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review 2015-03-30 02:05
Indigo Dawn (Josie Hawk Chronicles #1) by Elle J. Rossi
Indigo Dawn (The Josie Hawk Chronicles) (Volume 3) - Elle J Rossi

The pixies are causing trouble, and it is up to Josie and Keller to put a stop to it.


Josie is a great heroine. I like that she is strong and smart. I enjoy Josie’s conversations and sarcastic personality. She is very humorous.


She has a great group of friends: the vampires of Crimson Beat and Sage. She also has some useful contacts. I love their gift to her, complete with pretty read bow. You’ll have to read the book to find out what it was.


The pixies are entertaining foes. They are creative with their fighting. I mean seriously, spit balls, sick. I think Esmeralda had a death wish. I personally would not mess with Josie.


Indigo Dawn has a fast-paced and action-filled plot. It had numerous surprises and was interesting. This is a really great series that I look forward to continuing reading.


Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-03-30 02:01
Alabaster Nights (Josie Hawk Chronicles 0.5) by Elle J. Rossi
Alabaster Nights (The Josie Hawk Chronicles) - Elle J Rossi

Vampire, Keller O’Leary, goes to Nashville to visit his sister and meets his mate, Huntress, Josie Hawk.


This is the prequel to the Josie Hawk Chronicles. I actually read it out of order and enjoyed Keller’s perspective.


It’s hard not to like Irish vampire, Keller. He is patient and strong. I value that he plays the drums. I also appreciate that he wants to be good, fitting in the human world and subjected himself to the Colony (aka vampire rehab).


I enjoyed learning about his background and some of the things he went through.


I like how he, and Josie met in this story and interact with each other.

Alabaster Nights is a well-written novella. It is a fast read that I could not put down and a great start to the series.


Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-03-30 01:57
Crimson Beat (Josie Hawk Chronicles 0.6) by Elle J. Rossi
Crimson Beat - Spring Equinox (The Celtic Tapestry Collection, Book 1) - Elle J Rossi

In this follow up to Alabaster Nights, Keller O'Leary comes back to Nashville with his band Crimson Beat.


I think the name of Keller’s band is appropriate for a bunch of vampires. We meet the band: Lucian, Matthew, Alex, Grant, and Keller. I like that they become protective of Josie.


Josie fights her relationship with Keller, and wants to discover why he is really in town. This is a great short story that was fun to read.


Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-03-09 00:00
Midnight Masque (The Josie Hawk Chronicles)
Midnight Masque (The Josie Hawk Chronicl... Midnight Masque (The Josie Hawk Chronicles) - Elle J. Rossi I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Josie Hawk, half vampire/half human is back and still one tough chick that can kick butt almost as well as her vampire boyfriend Keller O'Leary. Josie is also still living in Nashville and taking care of the humans who live in her city. Keller and his band Crimson Beat, Alex, Grant, Matthew and Lucian they have Josie's back too. They have all come to love just as much as Keller but in a different way all though they would kill or die for her just as she would them. Her best friend Sage and Keller's sister is still working with Josie at the bar that they both own. Josie works during the daylight hours while Sage works the nighttime hours.

Keller hates it when Josie runs into trouble during the day and he is stuck at home where he can't help her. With him being a vampire he can't come out during the day or he will go up in flames. But Josie is not totally alone during the day she has her friend Cassy who is a witch and a new friend a teenager that can shift into a wolf that she adopted. He doesn't remember who he is or where he came from but everyone calls him Harry and he is ok with it. Josie feels responsible for Harry and tries her best to take care of him while at the same time Harry wants to be right beside Josie and protect her.

Josie wants to take Keller to meet her father like all girls do when they fall in love. They want daddy to that special person in their lives. Josie and Keller have made plans to go see her father but Josie is afraid that he won't like Keller. You see Josie's father is a vampire hunter too only he doesn't see any good in vampires. He thinks they're all bad and evil and are out to hurt or kill all humans and he must rid the world of them. He has never met any vampires that are good and want to save the human race as well. He knows that there are humans that are good and there are humans that are bad but he has never made that connection in his mind that there are some vampires that can be good too. The closer it gets to the time that they are to leave to go see her father she starts making up excuses as to why they can't go.

Josie doesn't have a whole lot of time to think about going to see her dad and taking Keller with her to meet him because their old buddy Cross is back in town and is trying to take over Josie's city and there is no way she is going to let that happen. He will have to kill her before she will ever allow that to happen. Cross has sent a new supernatural creature after Josie to stop her so he can take over her city. But he soon realizes that Josie is a tougher chick than he ever thought.

I have really and truly loved reading each and every one of the Josie Hawk Chronicles and can't wait to read more about Josie, Keller, Cassy, Sage, Alex, Grant, Matthew, Lucian and Harry. Midnight Masque is filled with so much action that it keeps you glued to the pages and you're flipping them so fast you begin to wonder if you are not half vampire as well. If you love vampires then you are definitely going to absolutely love Midnight Masque but I would suggest that you read Alabaster Nights, Crimson Beat and Indigo Dawn first before reading Midnight Masque so that you will know how they all met and so that you will know all of their back stories.
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review 2014-12-01 00:00
Rehab Is For Witches
Rehab Is For Witches - Cynthia Valero,Elle J Rossi,J.A. Howell,Miranda Stork,Tara S Wood,Tyffani Clark Kemp What I liked: I found each of the stories really interesting and entertaining. With each one they felt like they were too short to make me want them over, yet long enough to answer the questions I wanted to know the answers to. Each of the girls were characters who had to learn and grow into better people, stop doing the black magic that they had used for so long. I found the pace in each story to be a little different and all the characters stood on their own but were entertaining in their own way. I think the last story was my favorite though, I couldn't put it down!

What I didn't like: I wish there had been less romance in the stories, because they seemed a little forced, and didn't always fit into the story. Sometimes the girls were too swoony, most of them used black magic for fun so it just didn't seem like the girls should have been that swoony.

Overall Review: I really enjoyed this collection of stories about bad witches going to rehab to make themselves stop using black magic. Each girl was different from each other in her problems and how things turn out for them. While I wish there had been some more magic and the stories to have been longer because I liked the characters, I did like how everything ended up turning out by the end.

Recommend?: I can, I guess it's all up to personal preference though!
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