has much information as Harriet Fox could find. The writing is good. The case overview is fine. I just wish there had been a bit more about the possibility that the backgrounds of the women whom he killed and whether their race and/or case had something to do with the lack of a case or investigation. (three stars)


As for the Charles River Editors book.  The stand out is the one about Akhenaten and Amarna which includes a detailed analysis of the queens of the time.  The Serveran and Gurkhas ones (4 and 3 stars) are good overviews.

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