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review 2018-03-23 20:07
ARC Review: Fox And Birch by Sam Burns
Fox And Birch - Sam Burns

The third installment of the first trilogy of trilogies in the paranormal Rowan Harbor series focuses on Fletcher Lane, one of the town's deputies, who featured to some extent in the first two books (more so in book 2, actually). He's friends with Devon, works with Wade, and was heavily involved in the events of book 2. 

The story picks up right after the second book ends. Fletcher, instrumental in getting rid of the bad vampire, is now sort of possessed by the spirit that lived inside the magic book Isla has been hiding from Hector MacKenzie. Obviously, having someone whisper to you in Gothic all the time isn't fun.

Additionally, Fletcher has had a traumatic experience when he was younger, one that cost him his mother and has left both him and his father scarred. 

Somewhat timid and lacking a healthy dose of self-confidence, Fletcher finds it rather difficult to make friends, always wondering if he's a bother. In that aspect, his shyness is indicative of his shifted form as a fox. Socially a bit awkward, Fletcher seems never sure of what to say. 

I really loved how the author fleshed out the character, made him real and oh so likable, with all his awkward dorkiness. 

Fletcher is a really nice guy, kind and unassuming, and the people of Rowan Harbor look out for him and his dad. 

We are introduced to the bounty hunters, Frank, Bob, and Conner, who roll into town looking for the bad vamp. Or so they say. Conner is younger than the other two, and also much kinder. He takes a liking to Fletcher, which slowly develops into a romance. 

We get to visit with Wade and Devon from the first book, who are still together, as well as Isla and Oak, and other familiar supporting characters from the preceding books. 

As the story unfolds, we watch Fletcher struggle to control his own magic as well as the uninvited magic he now carries, trying to focus and center himself so the uninvited guest doesn't wipe out who Fletcher is. We get to watch Fletcher come into his own, with a little help, and finding his way to become who he was meant to be. 

I would have liked to have learned a bit more about Conner. We get a bit of his background story, but other than being a likable guy, I really didn't get a good feel for him. Perhaps that will come out in future books. He's nice, don't get me wrong, and I think he really does fall for Fletcher, and of course that thing he does toward the end basically cemented for me that he needs to be in Rowan Harbor long term, but I would like to see more of him and learn what really makes him tick.

As with the two previous books, we get a strong HFN, as their story is not done. I'm good with that and can't wait to read what the author still has in store for them all.

These book cannot be read as standalones and must be read in order, as each builds on the previous one and continues the overall plot. I'm good with that too.


** I received a free copy of this book from Signal Boost Promotions as part of this review tour. A positive review was not promised in return. 

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review 2018-03-23 19:33
"Dog On It - Chet and Bernie Mystery #1" by Spencer Quinn
Dog on It (A Chet and Bernie Mystery, #1) - Spencer Quinn

"Do On It" was original, funny and an absolute must-read for dog lovers.


Told entirely from the point of view of Chet, a large, mixed-breed dog with mismatched ears, who, for reasons we never quite get to, didn't make it all the way through his police dog training but who is now partnered with Bernie, a large, divorced, ex-cop, ancient-Porsche-driving PI.


The story is wrapped around the investigation of the apparent abduction of a teenage girl who is missing but for whom there has been no ransom request.


Bernie knows that something is wrong and is determined to find out what. Chet is right there with him. Bernie does the thinking part and Chet does the grab-the-trouser-leg-and-don't-let-go part.


Seeing the world through Chet's eyes is what makes this book special. Spencer Quinn clearly knows dogs. He captures that ability for sudden, irresistible urges to chase or smell that can distract even the most focused dog. He lets us see how concentration fades in and out, how some memories slip away yet certain smells or sounds become embedded in the psyche. He shows how aggressive growls and stances can happen even before a dog knows he's reacting to something and he captures a dog's irrepressible optimism.


Chet's vocabulary is limited but he is a natural raconteur. He starts many tales that he doesn't finish, comes back to tales he's told before and punctuates many stories with: "We, Bernie and me...". He finds humans, even Bernie, limited in strange ways but still often worthy of love and devotion.


At one point, Chet and Bernie become separated and Chet's life is in danger. He is not truly conscious of this until the very last minute, yet I found the whole thing almost unbearably tense. I couldn't have borne an "Old Yeller" moment.


Bernie's character emerges strongly as the book progresses, giving me a kind of double-exposure view - once as Chet sees him: the human with the second-best smell in the world, who can make things happen, solve puzzles and silence whole rooms of people, even if he does have a strange obsession about water - and once as the ex-cop now struggling PI that the rest of us might see.


I also enjoyed the relationship between Chet and his best canine friend and close neighbour, Iggy. It's very much a dog thing, characterised by exchanges like:

"Iggy barked. I barked back. He barked. I barked. He barked. I barked. He barked. I barked. Bernie said, "Chet! Stop that." I tried to stop."


In the first hour or so of this book, I wasn't really won over, but I stuck with it and was soon carried along by characters that I cared about (some of them even human) and a plot that was just twisty enough and tense enough to keep me wanting to know what happened next.


This is the start of a series of Chet and Bernie books. I'll be back for more.

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review 2018-03-23 19:06
Rebel of the Sands - Alwyn Hamilton

“For a second it looked like a mortal horse. The next it was pure sand. Shifting from bright gold to violent red, fire and sun in a windswept desert.”

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review 2018-03-23 17:00
The Christmas Sweater: A Picture Book by Glen Beck
The Christmas Sweater: A Picture Book - Glenn Beck,Brandon Dorman,Kevin Balfe,Jason F. Wright,Chris Schoebinger

My family and I enjoyed reading this Christmas story over the holidays. It has a wonderful moral that any age can resonate with. Brandon Dorman’s illustrations had a vintage feel that were quite beautiful and captivating. I would recommend The Christmas Sweater to young and old. I look forward to reading the full novel this book was based on.

Source: mlsredhousereviews.wordpress.com/2018/02/22/charlies-corner-the-christmas-sweater-a-picture-book-by-glenn-beck
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review 2018-03-23 16:48
Rain of Ash by Gwen Mitchell
Rain of Ash: Skydancer Book 1 (The Zyne Legacy) - Gwen Mitchell

This is my first book by Gwen Mitchell. It will not be my last though. Rain of Ash is the story of Briana Spurrier. The last of her family has passed away and she must return to her home town. Years before Bri turned her back on everything and everyone including her magic to be a concert pianist. Now that she is back she must unleash her magic to battle a demon to save herself and everyone else.


She hooks back up with her friends from childhood. Astrid her best friend and Lucas her first love, to try and break the curse against Bri. Along the way we also meet Kean, who feels that he is getting a fresh beginning now that Bri has returned, and Eric from her present life as a pianist. 


The book was very interesting and full of action, magic, and love or lust. i was not crazy about Kean and his attitude an the way he handled things but there's pretty much one charater in every book you just can't fall in love with. Bri was not always where she needed to be but i still liked her character pretty much. I do feel that she would of been stronger if she wasn't lost. I personally do not decide if most series are going to be good or bad until after book 2. Which I am fully willing to read, I enjoyed this book and can see it only as getting better. 


The book was narrated by Daniela Acitelli. She done an Ok job, but Bri's character came off a bit whiny at times, when I felt that the passage had her being a bit more tough. Other then that I enjoyed her narration. 


I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Gwen Mitchell. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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