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text 2018-04-14 20:20
Guarding Morgan (Sanctuary Book 1) by RJ Scott Free!
Guarding Morgan - R.J. Scott

Morgan Drake witnesses a murder in an alleyway. He is the only person who can give evidence in prosecuting the cop responsible for the crime. When the FBI safe house where he's being held is compromised, he follows the instructions of the agent in charge and runs.


Nik Valentinov works for Sanctuary, a foundation that offers witness protection when FBI security is questionable.


When Morgan's handler sends him to Nik for safety, neither Morgan nor Nik could imagine that two weeks alone in a cabin in the woods would have their hearts racing with something much more than merely trying to keep Morgan alive.

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review 2018-04-14 15:22
The Dead Lands Review
The Dead Lands - Dylan J. Morgan

Source: Rosie's Book Review Team


Oh, I wanted to love this book. It looked perfect. Mutants, science-fiction, post-apocalyptic setting… I’d seen great reviews, too. Unfortunately, The Dead Lands was a dud for me. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it. I just didn’t feel anything for or towards it. It evoked no emotions. It never aroused my curiosity, never made me think.

It was technically a science fiction novel in part because it was based on a different planet, but it wasn’t really based on a different planet. Apart from the advanced weaponry and cryogenics, the worlds that are featured in this novel (mutants aside) are disturbingly mundane. There’s nothing in them that suggests an exotic location. None of the characters appealed to me. They’re not cardboard characters, exactly, but they’re so typical that with the mundane setting and other issues they were almost irritating.

However, and here’s the interesting thing, this would make a great movie. The more I read it, the more that occurred to me. All the little bits and bobs , the occasionally gruesome images and odd character tics, etc, are at best mildly interesting in the book. If it was a movie, though? Hah! It’d be freaking awesome! Filled with shoot-em-ups, last stands, and plenty of gore. You’d probably have to pay me to get me to read the second book in this series. But I’d be there on opening night in the theatre, saying “Shut up and take my money” to see this on the big screen.

My favorite part of the book was near the very end. The author killed off a character I was expecting to live. It was completely unexpected, so I’ll happily admit I did a little internal cheer. I love it when authors go against the grain and do something unexpected. Overall, The Dead Lands was an okay read. Morgan knows how to put a story together, but he needs to refine his writing a little bit. I know that lots of people think a lot more favorably of it than I do.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-04-13 22:25
Witch Cozy Mystery Eight Book Set
Witch Cozy Mystery Eight Book Set - Amelia Morgan

Witch Cozy Mysteries is an 8 book set. The books are each pretty short, book 1 was about 2 1/2 hours long, the total length is about 17 1/2 hours. This is a true cozy mystery set. There is some romance and some mystery. The books are clean reads no harsh language or sex. If you are not into cozy mysteries you may not care for this set at all.


The set features Meg Walton who runs a donut shop and is a witch but does not want anyone to know. She is also an amateur sleuth. Her boyfriend is a police detective, which after book 1 makes it a lot easier for her to get into the thick of the investigations.


 I did not care a lot for Meg's character. She seems a bit spoiled. She also impersonates a police Officer, which I did not like at all. When she is interrogating her list of suspects she uses no tact at all. She goes after them like everyone is guilty and has to prove their innocence. She does need a lesson in innocent until proven guilty. Plus if she is such a good witch why doesn't she casts a spell on the suspects to make them not lie about being guilty, instead of casting a spell making them think they see her badge and answer her questions?


The set is narrated by Lainie Pahos. She does a good job, unless Amelia Morgan didn't mean for Meg to sound so gruff when questioning her suspects. 

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review 2018-04-13 18:27
Ranger Defender by Angi Morgan @AngiMorganAuthr
Ranger Defender - Angi Morgan

A terrific, suspenseful read. The book description doesn't do it justice at all.


A deranged women sociopath serial killer who brainwashes veterans who have PTSD, male cops who can't imagine a woman doing it, and a hero at the end who asks all the right questions before he beds the heroine, making sure that he's not taking advantage of her, and that she's having sex for all the right reasons. I really enjoyed it. 

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review 2018-04-09 15:37
Review of American Heroes by Edmund Morgan
American Heroes: Profiles of Men and Women Who Shaped Early America - Edmund S. Morgan

As many other reviewers have written, the title and cover of this book do not accurately depict what this collection of essays are about. The essays generally cover the colonial period in New England, with a few sprinkled in about Washington and Franklin late in the book. The idea that the central thesis of the essays is about Heroes is also not true as the essays generally handle a topic or specific aspect of an historical person but do not focus on whether or not those action are heroic.


I enjoyed a few of the essays, but there were too many that were too narrowly focused for my tastes. I think Morgan writes well, but most of these essays were obviously written for other scholars and for academia and not for the general public (even those of us who are well-read in the time period).

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