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review 2017-10-12 08:00
Escape In Time
Escape in Time (Extractor) - Robyn Nyx

I like time travel a lot, as in when I have to chose a superpower I will chose time travel. As a substitute until that time, I like to read about others travelling through time and space.

Escape in Time follows Delaney and Landry who work for an organisation that rescues objects and persons from times past. In this, they completely forget the first rule of time travel: don't mess with the past (it will come back at you). So, do not expect a book which focuses on the rules of time travel or a book that's SCIENCE fiction. Either way, they are sent to Nazi Germany to save a Jewish doctor on the brink of finding the cure for cancer (on a purely scientific note: the chances of there being one single cure for all cancers is probably slimmer than me having to chose a superpower).

This rescue mission encompasses multiple years of an undercover operation, in which they have to withstand a lot (I won't go into the details because of possible spoiling, but still). It's OK but predictable that the big bosses at the organization are complete jerks and don't give a shit about their employers, but it seems rather harsh either way.  The rest of the book is made up with several (lesbian) romances. I normally don't like to read romances, and there was quite some angst, it didn't bother me as it sometimes bothers me.

It left me with some questions and a huge cliff hanger, so I would be curious to read the sequel.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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text 2016-07-25 20:35
Escape to New Zealand Series) by Rosalind James 99 cents-$1.99 I adore this series!
Just This Once - Rosalind James
Just For Now - Rosalind James
Just Once More - Rosalind James
Just My Luck: Escape to New Zealand Book Five - Rosalind James
Just Not Mine (Escape to New Zealand) (Volume 6) - Rosalind James
Just Good Friends - Rosalind James
Just for You (Prequel Novella) (Escape to New Zealand) - Rosalind James
Just in Time: Escape to New Zealand, Book 8 - Rosalind James
Just Stop Me (Escape to New Zealand Book 9) - Rosalind James
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review 2016-01-04 00:00
Just in Time (Escape to New Zealand Book 8)
Just in Time (Escape to New Zealand Book 8) - Rosalind James I didn't think it was humanly possible for me to not love a Rosalind James romance novel. I think at one point I checked the book jacket to make sure that I had downloaded the correct book and had not made a massive mistake. This book was just not good at all.

I loved/liked most of the Escape to New Zealand series though I did have issues with two of the books. This one from beginning to end didn't make a lot of sense, there was no chemistry between the hero/heroine and, even after it comes out that what is going on could cause the hero to lose his position, the heroine keeps doing it!

I was over everyone by the time we got to the end of the book.

The hero of the book, Will Tawera, is on vacation in Las Vegas visiting one of his friends. Will's friend has an opportunity to model for the cover of some erotic books and goes to the shoot. Instead of Will's friend getting picked, Will is instead chosen as the hero for the covers and though he knows that if it gets back to New Zealand he could be in very hot water for disgracing this jersey since he is a member of the All Blacks (New Zealand rugby team). It makes absolutely no sense during the story that Will goes along with this except he finds himself attracted to the photographer's assistant Faith Goodwin. We have a really long explanation that the shots are going to be used for a website where people can read erotica and submit their own stories in order to win a huge cash prize. Faith starts to secretly write her own story for the site and that is the catalyst that causes it to come out that Will modeled for the covers. Instead of Will having any sort of sense and explaining what he was doing, he instead decides to lie that he did this for his girlfriend (Faith) and begs Faith to come to New Zealand and lie about their relationship to his family and friends.

I seriously lost several brain cells while reading this book. And yes I did go get some wine. I have no shame that I needed two glasses to get through this book.

Will and Faith have absolutely no chemistry at all. Every scene was supposedly them dealing with sexual tension and I just was not feeling/seeing it at all.

Will and his family had huge problems and I wish that we had time to focus more on them since they were tons more interesting than Faith or Will. Faith irked me from beginning to end in this book. She starts to secretly write a romance novel

We had some reappearance of previous characters in this book and honestly all that did was make me wish that I was re-reading those books and not this one.

The writing was choppy and not very good in this book. I think because we also had Faith's writing (she apparently was writing a romance book and imagining Will as the hero) interspersed in places and it made everything slow down. I really with that had been taken out of the final book because these little asides to her daydreaming/writing was just not great. The flow wasn't great and believe me when you get to the end things are kind of hand waved away though through the whole book we are told over and over again how what has happened is a very big deal. Apparently it is not a big deal once you are in love with each other.
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review 2015-09-27 20:21
Just in Time by by Rosalind James Review
Just in Time (Escape to New Zealand Book 8) - Rosalind James

What happens in Vegas… 
Will Tawera doesn’t do commitment, except on the rugby field. Moving to Las Vegas to become a kicker for the NFL would be a big change from New Zealand rugby, but then, he’s ready for a change. And when he’s asked to do a little modeling on the side? Thousands of dollars to hold a beautiful blonde while looking dark, dangerous, tattooed, and Maori? He could do that. 

Faith Goodwin doesn’t do dark, dangerous men. Especially not when they make her laugh, take her miniature golfing with four-year-olds, and are far too sexy and sweet for comfort. But when Will finds himself in hot water back in New Zealand, who’s he going to call? And who would be able to resist answering? 




This is just a wonderful series and this book is a great!


At first, I didn't really care for either the heroine or the hero. They seemed fairly shallow and self serving but as the story evolves they grow. The change over time in each of them is as wonderful as their romance.


The first part of the romance is set in Las Vegas and we get a slow burn of a romance as they make the adult choice not to fall into bed in what could only be short term thing.

We get a fun book within a book as the heroine is a erotic romance writer just starting out.

Once the action shifts to New Zealand, we gain a cast of wonderful secondary characters. I really love the hero's grandmother and his mother is imperfect but also grows during the course of the book. My bestie and I really want these two to get their own romances!


There is some great sub narratives in this book that make it special. The exploration of being an erotic romance writer is well done as is the question of masculine identity that emerge when a man his abandoned by his father.


It is wonderful to be submerged in Moari culture and the interracial as well as interculture nation of the romance is handled well.


The annoyance of this book are secret keeping on the part of the heroine that is just dumb and the way it blows up though good for the topic of being and erotic romance writer are really unnecessary drama in a plot that was rich enough.

I really enjoyed this book overall. The rugby scenes are great!

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