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review 2018-02-20 17:33
An Unbidden Visitor by Dianne Ascroft
An Unbidden Visitor - Dianne Ascroft,Dianne Ascroft,Elizabeth Klett

An Unbidden Visitor by Dianne Ascroft is taken from true story of the Cooneen Ghost involving the Murphy family in County Fermanagh Northern Ireland in 1913. There is lots of documentation on the Poltergeist activity. 


The story goes that the poltergeist activity included scratching and banging sounds. Priests were called in and tried to free the home and family to no avail. Neighbors also witnessed the activity. 


Bridgett Murphy a widow and mother being afraid for her family and also being ostracized by the community decided to leave and sail to America where her brother lived to be free of poltergeist. 


This is a very short Audiobook only about 30 minutes long. It is narrated by Elizabeth Klett. I really enjoyed listening to her lilting Irish accent. She has done a wonderful job with the narration. I was fully involved with the narration and stopped what I was doing to listen. 


I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Dianne Ascroft. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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text 2018-02-17 20:03
Reading progress: 46%.
Chill - Elizabeth Bear

So far, I'm liking this better than the first book in series (Dust).


I think it's because I have some characters to root for, less POV switches to lose them or murkiness about who-is-who/ what-is-what/ less-mucking-about-bits-of-meandering-possibly-unimportant-or-going-nowhere-ship-parts-briefly-introducing-then-abandoning-folk-and-places-and-theories.


It's very easy to put down and get distracted by a new shiny, though.  Less a reflection of the book than my mood and how the chapters are written somewhat as convenient stopping points.  And still way too much wandering about ship bits.  


I'm reading this for a bookclub on booklikes, Virtual Speculation, if anyone cares to join us.


Jacob's Ladder Trilogy in order:


Dust - Elizabeth Bear  Chill - Elizabeth Bear  Grail - Elizabeth Bear  

Source: booklikes.com/book-clubs/50/virtual-speculation
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text 2018-02-14 17:33
the difference of years
Chill - Elizabeth Bear

this book definitely reads different than when i first did... and that's not a bad thing.  the theme of the struggle after survival is prevalent, and something that did not resonate so much in my younger self.

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review 2018-02-14 13:34
A lesser 'Ove
The Story of Arthur Truluv: A Novel - Elizabeth Berg

The book sounded like a fun and endearing read of a widower, his nosy neighbor and a young woman reaching adulthood as she graduates high school. Arthur visits the cemetery to speak to his deceased wife when he runs into Maddy, a high school student about to deal with an immense life change (aside from her impending graduation) and Arthur's neighbor, Lucille, who has her own story.


I didn't care for 'Ove' but was willing to give this a shot because it sounded like an upbeat read (or at least one where everything would be okay in the end) and I just wanted to throw that into my reading queue. Unfortunately...doesn't meet expectations. Arthur is perhaps not quite as cranky as Ove and while the characters are all mildly interesting the book and story were ultimately skimmable. Cranky old man. Soon to be "adult" (in the sense of age and that she's graduating high school) young woman at a crossroads. A neighbor who may have finally found happiness.


All familiar tropes, all have been done before. I cared enough to see how various story threads resolved themselves and I wasn't too surprised to see what happened to Arthur (Maddy's and Lucille's story endings weren't too shocking either). The end is a little too neatly tied together. Even though I had expected a relatively happy ending, I guess this book didn't quite do enough work to find it endearing or outstanding in any way.


But if you liked 'Ove' this might be a good read. If you like stories that end with a generally happy ending (not fully as with 'Ove' but it wasn't unexpected either) this could be a good pickup. 'Ove' is going to be adapted as a film of this writing and I wouldn't be surprised if this book were also to receive some sort of TV/film adaptation either.


Borrow from the library and see if it's something you'd want to have in your library.

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text 2018-02-13 23:09
Reading progress: 98%.
Dust - Elizabeth Bear

So this is love, he thought. This abjection. This helplessness. It was not merely the chemicals, after all.

 Reading this to join in booklikes' Virtual Speculation book club's read of the sequel — Chill — if anyone cares to join us.


The Jacob's Ladder trilogy next books in order:


     Chill - Elizabeth Bear  Grail - Elizabeth Bear  

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