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review 2015-03-15 19:46
"Treasure" by Rebekah Weatherspoon -- A Review
Treasure - Rebekah Weatherspoon

What do I love about this book, you ask? Everything. This was my very first F/F Romance that I've read, and I absolutely freakin' adored it. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I adored the characters. I thought they were well developed and written. There were so many times that I just flat out related to characters, whether it was due to thought or action. Like this was a black romance. And not just a black queer girl romance. And I loved that. I adored that. This is one of those few times I've really, really related to a character.


And I do feel like this was an actual romantic comedy. It was funny and I was falling out laughing/screaming sometimes. However, at the same time, it delved into the characters issues equally well without turning them into a caricature or anything like that. If that makes sense. Like these characters were characters, and it wasn't like I've read in some books where their personality was just their blackness or just their queerness and it ends at that. 


I also love that both gender and sexuality were tackled in this. So, again, thumbs up there. 


The sex scenes were pretty smokin', 


I have no idea what else to add other than, I loved this, I want to read more by the author, this was the type of stuff I was looking for, and please read it. 


ETA: There are a few triggers though. So, I will way suicide tw/suicide attempt tw, self-harm tw, depression tw. 

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text 2014-05-23 05:49
Currently Free Over at AllRomanceEbooks
The Masseuse - Violette Dubrinsky

So, this books is currently free. I'm not sure how long it will last though. If I remember right, it's BW/AM. 



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text 2014-05-10 08:49
Virginity and Worth in Erotic Romance Novels

So, a rant/post/discussion came up on The Saucy Wenches Book Club talking about the format and cliche's that a lot of the erotica novels follow nowadays. One of the rant points, I guess that's the best way to describe it, was that the 98-99% of the time the heroine of the story is a virgin. And me, personally, I have no issue with the heroine being a virgin. I have more issue how her virginity is actually treated. A lot of the times when, from what I've seen, when the heroine is  a virgin, her virginity either treated as a prize or some way to make her "special" or more important to the hero (because, y'know, it's not like she has a personality or deserves to be loved it for it; it's the amount of people she has or hasn't slept with that makes her really worth it). The state of her virginity is also used to distinguish her away from other women in the story typically, i.e. the woman who also wants the hero and who the heroine has to "fight" in order to keep him.


To go further, the heroine is painted as pure, "light", good, etc., her virginity or sexual experience being major part of this and her personality making up the last, small amount. The "competition", on the other hand, is the complete opposite--she's not a virgin, enjoys sex, knows what she likes, she's "evil". This can also come into play in Interracial Romance Novels if the "bad" character being racist is added to her personality. 


And when the heroine does finally lose her virginity, more than likely, to the hero, it's the most magnificent experience she's ever had--not because she's with a partner that she loves/trusts/want to sleep with, but because the hero is just that good. Now, I wouldn't want to dismiss the idea of having a great or enjoyable "first time", but it's the fact that it's told as if the heroine wouldn't be able to be pleased by any other man but the hero that irritates me. But that's expanded upon better in the original article (linked below).  


But yeah, that's how I feel about that. 



Source (My Tumblr) (Note: This version is much shorter than here. LOL)


Original Post (The Saucy Wenches Book Club)

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