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review 2019-06-18 19:32
DNF at 10 Percent
Written in Red - Anne Bishop

Look I tried. I could not get into this. Life is too short for books you are not enjoying.


I ended up DNFing "Written in Red" the first book in the Others series at 10 percent because nothing I was reading was holding my interest. We have a prologue setting up the setting of the book and now we are just following a young girl on the run named Meg. We find out that Meg is trying to garner help from "The Others." dun dun dun. The Others are supernatural and dominate the world that Bishop has set up with humans at the bottom of society. 


Meg is on the run and I didn't care. That was enough to kill my interest. If you are going to center a book on her and this plot I need to care. Not just because the plot says I should. 


The biggest thing that killed my interest is that the world building just isn't there. I love fantasy novels, but if you can't set up things that make sense logically I just check out. And I am going to echo what some other reviewers said. This could be interesting following a world in which humans are not dominant. However, the history/tech is the same except for a few choice places which makes zero freaking sense. It reminded me when I watched "White Man's Burden" and they just changed things up so that white people were treated the same as black people are and that black men and women were the upper classes in America. I jut rolled my eyes because that movie didn't set things apart at all or even really get into how things were different and play with that. 


Goodbye "The Others" you have very nice book covers. 

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review 2019-06-02 05:24
Racing to the Finish: My Story by Dale Earnhardt Jr. - My Thoughts
Racing to the Finish: My Story - Dale Earnhardt Jr.

A quick bit of background.  So, I'm a Nascar fan, thanks to my late BFF, Julie, who introduced me to the sport.  Dale Jr. was her favourite driver and soon became one of mine.  (My top favourite was Tony Stewart - Smoke as they call him. He's retired now and my allegiance has gone to Ryan Blaney.)  Junior suffered concussions in the latter half of his career (Julie passed in 2011, so she was gone by the time this happened to him.) and this is the story of how he dealt with them, how he turned the spotlight on CTE and concussion protocols and aftercare for not only Nascar but all sports, really.  And it's the story of the years leading up to his retirement from driving.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It's not a huge tome, it's only 200 pages, but I have to tell you, I learned more about concussions and how they're treated in this day and age in the two days I took to read it than in the past 10 years of my life.  And in language that I could understand too!

Junior tells the story beginning with his first recognised concussion in 2012 after giving us a bit of his background growing up in Nascar, the son of one of its all-time stars.  It helps to understand his actions and reactions when you know the culture of his life. Now, I followed this via Nascar telecasts and news and such, but we never had the whole story of course.  That story is here and Junior is telling it so that he can help people who might be suffering from the same things he did and still does.

Even though the focus is pretty much solely on the concussions we still get a pretty decent look into the final years of Junior's driving career and discover the REAL reasons he left when he did and how he did. 

I found it a great read and my understanding of these injuries has grown quite a bit.  Highly recommended!

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text 2019-05-28 22:30
ARMADA by Ernest Cline, narrated by Wil Wheaton
Armada - Ernest Cline,Wil Wheaton

I gave this audio 20% of the total before throwing in the towel. DNF


I love Wil Wheaton's narration, but I have no interest or care for the main character, nor any of the battle games being played.


*Thanks to my library for the free download. Libraries RULE!*

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review 2019-04-23 11:48
DNF: Revelations 12:12
Revelations 12:12 - David De Freitas

I received a copy from Netgalley.

I snagged this one when it was a Read it Now title as the concept sounded interesting.

And it was an interesting idea. Small town where everyone knows everyone, woman gives birth and a mysterious doctor shows up last moment to help with a difficult home birth. Then things start happening - when the boy grows up and hits his teens the strange doctor starts appearing again, but no one knows who he is. There's no record of a doctor anywhere by that name. There was a gift given at the time of birth of a special bible, with a creepy message, and something apocalyptic hinted at. The mother asks her local priest to look into this.

Problem was it was just so flat and uninteresting. The characters were all cardboard with no depth whatsoever, and the dialogue was so stilted and unrealistic. All tell and no show and very very boring. Calling it quits and DNFing.

Thank you to Netgalley and Troubador Publishing Ltd for the review copy.

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review 2019-03-26 07:51
Dnf Blanca and Roja
Blanca & Roja - Anna-Marie McLemore

DNF I have no clue what’s going on in this one. And not invested in the characters enough to want to read more and find out.

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