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review 2018-05-22 15:02
The Good Fight : How World War II Was Won - Stephen E. Ambrose



This book is intended for kids to teach them the basics of WWII in all of its theaters of engagement, though I learned some things from it myself... has maps of the various battles, landing stages and troop movement. Has a map as well of the concentration camps in Europe (the only one I could not find was Treblinka in Poland, but since the map was in German from 1945, it may have had another name in German, but the map cuts off part of Poland too....) 
Excellent photographs throughout.
One thing I never knew was "Those (soldiers) who managed to live through the conflict in Europe and those still alive in the Pacific had been convinced that their next mission would be the invasion of Japan, where casualties numbering in the hundreds of thousands were expected. Men who later got an eighty to ninety-five percent disability from the government (for fighting in the other campaigns) had been listed as fit for combat in Japan." Incredible!
I enjoyed this book, not only for just looking at all the period photos, but learning bits of trivia (like that above) that I had been unaware of. Quite educational!

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review 2016-07-11 00:00
The Good Fight
The Good Fight - Julianna Keyes The Good Fight - Julianna Keyes Unusual characters and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks i.e Camden, are a pet theme for Julianna Keyes. Oz and Susan are no exception, even though Oz is a reformed bad boy. But Susan was a real puzzle to solve, both for Oz and the reader.

Another thing a really like about Julianna Keyes' stories are the inner turmoil and soul searching her characters go through. This is something I've enjoyed in all of her books that I've read so far. Her stories are raw and instinctual and at the same time her characters strive so hard to be the people that they have the potential to be and that is a very hope filled HEA to have at the end of every book.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
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text 2014-10-03 17:26
Dear Author/Jane Litte Defense Fund

To donate: http://www.gofundme.com/da-defensefund


If you are not familiar with the case and why it is so important you support DA in this fight, please go to Twitter and check out the hash tag #notchilled


For more references on the fund:







Source: www.gofundme.com/da-defensefund
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review 2014-08-03 00:00
The Good Fight
The Good Fight - Andrew Grey

Angry Indian saved by the White Man that tries to present itself as non-racist. Dry, boring narrative that felt cut-and-paste. One-dimensional characters who did things because of plot requirements.

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review 2013-12-02 00:00
The Fight Within (The Good Fight)
The Fight Within - Andrew Grey Bryce's boyfriend that we hear of in book one dies??? WAIT. I REMEMBER HIS NAME. Was it Percy? Why does he die D:
How is that even fair? And why does Paytah become Payton at the end of the blurb?
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