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review 2018-01-12 15:29
Dreaming of the Bones
Dreaming of the Bones - Deborah Crombie

Author: Deborah Crombie

Series:  Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James #5


Using poetry to solve a murder? Yes, please.


This book had off-the-hook character development.  Excellent. To have that much happening and to not let the mystery fade into the background... Bravo!


This installment starts with Kincaid receiving a call from his ex-wife who wants him to look into the apparent suicide of a poet. Simple. Gemma and Kincaid begin to look into things and the story takes a startling, shocking turn. I did not expect it- and the subsequent reveals after were just as good. 


This is not a series you can just pick up and read out of order. Each mystery builds on the previous ones. I will definitely be continuing with this series.

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review 2015-12-02 15:20
Her Royal Spyness
Her Royal Spyness - Rhys Bowen

Author:    Rhys Bowen

Narrator: Katherine Kellgren

Series:    Her Royal Spyness #1

Rating:    3.5 stars


Book Blurb: London 1932. Narrator Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie, 34th in line for the throne, is flat broke. She bolted from Scotland -- and engagement to Fishface (Prince Stiegfriend) -- for London, where she has:

a) built a fire in the hearth
b) fallen for an absolutely unsuitable Irish peer
c) made a few quid housekeeping incognita, and
d) been summoned by the Queen to spy on her playboy son

When an arrogant Frenchman trying to swipe her family estate winds up dead in her bathtub, how can she clear her very long family name?


An enjoyable historical/English/cozy mystery.


First, as this was an audiobook, the narration was top notch. Ms. Kellgren's  different accents and character voices were spot on. Loved listening to her.


The story itself was solid. It was amusing. I laughed out loud at parts. The mystery itself was tricky enough as I was at a loss as to who was trying to kill our main character Georgiana for most of the book. Her friends were interesting and entertaining. Really this is all I ask for in a cozy mystery. 


I will definitely be continuing with the series.

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text 2015-12-01 13:01
Reading progress update: I've read 30%.
Her Royal Spyness - Rhys Bowen

So far, I've laughed out loud quite a bit listening to this audiobook.


The narrator  is doing a great job. 



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review 2015-05-08 18:01
Some Danger Involved
Some Danger Involved - Will Thomas

Historical Mystery at it's best! This book pulled me out of my mystery slump and reminded me why I love the genre.


In the author's note, Will Thomas states that he noticed recent Victorian mysteries  were predominantly written by women and classified as "cozies". He wanted to see what would happen if he created a dangerous detective and set him in "the world of Queen Victoria and Jack the Ripper". Out of this wish,  Cyrus Barker, Enquiry Agent, was born. His Watson-like assistant and narrator of the novel, Thomas Llewelyn, is our eyes and ears as we learn some of Barker's mysterious past. This book is filled with characters that are unique and engaging.


In this book, the Jewish community in 19th century London takes center stage. A young Jewish scholar has been murdered and it appears as if the murderer has a larger goal in mind of turning London society against the Jewish community. It's up to Barker and his assistant to avert disaster. I learned a lot reading this book, especially about the pogroms of eastern Europe. The historical aspects are strong but there is such a solid mystery weaving it all together, it never reads dry. It was the perfect blend of history and mystery.


The writing is solid. This book was so easy to read and great to just fall back into after a break.


I'm so happy this is a series.


Highly recommend.

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review 2015-04-21 02:49
Leave the Grave Green
Leave The Grave Green - Deborah Crombie

This is a solid series. It really is climbing to the top of the list for me.  


One of the things I like about these books is so far the nature of each mystery has been different. This book was actually the first one where the murder was not connected to one of MCs personally and stemmed from police work. You got to see them at their jobs, interviewing and piecing together the evidence. 


The writing is solid. I love Crombie's turn of phrase. These books are easy to read. 


And I like the cozy feel to the stories though technically its a procedural. Things happen but it's always implied and/or not terribly graphic.


I like the progress of Kincaid and James' relationship. This has been a slow build. And what an ending! I can't imagine waiting a year to see what happens next. That would have been brutal! Fortunately I have the next book at the ready. 


The mystery was good. In this installment, the son-in-law of two famous people has turned up drowned. Kincaid and James investigate this suspicious death. There are a host of suspects. I guessed the murderer about two pages before our MCs did, so it doesn't really count. 


Highly recommend this series. 

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