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url 2017-07-07 06:08
"Harry Potter and the Neural Network fan fiction"

This gave me a good laugh. My favorite fanfics:


Art for the Sun a Scary by disillusionist9
A collection of warnings: characters and situations of silence.


The Perfect Cow by alafaye
Severus and Hermione start a horcruxes


Birds of a Saturday by SasuNarufan13
Harry Potter is drunk and discovers he is an alternate universe.


A Second Chance by DarkCorgi
Snape had a second thing, and that is better than anything for for the rest of his life.


I wouldn't be surprised if someone has already written something like "Birds of a Saturday" and "A Second Chance."

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url 2016-06-12 22:04
Insurance company commercials fanfic

If you need something weird and funny today and know your insurance company commercials (I haven't had TV in years, so it took me a bit to remember Mayhem), check this out.

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url 2016-06-03 13:28
"Why we're terrified of fanfiction"

Some interesting reading. From a quote in the article:


"Because the majority of professionally-made media is catered towards a straight white male demographic, leaving little room for 'outsiders.' Outsiders who, if they want to see themselves in media, have to attack it and change it — hence slash fic, hence long essays claiming that Hermione Granger is black, hence [headcanons] about trans characters or genderqueer characters."

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url 2014-09-15 15:17
"The Only Harry Potter Fanfic I Will Ever Write (Probably)" - Ursula Vernon (aka T. Kingfisher)

Those who have a soft spot for Hufflepuffs will love this. Also, now I kind of want to start Toad Words and then reread Nine Goblins.

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url 2014-06-08 16:53
Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Generator

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Monsters Inc and Friends. The story should use anorexia as a plot device!


Sure thing. Let me get right on that!

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